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  1. It really is starting to extend further east over Normandy wonder if that will make it up into kent?
  2. Seem to be having very heavy graupel in sittingbourne.
  3. Must be in a sweet spot here in Sittingbourne have so much more than in 2010
  4. well the boys school is closed so snow day I know this has not been great for many, this is much better for me on the edge of Sittingbourne than we got in 2010, hopefully more will get in on the act as the week moves along
  5. Cant remember last time i had powder snow. you can walk through and just dosent turn to slush on impact i only ever seem to get wet snow
  6. Nice little covering in Sittingbourne been snowing for a while now hopefuly everyone will get some once the main event starts later
  7. The key is the wind direction we have been getting ENE and scattered showerss sunshine changed to NE now real dark clouds rolling in to Sittingbourne now, and if you run the radar through you can see the difference in buildup, keep the faith
  8. Wind direction changed from ENE to NE now in Sittingbourne hopefully start to drag the good stuff down.
  9. Wow really snowing now in sittingbourne very strong winds as well
  10. Met office have just updated warning for kent, and the snow starts again in sittingbourne
  11. Clear sunny skies in sittingbourne now, fingers crossed for the main course tonight