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  1. Thank you for that bit of info, I asked a similar question a few weeks back as to whether the models were organic and "learnt" as they went along and gained new information. I would have thought by now with they available computing power that a model would have been able to do this by now. Is this what GloSea5 does?
  2. Not sure if this is in the right place, but with regards to the models, are they organic, or are they rigidly programmed so that when for example A does something and B does something the outcome is always C?? which as we know doesn't always happen [sorry no specific example] or do they learn as they go along? Thanks..delete if in wrong place mods.
  3. and grinding to a halt or petering out before it reaches East Anglia knowing my luck lol
  4. Hi There, Just wondering does anyone know what model XCWeather uses? As they are usually pretty good with wind speeds and directions, although often the weather they forecast on their 7 day outlook generally seems to occur a couple of days sooner than originally indicated? They are showing sustained Easterlies from Thursday onwards but with still relatively warm temps 4-8..is that due to the current temp of the North Sea? Thanks S please remove if in the wrong thread, just not sure where to put it..thanks
  5. 138 and 144 look impressive lol [well 108 onwards] and within a reasonable time frame??
  6. Just looked at xcweather and they seem to have the storm tracking over France?? with nothing North of the South coast getting much at all...although clearly radar images show otherwise.
  7. Thanks, will try get some others uploaded to my gallery, shot some great burst photography on the nights high tide, got the waves crashing in and breaking over the car, was beautiful to watch. Think I will indeed take a drive to the coast, shame the wind intensity looks set to coincide with low tide!! still can't have it all I guess lol
  8. Will take a look thank you, If you take a look at my profile pic its one I snapped at Walcott, got some really good snaps down there, I went home and came back for the night time high tide and got myself a ring side seat before they blocked the road off lol.
  9. That's interesting to know, I'm in Dereham, so will probably make that trek to the coast later on to see what it's like
  10. Well, charged up all my fishing headlamps, found the candles, charged up all the laptop batteries in case need to keep the kids entertained during any possible power outages...Just can't decide whether to stay up, or sleep for a bit then get up and head to the coast to see if I can get some good photo's like a couple of weeks back when we had the storm surge!!
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