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  1. I drive up and down this road all the time:


    2 things about the article. Apparently Roy was "driving home" in a cycling helmet. And Theresa sent a get well soon message to the Duke. No news about the 2 women and baby he hit though.

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    2. jtay


      Christ knows how many avoidable deaths we've had on the A338 outside our village. Council won't be moved on the speed limit.
      Get an old royal in an accident and a speed reduction is approved the day after.

    3. Dami


      well the police will do tit nothing. Anyone else would probably be seen by a doctor to see if they should continue to drive, he just gets a new car. 

    4. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      Aye. And Joe Public pays for the bloody thing!

  2. Anyone wanna charter a ferry?

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    2. Yarmy


      No, I don't have any boats @jtay. Nor have I ever conducted any business of a maritime nature, although I once hired a kayak. However, that can all be sorted once I receive the money up front.

    3. Mokidugway


      I have a boat but cant get trucks on it 🤔

    4. jtay


      What about a website with a screen grab of a login object that redirects to google --> https://seabornefreight.com/timetable

      Do you have one of those @Yarmy ? If so, there's a cool £13.8m in it for you. Or, rather, there was.

      An absolute shower of [email protected]$&%*!s running the show.

  3. That was a terrific fight. 

  4. Was wondering why Mario Kart was trending on Twitter.

    Oh dear.

    1. jtay


      His brother Dust is well worth a read.

  5. Plans for the weekend.

    1. Friday: Book into rubbish East London Hotel.

    2. Saturday: Drive 100 miles to Salisbury. See Cathedral. Drive back to London.

    3. Sunday: Drive 100 miles back to Salisbury. See lovely spire again: I just can't get enough. Drive back to London and immediately fly home.


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    2. Yarmy


      Looking forward to it. It's got good reviews on Tripadvisor:


    3. Mokidugway


      I took some uranium to Salisbury  once , it enjoyed it 😁

    4. CheesepuffScott


      I'm in Salisbury tomorrow because I essentially live here, give me a wave!

  6. Robbie Williams? Is it 1998?

  7. Lad wants v-bucks for his birthday. o tempora o mores.

  8. Happy Chocolate Rabbits Day!

    1. Nick L

      Nick L

      Happy religious zombie day!

  9. RIP NME

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    2. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      Uranus Explained: The Definitive Guide to Probing Uranus.:shok:

    3. Dami


      not concerned AT ALL regarding this fetish you all seem to have regarding a  gentleman's posterior :shok:

    4. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      It's (among the posh) called weeble-stronomy.:D

  10. Tracking a delivery that took 3 days to get from Shanghai to Incheon (Korea) to Cologne to Stansted to Norwich. It's now 3 days and counting to get from Norwich to here. :-)

    1. chrisbell-nottheweatherman


      LOL - I'm tracking something that came from the States and is supposed to be with the deliery company.

    2. Mokidugway


      I've got an order coming from Columbia, still stuck on a yacht in the Atlantic :nonono:

  11. Lowest daily max temp record for March is -4.6C. Could that go today?

    1. Nick L

      Nick L

      When/where was this? It's at risk!

    2. Yarmy
    3. Yarmy


      The English record is just -3.3C so that's surely under threat.

      Marham maxed out at -3.9C yesterday and that's a sea level station in Norfolk.

  12. Kid's school shut. To be fair, there's a good 1 - maybe even 2 - cm of snow out there.:mellow:

  13. Hope these Nutella riots in France don't spread.

    1. Daniel*


      I saw that made me chuckle :D 

  14. SPOTY is a load of overblown, pompous mince these days, isn't it.

    Dial it back a bit, Beeb.

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    2. lassie23


      can't watch self important garbage like that, nobody gives a tit apart from the bbc

    3. Mokidugway


      BBC throws good Coke parties , allegedly :whistling:

    4. lassie23


      lol so i've heard

  15. Was just thinking what a marvellous institution the BBC is.

  16. "Did you take a piece of the Moon and bring it back home with you?"


    1. SNOW_JOKE


      On one hand it's funny, on the other it's sad how ignorance is favored above intelligence by TV these days.

    2. Weather-history


      Staggering ignorance and lack of research. It helps when interviewing someone to know a bit about them so not to put one's foot in it.

    3. weatherguru14


      yeah and here it is..


  17. Huge solar flare just occurred. Aurora possibilities way south.

    1. lassie23


      I can already see it now:drunk-emoji:

  18. Just got back from the Doctor's

    1. Yarmy


      Been having problems with my hearing.

      Doc says “Could you describe the symptoms to me?”

      "Yes, Homer is the fat one and Marg has big hair"

    2. lassie23


      nothing to do with spending time in a priest's hole then:oops:

  19. Spent some time in a Priest's hole yesterday.

  20. Anyone else take their mum to work like Andy Murray?

  21. 500 goals for Messi for Barca. FIVE HUNDRED!

    1. lassie23


      it was a great game to watch:good:

  22. A dog has won Crufts yet again.

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    2. beerandkebab


      the bigger question is despite winning such a renowned prize, just why was Kim Kardashian there?

    3. Mokidugway


      Arsing about no doubt :nonono:

    4. Spikecollie


      But can you really justify the winner as a "working dog"? I wonder what his coat would look like after a good walk in the hills with us :D