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  1. Anyone know if these showers will make land? They look like they are intensifying
  2. Just heard the helicopter go past heading for dartmoor. Seen on the radar some showers heading our direction, watching them with interest!
  3. Can't believe tavi had nothing! Even at home near Milton abbot there's a good inch or two. Looking forward to driving to Okehampton at 5.30am tomorrow ? Heard Princetown has been cut off!
  4. After it rained for most of the afternoon I was starting to give up on the prospect of any snow, then at about 4.30pm it started. Lovely big fat chunks of snow, within half hour there was these pictures, an hour later there must of been a good couple of inches. Beautiful!
  5. We tend to get so much rain here so when it is cold enough we do very well! We had fab 10ft drifts last year. Would love for it to happen again
  6. Still just sleeting/raining on the west side of Dartmoor, are you Okehampton way?
  7. I've been watching it come in and it's like it's stopped! Looking really black now towards Cox tor. Typically left my thick coat in my workshop ? that wind is biting!
  8. Still nothing on the west side of dartmoor, looking a bit dark all around though! That wind is brrrrrr
  9. Some good drifts about, apparently snow ploughs are up at princetown trying to clear the snow. Had to abandon the car again and climb snow drifts to get to horses. Loving it! Got my snow ride in yesterday though ? first time in 8 years!
  10. I agree too, couple of cms out there now and it's so peaceful watching it fall. Lovely big flakes too! Hoping we get a good covering tonight ?
  11. Where abouts in Mary tavy are they going? Main road should be fine, anywhere else will be very dodgy! If it helps I passed my test in 2010 a couple months before the epic cold spell and I was working in princetown at the time (plume of feathers), I had some scary times but I learnt how to drive in snow pretty well! Police are patrolling so stopping anyone driving on that road and they want a good reason why you're driving on there!
  12. It's not too bad from tavi to Mary tavy, bit snowy in places but take it slow and it's fine. Across blackdown isn't too bad either however going down from there towards lydford it's crazy! Would not tackle it without a 4x4! Police stopping anyone driving asking if you are ok and having a rant if your not in a 4x4. 3 cars were buried just before the fox and hounds, poor people who got stuck in there last night!
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