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  1. Glorious Day here in Exmouth , not sure on the temperature but it feels hot in the sun despite the persistent breeze which is actually quite welcoming. Some small patches of high cloud but nothing significant.
  2. Cheerio again Abruzzi , Always a powder keg with you for some reason it was only in jest so why the flippant comment ? And why should people tread so carefully? Anyway Thanks Daniel for your inputs the last few days in the different forums , please don’t let posts like these get you down . My Holiday in Devon is brilliant so far but the weather is not on my side given the current set up , we was plagued by cloud yesterday and then again today from 10am until the cloud went by 4pm . Any way a nice trip to the castle ( Powderham ) and then a swim at the complex was nice , Perhaps the Beach tomorrow. Hope the heat is not to bad back in the south east , Looks good for some fireworks next week .
  3. Well my sister has sent me this from Folkestone , Meanwhile I’m currently at West Ward Ho beach in Devon still under grey skies and Drizzle . Sister is not on holiday but I am .
  4. Breaks beginning to show in Bideford . Some short spells of sun shine and it feels warm .
  5. Later frames of the Navgem . The last frame is actually the only time 20c uppers make inroads in to England .
  6. I have to agree with regards to the Ukmo , I thought to myself earlier today when I was backing the model that ( I bet it goes T up now I’ve said that ) and Hey Ho it does . Oh well we all know that they all can all be wrong even at 48 hours out as we all learned a few years ago .
  7. The all important Navgem just beginning to trickle out . So far
  8. Me either although I was looking at some charts the other day and I noticed this , can someone enlighten us . edit - Thanks @Singularity that makes sense .
  9. I have to say I’ve also been on this forum for years and if I’ve learnt anything from the models ( runs ) is that if the Ukmo doesn’t budge it needs to be taken extremely seriously and is likely to verify especially at short ranges and certainly over the GFS . I’ve seen it copious of times especially in winter when all other models especially the gfs have shown easterlies and the Ukmo doesn’t and the Ukmo comes out on top . nothing is certain but I know where my money is and it’s not GFS.
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