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  1. are we on the verge of a snap bang -wallop situation! !?. where upper ramifications /outer telecons. . are in a similar sequence just as we get a 'possible ' first eyed peek @winter. ..frfrom as usually undesirable plot /polaratlantic. . (if ya like )?.. and our- locked in format drops as the lag effective also starts process! !??.. as some posts I've read. ....something is brewing! !!... #I'm sure here
  2. yeah. .and has been spewing up for around a week now in supporting datas. . Ie- EPS/GEFS. .500 geos! etc and is now getting a grip in the operationals. .. and a time shortening sync! !!! 4 the 100th time it 'could be' a noteworthy semi -polar incursion! !!
  3. geps /gefs /eps! !! in that order.
  4. feel like free to scroll through all available data. .its a high format probability! !.. via many supports! ! to which some myself have already posted! !!(some) this isn't 1 operational model going off on 1. ...
  5. seriously? ?? it's backed by plenty of data. .and a highly likely /evolutionary trait! !.. so what's your point! !???? edit; I wish some would actually back there posts with some data/synoptics. ..more in depth knowledge /basis! !!
  6. dew points appear on the rise.. @more moisture to add.. still -1 here hard frost and slightly murky /misty! !!
  7. snow down to very modest levels via 18z. ..with amicable upper airs to boot. . again all in the mix after the slightly milder damper interlude. . could be a rare classic polar maritime incursion. ..and I think that would be the very least we deserve! !!
  8. very much continuation of the theme. . and of course 850s will be tempered. .although perhaps not quite as usual. . and again let's get the flow in...the look at the deeper dynamics! ! it's cold and frosty hp. ..transferring to milder wetter mobility. ..then I'm quite sure a deflection to such as the snap! !.. I'm going for a potent north westerly. ..with a possibility of switching northerlys. whatever. ..some meat on the bone. [email protected]
  9. now over to the fickle 18z gfs. . have you got the minerals! !???
  10. that's not just a late 'outlier '.. it's effing vertical! !!!! any medium to longer term forecasts. .ie- late January /February. . can only be of medium at best. ..to perhaps low confidence as a whole. ..as we stand! !!!
  11. EPS 12z. .500-GEOPOTENTIALS no brain science required! !.. stark. .. in the polar Atlantic flow! !. and the thermodynamics are of good sorts also. options 'firmly ' on the table for a notable north westerly outbreak. .and a quite noted one of length (potentially ). and getting the flow in....will be then the only time to begin calculations of upper airs and forms of precipitation! !!
  12. and on the other side of the coin. .it's worthy of note..... (a penatrative-polar north westerly )...and most are in search of such synopticshort. ..and ultimately fruition. .. it's an open book. ..with each chance as favoured as the other. and at least we have some evolutionary probability to be looking out for!!! which in the pre/current situ. .is in itself something! !!
  13. in meaning it's a rare situ. . for a1049er anchored over the British Isles! !! it was worth a mention. as for any format of blocking in the region you mention. ..looks at best a complete falasy. ... let alone with such height figured HP
  14. nw flow inbound via ecm 12th. .this now looking a sold format. . and on advice it's unworthy talking of 850hpa pretty 24/48 hours b4!! and to boot...that's 1 icy shelf of sourcing. ..even from an Atlantic perspective! !!!
  15. lol...it's a jet warm sector... the jet in itself highly unlikely to even be in that baseposition by 30/01/2020. . let alone any possible warm/cold sector geographical pin pointing. .. 'God sakes'
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