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  1. Can’t agree with this , But time will tell I’m sure .
  2. Chelsea deserved so much better than a loss today but I’m really happy with the chelsea performance, for me today showed me enough for me to decide that Man City will end champions and Chelsea will challenge in the next couple of seasons . KTBFFH .
  3. Shirley that’s not possible . Anyway , I’m currently out in Antalya and it’s reached a 45c a couple of times , 28c low , humidity was unbearable last night at 96% anyway I have to admit I’m a little jaffa cakesed Off at London hitting 33c or so whilst I’m not there This time last year I went to almeria and I would love to go back there . Love to all the net weather gang
  4. Was forecast to be early hours , This is much later than forecast.
  5. Mmm , wasn’t this rain supposed to be cleared by now , looks like a delayed start to the Cricket is quite possible .
  6. Hi all , I have a question I’m flying to Turkey near Antalya soon, I’m not confident on the apps that there are , is there a decent site that I can visit that can give me 1 , an accurate recording of previous day and 2. A decent forecast , I feel the temperature might be being underplayed . Thanks Mark
  7. Well , England in a spot of trouble , will we attack . So many chances for both sides Today on what has been quite a days cricket so far .
  8. Great watch the Cricket this afternoon, I really enjoyed Archers spell , Root is going through quite a dip in form as suggested above perhaps someone else to captain would help but he probably needs more time .
  9. I’m Gobsmacked at the Dry Posts , now I’m not saying it’s not true but here it hasn’t stopped peeing down recently , I can hardly mow the lawn because it’s so waterlogged , what a difference a few miles make eh , personally I want Plume 3
  10. I too also grew up watching them in the shed , Knees up mother brown etc . Positive for this season despite the loss yesterday. Bit of rain now looks like the storm is literally skirting here .
  11. Hi Jimmy , It certainly is , I used to love going in the Shed End when I was younger , it’s just not the same anymore , I seemed to enjoy it more back then even if we won less . Still no rain for now it’s staying away .
  12. Good to see another Spitfire restored and take to the air . https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-49248444
  13. Rain today’s showing the rain to the north of London coming in from one direction and to the south the showers coming from the complete opposite direction .
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