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  1. Been really heavy rain most of the day in Gatesheads. Will be a lot of surface water about.
  2. I was in the empty spot in the north east. No thunder, also slept through any lightning in the distance.
  3. Retro lighting alert.....just to get you in the mood....This was taken on my phone from my bedroom window a few years ago, no special effects no filters just a plain love of storms. It was a day when three big storms hit us. for tonight
  4. Stacks of snow in Gateshead all evening. Had to shelter in the local with the dog.
  5. Yes i heard the thunder too. I saw that cloud when it was out to sea from Windy Nook, it was really dark.
  6. Just cold rain in Gateshead. Might just be on the turn to wet sleet.
  7. Still coming down heavy in Gateshead. All surfaces covered.
  8. Right you lot..... it has got bot all to do with the models..... what you need to do is ask M&S when they get their sandals in.....thats when the snow hits. Seriously. Very long term watcher and still a novice. I love it when @Steve Murr takes the time to explain the charts. Thank you Sir. I am still learning. What i would love to see in a learner forum is today's models mapped against the history of 1947, 1962, 1987, 2010 at either end of that year.....sorry, sure i have missed some. Would that work????? Or just in general a real time learners forum
  9. Just up the road from you. My cat is so scared, just tried to curl up with the dog!
  10. Very dark skies in Gateshead. Can feel the wind picking up and it's chucking it down.
  11. Despite blue skies and nothing on the radar, heard rumble.....it was the spit fires going overhead for the air show. Lol. What do people think about the huge storm coming up. Could it be a super cell ?
  12. Over on the storms thread, our region is looking good for Friday. Hope so, the one the other night missed me.
  13. I agree.... if it wasn't June the heating would be on.
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