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  1. I've no idea how long this minimum will last, or indeed what effect it will have on the climate (if any), but it's worth noting that both the current active regions in the NH are low latitude and have SC24 polarity, so they probably belong to SC24 rather than SC25.
  2. Yarmy


    It's harder these days though as there are so many channels. Recently, Catastrophe has been fantastic and Fleabag is critically acclaimed, but they are probably only reaching a niche audience. Derry Girls is very funny, and Cunk on Britain, though not a sitcom, was wonderful. Don't know if Peep Show counts because not created by millennials, but there has been great comedy since the ones you mention (which I also love, as do my young children). Also The Thick of It, etc. It's not all Mrs Brown's bloody Boys.
  3. Enjoyed that. Barkley, Sanchez, and Sterling all excellent.
  4. Yarmy


    It's not erasing history. There's a difference between remembering historical figures and *celebrating* them. Many of those confederate statues being removed were put up within the past 30 years. It's disgusting to anyone who isn't a demented racist longing for the days of segregation.
  5. Yarmy


    Or, you know, anyone who thing it's appalling to commemorate slavery advocates.
  6. Yarmy


    This old chestnut. You have the right to shout "FIRE!" in a crowded cinema as long as you accept the consequences.
  7. Or maybe not... Hope so, always enjoyed it. Liked the extra conversational programmes they had too.
  8. Yarmy


    How is wasting 50 million quid on a bridge, innovation? (161 grand on a website! Nice work if you can get it.) HS2 is debatable. I'm not opposed to large scale infrastructure projects per se, but there are arguably better ways to spend the billions. A national fibre grid, would benefit everybody and reduce pressure on the transport system.
  9. Crowd and team properly motivated for this. Both games this evening have been excellent.
  10. Yarmy

    Make us laugh

    This genius is an MP. Is he yours, @knocker ?
  11. It's a definite concern. We had a near miss in 2012 with an event of a similar magnitude to 1859. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_storm_of_2012 We would have 3 days or so to prepare for the CME, but what could be done in that time?
  12. These clowns invading the pitch are too young to remember what it was like watching football in cages. Nobody wants the fences back.
  13. The visible spot is from SC24. However, there is a spotless active region in the S.Hem at roughly the same longitude (this happens quite a lot) and that has reversed polarity so it may belong to SC25 (although the latitude is a little low). As ever, time will tell.
  14. Yarmy


    Better leave the UN too, then.
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