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  1. Mark wheeler


    Nationality of winner - Scottish I’ll go for G. Anderson / Michael Smith 20/1 , 1st and 2nd. going against my original but I know and that price / van Gerwen one sure is tempting.
  2. Mark wheeler


    Quoted this wrong Tom , but I’ll go for £10 win with Gerwyn , he is going to get a lot a stick but he loves it .
  3. Oh deary me ( certainly not aimed at you Ed this ) , cmon folks will tweet great fun seeing famous or not so famous people potentially getting it wrong . Wouldn’t be the first time would it , ( not this individual I must say ) great respect from me .
  4. Fascinating watching at the moment , exicited as normal about prospects for the coming winter , at least it’s not full on Atlantic onslaught we are witnessing run after run , A white Christmas would be nice for once , right I’m off to view today’s Navgem as it always gives me a laugh. Have fun all.
  5. Absolute filth out there this morning , can clearly see that nasty squall line near the back of the band , hopefully it clears through sharpish .
  6. Big crack of thunder here from seemingly knowhere.
  7. Seems to tie in with reports on here .
  8. Just starting to see snow flakes mixed in the rain here now , how about you @Reefseeker
  9. Yep plain old Rain here on and off , been quite heavy today too at times , I think we will be lucky here tonight to see a flake or two .
  10. Fully agree it’s the crying wolf stories that ditract away from when the real beast arrives , I remember last year jumping up and down telling my boss that there was impending carnage from the snow and it wasn’t until it happened that they tried to put contingency plans in place but it was too late . Some customers in fact have never returned to my store because of the dispruption which lasted long after the weather cleared up. It also made my enjoyment of snow less so which is a Shame .
  11. Beautiful photo , hopefully you have lots of snow this season. I wouldn’t mind quite a bit down south but after the chaos last year I find myself myself saying that with some point of tepidation.
  12. Lovely Day Today, just want to skip autumn and get straight in to winter now , bring on the Snow ️.
  13. What a beautiful day , I’m fortunate enough to be starting a weeks holiday and this morning saw the forecast for the rest of the week which looks decent in the main with today being the warmest . I decided to take the wife and kids to Richmond Park on the bikes followed by a drink or 2 by the river , last day of summer for me I think , could we get a flake of snow next weekend ?.
  14. Blimey it’s absolutely hammering it down , The gutter can’t hold the water so it’s running against the window in a noisy way , looking at the radar their is much more to come . I see their have been a couple of strikes too , no suprise really .