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  2. I don't really care what they are on , however Tracy the Bar women in eastenders lost her job recently in the vic and got a new job at that other bar , is she on the minimum wage ? and what about poor Dot Cotton her laundrette has been closed down , what will she do on her wage , maybe she is with unite , Strike ?.
  3. Chelsea add another player to the ranks pending a medical , lets Costa be on his way .
  4. Rumbles here now , distant sheet lightning.
  5. On the positive side I would say OMG The stuff in the channel is growing at quite a rate . I managed to snap the latest shots . MPs the lightning shot is recent strikes within seconds .
  6. 1,2,3. Boooooooo
  7. Beat me to it , I'm glad it's not just me , there must me too many weather enthusiasts.
  8. The lightning App is now showing the same error as raintoday. Arghhh.
  9. That really is a crazy chart captain obviously not to be taken literally but 13c difference within a few miles , I see 34c on that map . Wow
  10. Why oh why has raintoday had an error message after a few seconds , it seems to have been an issue for many months now although on the odd occasion it works . Anybody had the same issue ?
  11. Well everyone, don't bother watching next season according to the Sun the title is Chelsea's next year . Cant see it myself
  12. Everyone make way and see the mighty Navgem pave the way forward , if carlsberg ....
  13. Add the mighty Navgem to the mix ( desperate times and all that )
  14. Times are desperate and it time to pull out the mighty Navgem . Er well that didn't go to well I'm afraid .
  15. Cmon , it was a light hearted post, of course 20-22 is not cold however surely you cannot begrudge some areas in the uk that have hardly gone above 15c to 16c this summer . As for my profile that you have hinted at , what I am referring to ( oppressive heat ) I once went to Seville on a coach from Faro Portugal to look at their beautiful city , when we left faro it was 37c and felt quite pleasant with it due to sea breezes , however when we arrived at Seville and stepped off the coach we were greeted with temperatures of 46c and hog humidity so that's the impressive heat I am referring too a bit of a difference to low 30s , the only time I admit to it feeling too oppressive for me here was one year when london almost reached 38c again in high humidity, I'm also not going to lie and say the daily commute on Londons trains is enjoyable in any heatwave however it doesn't last for ever and I'd rather this than having it pour down or have 20-22c as higher temps are so much more useful . Better for BBQs better for the seaside to name just 2. So for me low 30s hot but not too oppressive , once this is over ( summer ) roll on the hunt for cold and snow . Here is the last chart form the ecm , everbody gets in on the action .