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  1. In the early hours 4-6am
  2. Had we been on a N/NE then i would have probably said yes to a split, it is hard popping out for 20 mins and seeing 3 pages on my return (still fun reading though), but on this occasion i really feel the info from my S/SW will be needed tonight and the early hours
  3. I think so to, a lot of moisture appearing in the train further North aswell, as the temps drop maybe?.
  4. For the love of god,Please................NO more Southerly movements.
  5. Always a worry being this close to the coast, that gap around the EA coast on accum charts has always been noticeable in the run up to this event although now we move on to high res charts it seems that gap may be closing, Dan Holleys graphic certainly shows this. @DelkaI'd love to be a lot closer that way thats for sure
  6. I'm heading to Alconbury on Monday, hoping it gets deeper as i head that way.
  7. In the meantime........Lovely looking squall line crossing the region at the moment.
  8. I'd like to see that nibbler turn into a full on gobble.
  9. Yes it must be a busy place to be right now, i'm worn out and i just look at hundreds of charts for fun.
  10. Morning all Still a lot of detail to be sorted on this Sunday, i did expect the models to be a bit closer this morning, but it seems they have crossed paths and now heading in opposite directions, this isn't a fail yet, but it will always be tight, if the models still don't agree at 24 this will turn into a really good nowcast.
  11. With the angle pretty much the same i think your in with a good chance. If we can get a couple of little troughs running down in that flow and the -10 uppers on the GFS they could be a little bit better than last week.
  12. One thing i'm pretty sure of, by the time we get to Sunday at least one model will have modelled the correct track at least once in the last 7 days, trouble is they won't know they were right till after its gone through, a nowcast for me this one, though we may be able to get it down to a track of a couple of hundred miles wide.
  13. Still happy with the overall pattern on the 06 up to around Sunday, gonna be a few runs yet to give some confirmation on exact position of the slider. Not really looking much further than that for now, though I have seen the chances of another ridge building, hopefully it will firm up a bit once this week's spell gets going.
  14. Did we not just go through the second half of last week going through model turmoil because the ECM really wasnt playing ball at reloading the ridge to Greenland? I even told the wife at the end of last week that the Northerly we had was probably the last when GFS edged towards ECM, only for it to all to suddenly turn around in 24 hours and the Northerly was back on and locked in.
  15. There we have it, thunder and a couple of flashes a couple of miles to my North from a shower that just passed over. That takes me into double figures for this season.