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  1. Blimey it’s absolutely hammering it down , The gutter can’t hold the water so it’s running against the window in a noisy way , looking at the radar their is much more to come . I see their have been a couple of strikes too , no suprise really .
  2. Wow 26c reached today , Been Gardening all day in shorts , feels surreal but great to have this useful weather .
  3. @stainesbloke congratulations on your marriage . If it’s anything like mine it will be wonderful, not always but wonderful . the weather was great today , being blown about in October I get but in a T shirt was quite surreal , I might try a bbq tomorrow in 25 degree heat and a gale force wind , what can go wrong .
  4. I see what you done there , top marks
  5. What a beautiful day today turned out to be, enjoyed a couple of hours in the garden with my youngest , a managed to mow the lawn without having to wear a jumper , I hear it could warm up again next week and look forward to that after the wet period starting tomorrow, Today is also I’ve really noticed the nights drawing in probably down to making the most of the weather and being off of work today . Regards Mark
  6. Mark wheeler

    Golf Chat

    That last putt by Alex Noren , wow
  7. First coat day for months for me today , absolutely pelting down lots of surface water everywhere, Roll on the high pressure next weeks , lucky I have work today as outdoor activities are certainly out of the question today .
  8. The odd spot of rain in the air this morning , Grey and overcast , hopefully this will clear to leave some warm sunshine .
  9. Today was more like it , nice and warm with sunny spells , a bit of a shock at the weekend by the looks of things with hopefully the return of a bit of heat there after . Need to get the bbq out at least one more time before the year is out although stupidly I’ve been reminded I’ve offered to do a bbq and fireworks party around mine this year , for once I hope it’s not too cold for that , after that , the blizzards can come .
  10. Mark wheeler

    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    What an absolutely fantastic catch by cook , India currently 247 for 4
  11. Storm has arrived at surbiton 4 flashes of lightning and loud thunder so far and it’s hammering down . Oh and a rainbow to boot , the rain is my easy excuse to dive in to the pub for a quick beer . Nice red sky too ahead of the storm.
  12. Se some more showers and storms entering th me Region now , it was bizarre looking at the radar earlier as the storm we had earlier seemed to go in a completely different direction to the main rain band but went right through it too , never seen that before . Even now the a shower is very close to the main rain band is is moving in a completely different direction.
  13. Looks quite defined now almost like a squall line on the Radar .
  14. Looking at the models tonight , it looks like we might not have seen the last of the heat after all , they will probably show below average temperatures for tomorrow though .
  15. It’s peeing down here .