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  1. Not a film, but a trailer. I'm not really a fan of Stephen King or the adaptations (apart from the Shining), but this is...oh my.
  2. I haven't seen it again, but I've read elsewhere that it was dangerously reckless rather than malicious which was also my first impression. Wales definitely the better side, but the table is not looking good.
  3. This Ireland-Wales game is a crime against football. Edit: Horrific tackle on Coleman. Sky not even replaying it on grounds of taste.
  4. The space weather site uses the Boulder (NOAA) count. The official International Sunspot number is here (the file gets updated frequently as observations come in during the day): http://sidc.oma.be/silso/DATA/EISN/EISN_current.txt (Technically, the counts are estimates until the end of the month) The Layman's count is based on a false assumption, but I've explained that so many times I've given up bothering. There's a ton of spotless day stats here: http://sidc.be/silso/spotless
  5. But this season's domestic form is irrelevant to this year's Champions League. They were Champions of England last year, and that's when you said they didn't deserve to be in it, because they weren't big enough or something.
  6. They're in the quarter finals, having just knocked out the 3rd best team in Spain. That is literally proving they deserve to be in it. Man Utd don't which is why they are are currently hobbling past FC Legoland in the Europa League.
  7. A dog has won Crufts yet again.

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    2. ajpoolshark


      the bigger question is despite winning such a renowned prize, just why was Kim Kardashian there?

    3. Mokidugway


      Arsing about no doubt :nonono:

    4. Spikecollie


      But can you really justify the winner as a "working dog"? I wonder what his coat would look like after a good walk in the hills with us :D

  8. Anyone getting a Nintendo Switch? Was going to wait until xmas, but the Zelda game has me sorely tempted: Never seen a sweep of reviews like that before, but it's mucho dinero for 1 game.
  9. This is ridiculous.
  10. Jesus is injured.
  11. What's all this then? http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/nasa-announcement-press-conference-today-solar-system-exoplanet-sun-planets-news-latest-a7590281.html
  12. ECM finishes worse than Devon Loch, with a nascent Greenland High and African plume combination. Really need to see it start showing some retrogression soon, otherwise this could be a cold snap rather than a spell.
  13. Could understand the commercial channels doing it, but the BBC? Well done, Sutton. Didn't go so well in the next round last time.
  14. Proper heavy snow now. Been too long, pal.
  15. Light covering here after it started snowing at about 7.30. The main band is now moving through and we have moderate snow. Going to be an interesting day in this neck of the woods: 3m tidal surge predicted later.