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  1. Yeah if only , I was just getting off the 71 bus when it hit and I stood under the bus shelter for a few mins until the worst past , I thought the winds might be a bit more gusty but I didn’t really feel that . Hopefully we can get some decent wintry weather soon .
  2. Travelling home at the moment not looking forward to walking in that squall line that is about to hit soon .
  3. I’m getting a feeling of De ja vu from last year here . Most probably wrong and it certainly wouldn’t be the first time .
  4. When I left for work just over an hour ago the sun was shining and it was actually quite calm , now the wind is howling it’s lashing down with rain and it’s getting darker and darker , Yuck
  5. Hi Dave I’m well Thanks , Plenty of burgers in stock at the moment . Also an up spike in soup sales already , another wet day today the will be happy .
  6. Yes Jordan your right , I was getting this mixed up with the all time record for October which was on the 1st at 29c . Can’t believe it’s still raining and looking at the forecast there is plenty more to come , maybe these dried up streams might even start to flow if we get a few more weeks of this .
  7. It’s atrocious out there commuting home tonight , hope this front does one , hate this kind of weather all a bit meh for me , being on the snow , now your talking , or a balmy Halloween like I seem to remember a few years ago , wasn’t high 20s achieved .
  8. City and surprisingly for some Palace away the hardest
  9. Yeah I don’t think lightning will strike twice but it is incredibly early in the season , an injury or two could also change things . Anyway what’s the chances of Newcastle now beating Man Utd .
  10. Yep , I’d love to see them mess that up . Can’t see it though although I do think they are vulnerable at the back .
  11. Another English scorer , This time an oldie
  12. 0-2 Mason Mount , More goals from the English youngsters .
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