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  1. Just up the road from you. My cat is so scared, just tried to curl up with the dog!
  2. Very dark skies in Gateshead. Can feel the wind picking up and it's chucking it down.
  3. Despite blue skies and nothing on the radar, heard rumble.....it was the spit fires going overhead for the air show. Lol. What do people think about the huge storm coming up. Could it be a super cell ?
  4. Over on the storms thread, our region is looking good for Friday. Hope so, the one the other night missed me.
  5. Looks lively on the radar and heading this way....
  6. I agree.... if it wasn't June the heating would be on.
  7. Any chance getting rid of the NE by the weekend. What do the knowledgeable people on here reckon?.
  8. Woke up to rain. But left all the outside cushions out. How quickly it can change.
  9. According to the radar we are getting sleet....and we are with the odd flakey bit. Or perhaps the wind is blowing the sleet around. Either way the ground is so water logged it is going to take some serious drop in temp to get it to lie.
  10. Latest update from the lamppost in Gateshead. Defo on the turn. Can see some flakes.
  11. When walking the dog this morning. The ground was totally waterlogged. Can start to see small bits of ice in the non stop rain.
  12. For me I also love other aspects to this cold. This is how my icicle farm is coming along. Now just need to work out how to switch them on and pretend it's Xmas not spring.
  13. Yup when you run the blob on real time it's not joining the party. Hmmm back to growing my icicles.
  14. as I headed out to the local shop today an older women stopped me and said "they have ran out of milk". I replied 'not bothered about milk...as long as they still have wine". And they did.
  15. Was just thinking if only we could go straight from this to nice spring warmth without prolonged slush. And without bad flooding.