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  1. Well deserved win for Arsenal. Gutted but hey ho .
  2. Cmon the boys in blue . Let's get the double . GO CHELSEA
  3. A few bars when I was younger .
  4. I see weather warnings have been issued for Sunday . Hopefully late in the day and it won't ruin people's BBQ plans.
  5. I've spotted a phenomenon on the horizon. I think they are called clouds . An absolute corker today and for once I've got today and the weekend off . Hopefully we get the storms out the way early enough tmrw not to ruin the day and hopefully the second wave comes on Sunday night to give us a light show . Wow we can't complain can we .
  6. Absolutely feels a lot warmer than this time yesterday and not a cloud to be seen it's lovely . I wonder if we will hit 29c the local Beeb forecast said it's possible.
  7. Hi Dave , I think you might be right with regards to the progression of these fronts , hopefully the models start to swing back the other way by the 12z runs . I have the weekend off back on Monday ( makes a change ) it's both my wife's and eldest daughters birthday on Saturday so we are going to take the kids to chessington world of adventures with her nieces and grandparents in tow . I have to get back early though as I am a chelsea supporter and there is a small match going on in the evening . We then plan a BBQ on Sunday weather permitting ( fingers crossed) even if the forecast is for thunderstorms I think we will still go ahead as long as they are isolated , you just never know when the next opportunity might arise . Cheers Mark
  8. Very interesting model watching at the moment and some great analysis in here as usual, I've just seen the forecast on the bbc this morning and it's still going for 30c in the southeast but as others have pointed out we may not quite hit the dizzy heights . Hopefully this is the first decent summer spell of many this year.
  9. Beautiful start here too with clear skies . What a contrast to last week. A shame that the BH weekend seems to be looking a little less glorious now with fronts moving in quicker than previously thought although bbc still going for 30c on Saturday . One can't grumble though and I will take this early summertime spell with open arms .
  10. Well done Antonio Conte , LMA manger of the year .
  11. Chelsea 5- 1 Sunderland Champions
  12. Mint Chocolate Ice Cream . Mmm
  13. , Not for now it can rain overnight I suppose.
  14. Well it looks like some storms could work there way through the London area in an hour or 2 looking at the Radar . Looking king at the models it seems we may be on the cusp of our first decent warm spell of the year discounting the couple of days we had a month or so back . Looking forward to perhaps an evening BBQ after work should the charts come off .
  15. Some quite potent showers developing now according to the radar .