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  1. True. I mentioned way back in the thread that all the SC24 max predictions (45 or so) taken together more or less formed a normal distribution. In other words, about what you'd get if you asked 45 people to pick a number between 80 and 160. Having said that, the predictions based on physical methods (e.g. polar magnetic field strength during minimum) performed better, as can be seen here: Solar Cycle 24 USERS.TELENET.BE Een site met informatie over de zon, de zonneactiviteit, de aarde en het ruimteweer Most predictions I've seen so far have been for another weak cycle.
  2. Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey think we'll beat Man Utd 8-nil. Premier League predictions: Lawro v 'The Gentlemen' stars Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK Mark Lawrenson takes on 'The Gentlemen' stars Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey to make predictions for this weekend's Premier League fixtures. Ridiculous. We'll never keep a clean sheet.
  3. The cosmic ray influx (of which the Neutron count is a proxy) increases during solar minimum because the Sun's magnetic field influence on Earth weakens. These cosmic rays collide with particles in the atmosphere in disintegrate into muons and other sub-atomic particles. The gist of the idea is that these form cloud condensation nuclei which then increase cloudiness in the troposphere which in turn has a cooling effect. It's all very speculative though (the increased cloud part, anyway) and there's not a lot of evidence for it as far as I can tell.
  4. Peaks at start of Jan, then downhill form there. You can see here (climatology is the black line): (Source: H Attard) Edit: Don't know why the PNG thumbnail isn't rendering, but clicking the link will show the image.
  5. Nasty looking storm for Ireland and Scotland at the back end of next week: ECM had it as a near miss to the north this morning, so will be interesting to see what this evening brings. ...and another a couple of days later:
  6. Trump's motivations have nothing to do with the Middle East. It's election year and, as he himself has noted, what better way to bolster flagging approval ratings than to start a war: Trump tweets predicting Obama would start a war with Iran to get reelected are coming back to haunt him WWW.BUSINESSINSIDER.COM Back in 2011, Donald Trump accused President Barack Obama of ratcheting up tensions with Iran for political advantage. He now faces the same charge.
  7. Incredible from Stokes yet again.
  8. The QBO is in the easterly descending phase, and all looks fairly normal: Source: For Our Colleagues ACD-EXT.GSFC.NASA.GOV Scientific and technical content intended for our scientific colleagues The usual single figure quoted for the QBO index is the zonal mean at 30hPa. That number peaked quite high in May/June, but not excessively or unusually so. As others have alluded to, I suspect the Pacific profile and the +IOD are the more likely culprits for the lack of any meaningful amplification so far this winter.
  9. Sub-300 innings coming up for England again. Every player but Crawley has got started, but not one has got beyond 50.
  10. So while Australia burns, this was The Australian's front page this morning:
  11. I've got one: cheated. VAR works in one instance (overturning the handball) and fails miserably the next. The next halfwit who tells you his foot was offside needs to google "Spurious Precision" and learn what frames per second means. If you can't precisely measure when the ball was played (and you can't because of the FPS the camera works at) then drawing all the lines and dots in the world is not going to help. No-one else in the world draws those poxy lines because they understand that.
  12. Spurs dominating now. Gonna be hard to see this one out.
  13. Yes, it’s telling that can’t even get their story straight.
  14. I think West Ham fans would spontaneously combust if Moyes took over. So let’s hope that happens.
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