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  1. The disparity between the pay for men and women I think, is newsworthy, but it's hardly confined to the BBC. This current outrage has been stoked up by the Daily Mail whose editor Paul Dacre earns more than any of them, and whose proprietor is a patriotic tax-avoiding exile. I can't stand Chris Evans, but presumably many like him, and he could likely earn more money elsewhere.
  2. Ballance survives a very close review. The left handers just seem unable to cope with Morkel or Philander. Edit: But doesn't survive the next one.
  3. Got a century on debut, last 5 scores since then: 0, 8, 33, 0, 3 Averages 36 in first class cricket. Are we really that short of opening batsmen?
  4. Gonna run out of letters in the alphabet for named storms if that last one comes off.
  5. I'm slightly wary of the anomaly charts produced over the weekend as they are generated automatically without further tweaking from the pros. Yesterday's update was less bullish, but despite that a comparison of the 6-10 with the 8-14 shows an improving picture.
  6. What are all those Everton fans who've spent the past decade abusing him going to do now?
  7. Yes, which begs the question why?
  8. U19s going well in the Euros. Just beat Germany 4-1 having previously beaten Holland and Bulgaria. Now in the semis on Wednesday vs the Czech Republic.
  9. Anyone else take their mum to work like Andy Murray?

  10. Jennings was not plumb. It pitched outside leg and it was missing anyway. The umpire took an age to make a decision so was clearly unsure. Ballance is supposed to be watching at the non-striker's end and it's his decision to review. He didn't, so he messed up.
  11. Ballance at fault there. It was clear it was close to pitching outside leg and looked like it was missing anyway.
  12. Absolutely abysmal goalkeeping from Hart.
  13. England through to the U20 World Cup Final after beating Italy 3-1.
  14. Chelsea raided by HMRC now, too. Won't post a link as it's in the S*n. Edit: Actually, the Mirror says they were visited to gather info rather than raided so perhaps Chelsea are not implicated.
  15. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke. That's him done, hopefully. The Scottish FA gave him a one-match ban in November for the same offence. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38010393 Edit: There's a statement on his website. http://www.joeybarton.com/betting-statement/ My favourite bit: