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  1. Quite a few strikes further west , I thought the forecast was for isolated showers in the south in general , this seems a little more widespread , maybe there will be more of a risk than expected going through the week .
  2. Sounds great, as you say hopefully a few storms to keep the drought away though .
  3. Glorious day outside , just finished the gardening today and having to put the sprinklers on as big cracks have started to appear due to lack of rainfall .
  4. Mark wheeler

    Eurovision Song Contest

    And has
  5. Mark wheeler

    Eurovision Song Contest

    Hooray , we’re bottom , Us and Spain , will we get a point . edit - On our own at the foot of the table
  6. Mark wheeler

    Eurovision Song Contest

  7. Mark wheeler

    Eurovision Song Contest

    Bjork lookalike doing a chicken song for Israel
  8. Mark wheeler

    Eurovision Song Contest

    Will we get a bit of a sympathy vote Tonight ? . Nah I doubt it . Apparently she has been invited to perform again but she has declined . http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-44097050
  9. Much nicer start to the day , looking forward to enjoying the weather in the next few days as I’m off of work , it makes a change to be off during nice weather it’s normally peeing down .
  10. Mark wheeler

    Now that's what i call music!

    First one for me was now 23 , as I got older I was more in to dance etc so I stopped buying it from around now 30.
  11. Lots of activity around now .
  12. Well some okay weather today ..... it’s beautiful
  13. Mark wheeler

    Need Help On The Site/forum?

    Yeah I think so , I was in the middle of a post when the issue occurred , never mind . Thanks again