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  1. Its tight..(no pun intended). But the terminal forcing-and upper shunts-are of switch and turn..the The tenplated are of that..'change afoot'. In the oceanic/atmospheric feature. Late..YES.. of value..also yes. Most mods/notes have atm a polar maritime switch to note what has been looked 4..but there..THE CATCH IS..as in the 2m temp conts which fail/and have failed via data stackes for months. The pac ridge/annom has designed the nor hem weather/climate and governed..for 10/12 weeks.. But now relaxes the overall format..and folds into a polar hole/annom..of massive feature.as a present presented via models.. The missed notion of many/-including model conscience-is thats is that..the miss dynamic of both coupling and strat/trop bigger..and better..ie 1 cant couple..without the other giving way!.. Sadly for spring weather fans they have both now missed eachother..and left upper dynamics in a soggy mess And like a chlid painting a picture with toffee in 100c heat..its ending up an unpredict..mess.. But that mess has 2 be cleaned up..and b4 it is has 2 work out the best evaluation of such...and some1 has too suffer... So if you like a cold..very late WINTER..early spring shock...then you are the picked janitor.. The polar V will split and down on the already un-effect latts.. 'Lets say the UK'.. HMM undoubtadly. Its the most lagged..yet already gone RESPONCE in likely history... But the worst of winter for our shores..will come off- the back of some notable late winter warmth.. Dont ya just love it!!??
  2. We'll now refer to spaghetti plots.. Of mass mix of major coupling/quading of outs.. I say sorry now-to some whom will be of confuse.. But the design/rep...is on!!!
  3. This thread is open/and designed for both you and your seek out..followers. I fear for yourself-and the false dawn spring seekers here. @outliers.. You know yourself-its a climbing dynamic..when either..or ither..are folding on out rite miss dynamic...is the breach of change in the model dyanamical synoptics. The out-guided format..is closer to HIT...THAN MISS... When in a repeat sequence...
  4. Alreasy stale data.. And you know the reverse climitology of the maritime uk.. And data supply.. With both ana's and pre-tense!
  5. Ha ha.. A 'how warm will it be thread'... Quickly followed [email protected] to cold hunt. Its fantastic in here @times.. And the reverse psycology.. Is bang on the button.. Xx @big love My paywall..and analysis is fraught.. Enjoy your mild..false dawn.. X
  6. Thats fairenuff pal. But im sticking with it...as i have for several weeks now!!
  7. Really!!??. As per my previous post, retro-is looking more solid by the hour/or per run 2 run slots.. And as guided 'now pacific'..conversion to an eye watering pole annom..my bet would be even starker..in the retrogression prog, also the catchment of sub zero polar continental air..is imo still quite miss modeled...in regards to decipher of the hp-cell movement. Lets see where we go through the rest of today aye!?. I think to say temporary...is a big big punt...
  8. @london @Aberdeen... The notion of a v-late winter early (so called spring)..climb down takes a hop-skip...an, a jump this evening.. Also hp cell starts retract-and align of a somewhat notable slant... The variable dynamics are starting the fold... Need a keen eye on a jump for heights syphon further north east..with even a more notable hint of retrogression....'perhaps'... We -are not done here!!!!!
  9. Ive been spat at and slapped...and kneeded-in the knackers..... Keep an eye on the annoms.. @500 geopt ht!.. Watch the divulge in evo..of height alignment with a STIFF-easterly flow.. And yes counterparted with notable isotherms!!!. Wear ya t'shirts...but keep a wooly hat; n jumper to wack over the top... @backloaded @winter strikes bk!! He whom laughs last...LAUGHS LOUDEST!! TA-LAR 4 NOW..
  10. What?.. Sticking 2 my guns as i have been..in regards to the most noted part of winter likely late feb/early march.. Ive also supplied ample data/reasons/exactions/opinions to the steak..on numerous occasions!.. And will contintue all those notions. Its a shame some are not seeing what myself..is seeing because the mood would likely be more free-flowing...rather than 'wrist slashing'.. Im buisey today in my other life!!!! But i will stick up..as per an analysis/aligned with data an opinion hopefully sometime later...
  11. Really quick from me this morning.. Which ties in nicely with the mood in here this morn.. -premature MISScalculation.. More later. X
  12. Give it up m8..you cant apply what some fail to understand/see.. A mild interlude is nailed...WE ALL KNOW THAT !!. but as you suggest..logic tells you this is a perfect exaction to file in a cold spell via ways of evolution...with warm air advecting-into the mid/upper latts and borh a drain an-strain on the nw quad-vortex Its like pulling teeth... Anyways.. @backloaded @winter saves the best untill last. Keep feb 20/22nd in your meteorlogical diaries.... Im going to lay down!!!!
  13. If ya like the synoptics on offer atm/@this range... Then id like 2 see the responces come wednesday/thurs-nxt week when synoptics of perhaps even better..are begining 2 fall on our laps!!.. On we gain!!!!
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