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  1. Ahh this explains why it's not showing in Newport as met have down for heavy snow now and BBC graphics had it snowing .....how much more do we think we will get generally as my wife has work at hotel at 2.30 so just thinking is it good idea though she can stay at hotel tonight if it gets bad...
  2. Derek just tweeted this .....thing of beauty
  3. Derek Brockway tweeted this and says they do take it seriously in the forecast a good tool
  4. This model only showing accumulations to 19:00 Thursday the arpege is late Friday hence alot higher in accumaltions....all good though
  5. Put simply no why would anybody recommend that with blizzards forecasted
  6. Bingo Jay amber out .....Reds to go out tomorrow I reckon
  7. Yes that shows the unpredictabilty of snow fall totals even at really short range ......we had red covering us in south East wales Inc Newport but ended up with 10-15cm tops ...not really red ...sure valleys had upwards of 20cm to 25cm also covered by red warnings. Your totals more qualified for a red warning I would suggest, so overall warnings are only a guide to potential totals, especially with this storm as it could be on off for several days so who knows how high it can get !
  8. Yes it's definately going to snow it's just a case of who has it most and for how long
  9. Jay was just going to ask when the amber warnings were going to come out my guess was at some point today .......I would be surprised if they didn't upgrade to red by Wednesday afternoon ....must be waiting for the exact track of low so they include as many areas as they can from the off. I remember we had a red warning in Jan 2013 and totals were not forecast to be as bad as this storms going to bring ...this is much more potent if the track is right valleys etc will be closed until Monday
  10. Don't think Steve is misleading people - in my opinion and from what I have read from his past posts is that he is giving what he thinks is more likely outcome from the current synoptics. Whether you agree or not is of course up for debate - hence this forum and post charts to back it up. But to suggest he is deliberately misleading people by giving his opinion is a bit harsh .... don't you think?
  11. Yes hilarious if you live in the west midlands.....hope you get a good dumping !!! Looks that way looking at these charts......
  12. It completely misses us anyway trending south on the last few runs......so yes a downgrade on the uppers at this junction......but less annoying than if it was headed our way! This cold spell appears to be missing that major 'EVENT' as the current models are showing .....never know what may pop up though!!
  13. Hi Steve what are you on to here exactly? Is it a plausible development?
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