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  1. For people wondering about the the Surface temperatures being suppressed its quite a plausible outcome. Soundings show there is a strong EML in place and given the cold SST's there will probably a lot of convective debris and strata-clu riding atop the θ-E advection from France.
  2. Logically this post makes a lot of sense. But there are two mitigating factors to consider before slating those with pessimism. Firstly we are in the unknown historically regarding climate change and rapid melting of the polar ice caps , which as I type are surely melting rapidly given this temperatures in Greenland/arctic currently. Therefore we cannot pattern match for this correctly. Secondly we've see this before, northern blocking and a powerful warm air advection into Greenland early in the summer and the famous 'snot' sitting over us for 2 months. Here in Ireland 2007,08,09,10,11
  3. haha ya 34 cm max ive seen here is 5 cm . ... I'll take it !
  4. Ha that was its starting , Its getting a bit heavier now in bursts. Waiting on the cold pool to eject properly tonight
  5. light grapel/snow falling here on the south coast now. video-1519647553.mp4
  6. Good to see the UKMO following a certain private UK model, and yes I know people before you ask
  7. Yes certainly more shades of jan 1987 a short intense cold spell that was. Also note the wind direction E or ESE as opposed to ENE for 2010. That makes a huge difference to me on the south coast for a celtic streamer or people living far up the east coast where a NE flow shortens the sea track a lot reducing totals.
  8. Yes totally, but interesting to see what the depths its showing here in the south.
  9. Easterly flow tends to form streamers due to the winds crossing the landmass of England which causes convergence of winds doesn't happen in westerlies. As you can see on the map I provided one north of the isle of man and one south , (isle of man causes divergence) and one along the extreme south coast .Snow levels quickly build up with often falling up to 3 cm per hour in the strongest convection.
  10. here is the ECM snowfall totals in inchs. A few strange posts regarding convection potential What is the issue? . For the eastern coastal counties and along the south coast it is exetmely likely. -35c at 500hpa , -12/-14 850hpa , SST's at 8/9c and strong east flow in sfc of pressure 1024 mb with the 501 DAM touching the east coast 1987 levels right there.
  11. Roche's point here on the south coast experienced record 12 cm of snow in 1987 from a snow streamer . It the gfs/ukmo comes off I feel that the record may go. Exceptional charts!
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