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  1. I remember once last year all the models seemingly were aboard a cold spell and caution was the order of the day (early December if memory serves me right ) , It ended up being that the UKMO was correct much to everyone’s annoyance , let’s hope its wrong this time.
  2. After a very windy night my local train station had bundles of leaves inside it with a cleaner attempting to clear it all up in his 30 mins allotted time , this morning is calm with bright skies and light winds and still on the mild side . Not getting too excited but i see some models keeping with the wintry precipitation for some tomorrow night .
  3. UEFA Champions League

    Unbelievable , you would think of all clubs Liverpool wouldn’t let that happen.
  4. Don’t tell me it was a warm outlier
  5. Ah happy days winter is upon us , let’s hope the trend from the last couple of gfs runs continues and the ecm and ukmo follows in the morning and then of course actually verify , exciting time because ? , well it’s winter of course .
  6. UEFA Champions League

    I see Barcelona Trying to stay out of the News for once with a 0-0 draw .
  7. England Football Team

    5-2 , will they play for Accrington Stanley in the future ?. But seriously how wonderful to celebrate success for once , maybe the future is not so bleak football wise after all.
  8. Forum issues today

    Any chance of new emojis to use during speech , it hasn’t been upgraded for what seems like years ?
  9. Not a very nice today with low cloud a intermittent light rain / drizzle all day , at least it quite mild and tomorrow’s prospects look much better, I see the hunt for cold has started in Ernest in the mid Thread , hopefully this year we shall have a couple of snowy periods .
  10. EFL Cup And The Emirates FA Cup Discussion

    I’ve watched the last few spurs games including the champions league one against Real Madrid with my father and he agreed that it’s the best spurs side he has seen for decades so tonight’s performance was a surprise to both of us , probably you too.
  11. EFL Cup And The Emirates FA Cup Discussion

    Chelsea 2-1 Everton , squeaky bum time Edit - finished
  12. UEFA Champions League

    This may help . http://sport.bt.com/football/bt-sport-to-show-free-to-air-uefa-champions-league-and-uefa-europa-league-matches-S11364002870161
  13. Premier League Discussion

    4-2 final score , Chelsea showed great character in the end then , a good win that could define the season and also possibly Batshuayi career .
  14. Premier League Discussion

    They have fought back well and are now in the ascendancy, despite Chelsea’s early dominance Watford deserve their lead and unfortunately they look like they can score more . edit 2-2
  15. UEFA Champions League

    Go on admit it , you switched over didn’t you ?.