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  1. Chelsea 4 Tottenham 2 Great Game , Chelsea showed the extra edge when it mattered then and kept their bottle . This puts a nice little dent in Tottenham's title aspirations . Well done Antonio too . Also well played Tottenham I was worried for 30 mins . Edit - Jermaine Jenas ain't happy
  2. 4-2 take that Murphy ,matic should have come off
  3. 3-2 Chelsea , Hazard
  4. Soft tbh but stupid by son
  5. Get in there 2-1 Chelsea
  6. Good game so far , so nervous already . Missed the chelsea goal hurrying back from work .
  7. Oh my word , so sad rest in peace .
  8. Yes very good , didn't like the first 5 mins but then it was great . Scary for kids .
  9. I think this is for real this time but no doubt he will be back after a season or two at a foreign club on a massive pay package in the twilight of his career . John , thanks for the many great memories it's very rare now a days you get a loyal member to any club for so many years , John was one of those . Captain , Leader , Legend over land and sea . social media full of reports of John Terry going to Dubai to play under former Chelsea player Dan Petrescu.
  10. United deserved that , for Chelsea we need to bounce back against Southampton.
  11. United playing well , Chelsea need to up their game in the second half .
  12. Yes a lovely start to the day here with not much cloud and pleasant sunshine I am sure it was supposed to be cloudy with rain the last time I looked at the forecast but maybe it's the Jet Lag . I returned from Australia yesterday after staying with my wife's family for a couple of weeks we were fortunate with the weather which was great , whilst I was away I was surprised to see the southeast hit 26c on one of the days . Anyway hoping for some toasty weather to come and some rain during the nights as everything seems bone dry my garden had a long drink from the sprinklers yesterday, had their been much rain?.
  13. I was on playdays the kids tv programme when I was a kid playing football.
  14. Boy , I didn't realise a cyclone was so close to the coast of WA looking back at the radar although not to close to where we are staying . We have had a great holiday and sadly are returning to Blighty soon . We have had glorious weather with temperatures between 25c and 33c throughout ,