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  1. I believe they still use the MetO warnings, but the forecasts come from MeteoGroup. As John Holmes has pointed out, that could lead to ridiculous mismatches. "So to sum up, it's going to be fine and bright, but don't go outdoors because there's a massive storm warning."
  2. You want a NOGAPS weather model? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Navy_Operational_Global_Atmospheric_Prediction_System
  3. Polar low approaching between Iceland and Scandi, while an Atlantic depression wants to track through Biscay to the south. Remarkable.
  4. Nice example of both a Wash and a Thames Streamer on the 5km WRF-NMM for Monday morning: The UK-only chart only goes out to T72 on Meteociel, so this should come into range for 6z and 12z runs.
  5. Everyone set for THE GREAT REGIONAL BICKERING OF 2018.
  6. Please book a 4 week holiday for Dec 2018.
  7. That chart confused me a bit until I realised that the scale down the right is not temperature anomaly, but standard deviation. So England, Wales, and Ireland are forecast to be 2.5-3 sigma below average. 4+ below for the Alps too, which is what Carinthian was discussing.
  8. I'll leave that to the Strat gurus, but you would think so. It's certainly in line with the MetO 16-30 day outlook as of yesterday (easterly winds, significant snow likely, etc).
  9. I haven't been keeping up as attention naturally turns to the trop response, but I notice the double dip has now become a triple dip. Daily 10hpa 60N zonal wind records being smashed one after another.
  10. Yes, Dec 2010 was bone-chillingly cold but largely snow-free here. Dec 2009 on the other hand was an absolute bonanza.
  11. They describe themselves as "The global weather authority" Yeah, not sure I like that. I wonder what the tender process was at the Beeb? A discussion for another thread though.
  12. I did laugh at one guy moaning that "many of us will miss out". His location was southeast Kent!
  13. 500 posts an hour over there. Some folk seem to be personally offended by inter-run variability. The UKMO has moved the HLB south (oh no!), the GFS has moved it north (hurrah!). All the models that go beyond T144 are retrogressing it towards Greenland anyway, so...
  14. Meteociel does 3D charts for the GFS, ARPEGE, and ICON. https://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/gfse_3d.php
  15. The runs that brought the cold in quicker also ended it quicker. Using the example given above, the GFS 0z on the 18th: ...3 days later, the high sinks into Russia and it's all over... So you're welcome to that. Be careful what you wish for.