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  1. England have played well tonight .
  2. Looks like a squall feature is showing up in the main band entering the area.
  3. Apparently he has signed a new 10 year contract .
  4. Stoke 1 Chelsea 1
  5. Stoke 0 Chelsea 1
  6. 3-1
  7. 2-1 WBA
  8. Well that lasted long . 1-1 oh dear the plane trick.
  9. Good start from WBA 1-0
  10. After how they performed for Ranieri I hope they get stuffed in the next round except against Bayern or Barca edit - cmon Leicester
  11. Will be a good game , I'd rather be playing you boys rather than the boys that you have just knocked out .
  12. Yeah Baby, What a semi line up.
  13. Kante is brilliant. Signing of the season.well said Frank the best in the world at that position.
  14. Nice touch there from mourinho to Willian . The only one that never stopped playing for him .