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  1. I want to open the windows but we have a kitten that's determined to get out so I had to shut them again . We are opening up different rooms at a time to allow some flow through the house .
  2. Radar has really intensified that precipitation in the last couple of frames . Looks like we could go bang big time .
  3. Love this MWB so often you were correct last year and it was notable when Navgem suddenly stopped over egging the temps too but I'm sure not many noticed that 😂.
  4. Yes it made me laugh when I read it , I then re checked the met office forecast and it said a high of 24c this morning 😂😂.
  5. Hi all , been lurking 👀 in the background for a while , looks like a chance of some tasty conditions this weekend and perhaps beyond . Ecm so far attached. oh and a question? What's happened to Navgem on meteociel ? It's my favourite and it's gone 😭😭😂.
  6. I've got to admit I liked the song but it was the wrong singer and not right for Eurovision. I can't see the draw towards the Italian entry though.
  7. Great performance last night , the survey said 0 points . And the winner was Italy 🇮🇹. Got caught on camera sneaking a line too 🙈.
  8. Just had some light flurries fall from a big shower that just missed us here .
  9. Just starting to see some shower clouds build and looking at the radar the showers are getting closer to our region with more cropping up at all the time . It would be nice to see a couple weeks f hefty snow ❄️ showers today .
  10. Nice forecast for Monday and Tuesday from the Met . Let's get summer type weather going after this though .
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