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  1. Everytime it started to cover the garden my daft dog went out and wiped it all away with his nose. Though I had a slightly better coverage out the street.
  2. I'm really feeling the post snow blues tonight. There was a tidy coverage at 9am, but it thawed so quickly and every drip I heard made me feel so sad. It was like the snow itself was crying to leave us. There's plenty of time left this year for round 2. Hopefully this was just a practise run and the next batch will stick around longer.
  3. I've finally got a covering, very thin, but a covering all the same. Looks like some heavier precipitation is heading our way. It's nail biting stuff being a coldie in Cardiff.
  4. There's flakes in the air in Cardiff! They're the first I've seen this year. The winds have really picked up too, so fingers crossed for later this evening.
  5. Phew. It's been hot lately! Definitely not my favourite kind of weather, but it's a lot cloudier today and feeling somewhat fresher. Quite a welcome relief. I see the Met office have issued a warning for thunderstorms across Wales. We really could do with some rain now, everything is so dry and dusty out there. I'm crossing my fingers this storms do materialise. :)
  6. I did the same. I went out the garden to try and get a photo of the drifting. Oh my word, never felt a bitterly cold like that. The snow was pelting down and when the wind picked up, ouch! It was so cold it hurt. I was only out there a few moments, but it took me ages to warm up.
  7. Nice to see you back, Andy. Gobsmacked they gave you a ban for speaking your mind.
  8. I don't like normal when it comes to the weather. Snow, hail, rain, winds, anything except sunshine please. Lol
  9. Most of the snow has thawed here now, still a few odd patches and the mountains the supermarkets have cleared from their carparks. To think this time last week we were all waiting to see if it arrived, now it's been, thawed and the weather is all a bit boring again. I feel a bit lost. Lol
  10. Take a look at this photo I just seen on Facebook. High St Arcade in Cardiff, undercover and still snow got down there with the almighty winds. Absolutely incredible!
  11. It's really coming down, Jay. My bald patch has finally been covered. It's taken me by surprise, I was only expecting light flurries this afternoon.
  12. Same here. The cat ran to the front door this morning, then turned and ran straight back upstairs. The dog has been more enthusiastic. Lol
  13. The drift out my garden was past my daughter's knees. The drift in the street past other daughter's knees. And this is Ferry Rd, Cardiff. Main Rd and no traffic, they never managed to keep it clear.
  14. Yes. Got 2 plastic sledges here. Going to head out in a bit. It seems lethal in places, there's a really icy crunch to it.
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