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  1. Very sad scenes here, Jackie Weaver the snowlady has pretty much gone. She didn’t sadly have the right authorities! Here is a picture of her in her better days, being covid secure too! Great spell here - 3rd best I’ve seen. 2010 top, 2018 second this 3rd! Now let’s have some spring warmth!
  2. We got about 5/6cm last night. Ended with 12/13cm which is a good total. 3rd highest I have seen here! 1st being 2010 when we had around 30cm and 2018 when we had 18. Hopefully one more cold spell which would be fab. I would love to do that one day in America! Hopefully we can get some cracking storms this summer!
  3. Yes - spot on Paul. Thank you for your excellent coverage in this cold spell. Roll on the storms in summer!!
  4. Wow. Canterbury is pasted. White everywhere, stunning! Going for a early walk before it gets trampled on!
  5. We are close here. Will measure in the morning! Seems to be never ending...more heavy showers coming in!
  6. Radar looks great, plenty of showers pouring in from the North Sea, was a whiteout earlier! Was stunning!
  7. WOW. What a shower. Everything covered in an inch or so. Mad! Radar shows more incoming too
  8. It is teaming down. Watched it come in from the mound. The orange sky, the mist in the distance then booom!
  9. Chucking down again. Best snow of the spell so far today here! More coming too!
  10. Stopped now in canterbury but wow what a shower! More incoming too! Radar looking good for a bit
  11. Caking it down here. Radar seems good for a while now. We seems to be right in the middle of the stream
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