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  1. Mark wheeler

    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    What an absolutely fantastic catch by cook , India currently 247 for 4
  2. Storm has arrived at surbiton 4 flashes of lightning and loud thunder so far and it’s hammering down . Oh and a rainbow to boot , the rain is my easy excuse to dive in to the pub for a quick beer . Nice red sky too ahead of the storm.
  3. Se some more showers and storms entering th me Region now , it was bizarre looking at the radar earlier as the storm we had earlier seemed to go in a completely different direction to the main rain band but went right through it too , never seen that before . Even now the a shower is very close to the main rain band is is moving in a completely different direction.
  4. Looks quite defined now almost like a squall line on the Radar .
  5. Looking at the models tonight , it looks like we might not have seen the last of the heat after all , they will probably show below average temperatures for tomorrow though .
  6. It’s peeing down here .
  7. Another beautiful day today , I see the Met are going for highs of 34c tomorrow before a cool down to the weekend . I also see the Met have gone for above average until October , that sounds encouraging for the rest of summer , as long as it flips to below average from late November onwards . Some welcome rain at the weekend although I can’t sya I’m looking forward to it . https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-45085034
  8. Another lovely start to the day with only some intermittent high cloud , a little bit of a breeze blowing this morning which has helped cool down the house a little bit .
  9. Yeah it was , for me anyway I don’t mind being hot etc as long as I can sleep at night etc which is not a problem at the moment for me , maybe tonight will be different, it won’t be long until the heat is gone so I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible whilst Its here including today , I get that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and it’s an individual thing , I will say though the commute home wasn’t pleasant but that’s more to do with the carriage conditions than the weather as it’s always crap whatever the weather .
  10. Great weather today , baking and humid on the train home and also at work but nice and bright on the way home and felt some of the day was left after a long days work . Looking forward to tomorrow as surprisingly the hottest day of this spell falls on my day off , so time to get the paddling pool out again and top up my holiday tan . I’ll enjoy it whilst we have it , you never know what’s later around the corner . Has anybody else noticed how the grass has already started to recover in some areas after the rain we had recently?.
  11. Got woken by the storm this morning at 5am and could not get back to sleep , I like storms but not at that time please . Just after dark please weather Gods . Looking forward tonthe heat up again although 33c seems a little too high but beggars can’t be choosers .
  12. Still very pleasant outside today , children playing in the paddling pool and it feels quite warm .
  13. Managed to capture the rainbow this time , second of the day . You can just about make it out .
  14. Funnily enough it didn’t last long either but yet another cell close by , thunder seems to be all around now . My wife thinks I’m nuts too been going on about it ( the storms ) for days now .