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  1. FOR SALE Spares or repair 1 previous owner Extremely high mileage
  2. Barely any radar return over us here but the light snow is just coming down so thick.
  3. Maybe small signs of some lake effect pluming coming off The Netherlands coast, might be the bigger totals hirlam was seeing along the EA coast
  4. Went for a little walk outside the village yesterday, little bit choppy out there. https://photos.app.goo.gl/rqYStEwirzkRxcTy2
  5. Brother in law has been out enjoying himself.
  6. Especially the section of radar that is just North of Ipswich its average at its best to be honest.
  7. Wow!! Thats a Scottish highlands scene, never thought id see photos like that from where i live. Thanks for sharing CA
  8. They should go back to Easterly quite quickly, this looks like the final tiny wave in the flow.
  9. You can see on radar the shower feed starting to lift again as it reaches the bottom extent of the dip in the wave.
  10. See my post @geg1992 were running out of moisture in the plume to our East, also the upper trough is sliding North out of our region now, that takes us back to where we were before with just a bitty showery regime until the moisture is gone. Was amazing though wasn't it, didn't imagine yesterday when i spoke to you that it would be quite that good
  11. Can see on this pic the back end of the moisture plume running across Germany, when that feed runs out it will be the end of the shower trains across our region.
  12. Wow check out all the waves from the North Sea across the center of the UK and Ireland into the Atlantic.
  13. This is insane, the feed off of The Netherlands coast is looking stunning on Sat24 https://en.sat24.com/en/nl/visual