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  1. Italy haven’t been defensive for years, but it takes time to shake off the old stereotypes. They do look sharp, but they’ve haven’t faced a challenge yet.
  2. Finally an English goal. But it’s Ben Brereton for Chile.
  3. Well, that was absolute p1sh.
  4. Yes, that was insane. Kane and Sterling have been dire.
  5. Sterling’s been awful so I reckon he’ll get the winner now.
  6. Good news about Eriksen being discharged from hospital, but he’ll never play competitive football again. He’s going to re-sign for Tottenham.
  7. Messi won the Player of the Tournament in the 2014 WC to everyone’s astonishment, except perhaps Adidas who sponsored both him and the award.
  8. What I couldn’t understand was how the Kiwi bowlers managed to get so much more swing. It looked like England didn’t either which is why the kept asking to change the ball.
  9. lol. Wow. Best game of the tournament.
  10. Looks like he’s been at one of his lockdown parties. All a bit subdued, presumably because of the heat.
  11. Yes, embarrassing. What the hell was the producer thinking.
  12. Ugh. Was always going to happen, but Aston effing Villa...
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