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  1. Burning hot, but low humidity so not that uncomfortable indoors. There's a fairly stiff south-easterly breeze too. Fingers crossed for some pyrotechnics later, but I suspect I'm a little too east.
  2. Amazing from Broad. 500 wickets and his first 10 wicket haul since 2013 apparently.
  3. The Arpege mentioned above has the sweet spot around about Heathrow at 4pm: So 36C+ not out of the question somewhere according to that. Not much sign of a thundery breakdown anywhere as yet though.
  4. Looking forward to seeing Rahkeem Cornwall bowl (and bat). 6'6" and 22-stone. Reminds me of Dwayne Leverock:
  5. Betelgeuse – a giant with blemishes | Max-Planck-Gesellschaft WWW.MPG.DE Betelgeuse, the bright star in the constellation of Orion, has been fascinating astronomers in the recent months because of its unusually strong decline in brightness. Scientists have been... They think the dimming earlier this year was caused by a huge sunspot rather than dust.
  6. VAR can take 10 minutes to decide if someone's toenail is offside, but can't intervene when the ball is a foot over the line. Halfwits.
  7. Wasn’t watching, but saw Sideshow Bob trending on Twitter and guessed what had happened. ?
  8. Very few sheep round here. Arable as far as the eye can see. ?? Apparently we're going to play QPR, but who knows where? Reminds me of the time Howard Wilkinson in his role as FA Technical Director decided that youth players had to be within 2 hours' travel time of their clubs. Great for London clubs with a choice of 20 million or so. Not so great for the likes of us or Carlisle. Man Utd used to stick Luke Chadwick on a flight from Cambridge to Manchester.
  9. There were 6 consecutive months of -NAO last year from May-Oct followed by (of course, of course) 5 months of solid +NAO from Nov-Mar. This April went negative again (May has yet to be updated). Hmm. ?
  10. 'When you're accustomed to privilege, any equality feels like oppression.'
  11. It's not #OnlyBlackLivesMatter. Would you go to a Cancer fundraiser and shout "ALL DISEASES MATTER"? The fact is that blacks in America are disproportionately targeted because the country has a 400 year history of slavery, subjugation, and deeply-rooted, institutionalised racism. Within the lifetimes of many on this forum, there was legalised segregation in the southern states of the US. #AllLivesMatter is just a trite way of pretending there isn't a problem. As the phrase goes, 'When you're accustomed to privilege, any equality feels like oppression.'
  12. Despite the Northerly flow and below average temps advertised on the output, there still doesn't appear to be a great deal of precipitation in the outlook, especially in the East. May was the driest on record in the UK. The situation around here is getting desperate: Drought fears grow as dry spell continues - Farmers Weekly WWW.FWI.CO.UK Government representatives and farm leaders are to discuss drought measures as a lack of rain further damages harvest prospects across the country. Low
  13. Those people haven't been killed because they're white.
  14. Can’t speak for the rest of the country, but round here it’s baked dry and the latest top dog ECM suggests little relief in the near future. If this carries on we will be in Californian mega drought territory come August.
  15. Solar flux is an excellent measure of solar activity: Error - Cookies Turned Off AGUPUBS.ONLINELIBRARY.WILEY.COM There are 2 numbers: the observed and the adjusted. The observed is the actual flux density hitting the Earth's atmosphere. If you are a ham radio enthusiast, then that's the number you are interested in (the higher the better). The adjusted number accounts for the varying distance of the Earth from the Sun. If you are interested in comparing the solar activity in June with the solar activity in December, then you must use the adjusted value for it to make sense. Anything around 70 or below indicates minimal solar activity.
  16. Is it brand new? If so, you should get 90 days of free technical support. Just call Apple. For what it's worth, I've had a few Apple products over the years and my anecdotal experience is that they are getting more glitchy as time goes on. It's the insane annual major updates to the OS that's the root cause.
  17. Anyway, I think sending out the cheque to everyone is actually a good idea: it's far more efficient than a tax cut. See here:
  18. Governments are going to have to borrow a lot of money. From memory, China owns something like 20% of all US debt? There are going to be some interesting questions asked when this all finally ends.
  19. I've heard a few stories about people being refused to allow to work from home, even though it's entirely practical (desk jobs with laptops, etc) and follows the government guidance. It's madness: if I were in that situation, I'd just tell them I had a cough and was self-isolating.
  20. Four players from the Brooklyn Nets have tested positive for COVID-19: Kevin Durant among four Brooklyn Nets players with coronavirus - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK Four Brooklyn Nets players, including 2014 NBA Most Valuable Player Kevin Durant, test positive for coronavirus. The virus must be way more widespread than thought. As mentioned by others above, it renders the recorded cases figures almost meaningless until random testing in the general population is performed. You wouldn't even need to do that many to get a better idea. How can you plan for anything if you don't know what the real situation is?
  21. What an excellent idea. The other stores should follow suit.
  22. This is from a Doctor who posts on an NCFC website: Something to remember the next time some gobsh1te goes on about media hysteria.
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