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  1. Out @144 via gfs 18z-suite.. And Rmm/ecmf..orb-mjo.. Sitting in western pac..actions... Equalling, a decent yet building evolution. Again the ens-supportings..are imo..on a catch up phase against there suites(cross).. Its quickly tightening' into a locked phase of ridging into the nw-euro quaters. =summer non let go.... And as b4-the depth of heat syphon...perhaps with it oil burner to be yet FURTHER -turned up!!! I can see a clear 35c off plume influence within-5/7 day period...favoured southern drops.
  2. There is 'no hysteria' in the mix.. Just some alarming outs-if the heat you can't bear. The ostia sst-graphics showing the never ending heat fuse-having the positive effects via chanel southwards facing waters!!! Annoms also showing -growing note of 'perhaps' the hottest part of our incredible summer....yet to surface!!! The ens(london ones in this instance( i feel are a tad lagging atm although clearly begining to bounce in the similar ballpark...punching on an upwards spike. Some very impressive long fetched plume work..also punching well northwards as outs get to grip.... Some record breaking temps 'CERTAINLY' cannot be disgarded... With August looking increasingly possible/probable...the hottest month in the waiting!!!!!!
  3. Promised i would'nt be back until late autumn.. But this is far too superior weather to resist!.. The mjo orbit has some conflicting signals..however they are minor and self destructing of sorts.. The ens are almost identical in note: and the mean dictate's the overal assumption... A blip in this amazing weather mid month -possible' with even that still summer of norm... But assesing all in a nutshell...the summer looks to want to roll on and on...on the whole...with imo..the most noteworthy 'perhaps' yet in front.... I sincerly mean this now..enjoy this classic and i'll be bk in...when i said i would initialy..... And perhaps more importantly..... C,MON ENGLAND...
  4. Good evening. A very rare summer drop in from me...but things are catching the eye further on this already remarkable summer 2018... Some members are increasingly stabbing @record breaking territory!!! And by summers conclude-im certain many records will likely be broken.. Enjoy the summer...see you all late autumn!!
  5. 'Hold on tight'... The stakes are on an' upwards trickle- via a notable run and jump into easter!.. A whole array of data to trawl through... But news making(this time of year weather)...gaining!!! Data to follow soon !!!!!
  6. Just quickly;... Almost anywhere down the spine of the country-backing east...is likely to bear fruit from the evolving beast. Although even westward of above mentioned- can and will likely show up.... This is a short SHARP- shock incursion. And will do damage......then leave!!!!
  7. Also for :add.. Gfs.. Compare; wants south^south east- with dumpage!.. Frontal persistant snow. Moving west/south west: Game on ....
  8. Yeah- and its clear to note; the potential for the cold never really wanting to shift. Via london ens... Good to view where this one goes??!
  9. The beast @no-2 is preety much set in stone now as we move into the weekend. Yellow warnings have become extensive for geographical mass!!.. And the upping to amber in certain parts is looking very likely as we get to saturday. A quicker.....yet more potent beast. In terms- of snow at least!!!
  10. Icon-18z keeps the cold rolling.... And eyes snow deposit possibilities, to a large degree! This is all going down the correct route. @easterly #no-2...
  11. Gfs 12z just getting the signal divergence! Miss dynamics at present-and varient of ups and downs, are fraught. Ecm deals with minor exactions in current time range more easily. So for me ec-12z needs taking on a serious note this evening. A direct full frontal hit(easterly) mid country...
  12. We are moreso primmed via easterly no-2... Than previous. Everything ripe for notable pop up features and convective influence...as highlighted via sea temp annoms. Think a few will be shocked/alarmed by precip-totals as we gain the overall influence of the inflow... 12z will likely prove fruitfull of highlight!!?? Impressive-temp gradients via graphical outlook..... Well into march!!!! Look forwards to todays 12z suites.. I feel upgrading of impacts...incoming!!!!
  13. Omg-im quickly back out of hibernation... Dramatic stuff!!!! Here we go again folks!!!!!
  14. The thaw not very far away now. An'interesting winter indeed...and coming now to conclusion. Its been emotional and at times frustrating. Over and out. See ya-all november...ish.
  15. Yes incredable scenes here even the roads are complete white.. And the snow still falling!!!.. Topping up already snow on the ground totals.