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  1. Ooz output..chucking up some decent evolutions!
  2. Yeah' JH is well known for he's expertise in model analysis. And as much highlighted.... Much uncertainty!
  3. Im backing a raw output non-divergance.. Of cross model mid term notable cold!!! Within-reliable.. and well within 48 hrs . relevant!
  4. +nao situ's are frought with danger/divergance in la^nina set ups. Thus'responce of even raw/op' output inter run-2 run. Its northern'hemisphercaly like chucking myself into a beer tasting comp... With a -tee-total convert... The outcome is messy' but the cause will' OUT..
  5. Thermodynamics!! Is the result-nil result here. The state of miniscule movement' and /or expance is of absolute fruition is ridiculously absolute atm. Back yawning of heights' and height placement 'just' cannot be deciphered point-blank via output atm. The state of flux/(non ce) is almost diabolical!.. Hemisphercaly its a non absent worry' but as miniscule movement its massive. The meteorlogical gods have tied' a knot.. And the un-doing will take some mathmatical/dynamical deciphering. To many telecon' have been screaming of late.. And with current -raw- output..and evaluation..a flip across 'main compu-models looks likely. @cold
  6. Ooz ec- Further highlighting....divergance!! Wide open being the word. Some complexions to say the very least. Look-forwards to yet another set of 12z......
  7. Check out these bad-boys.. Talk about holding the line.. defending against any infer to greenland whatsoever! Any football manager would be chuffed!!
  8. And here begins major issues. A whole array of shortwave develop! Crushing the route for waa. @backtrack 6z 00z ooz 6z
  9. If gfs 6z goes with its evolution(18z/ooz) I'll be inclined to fall that way-colder/notable. Its v-complex atm. And its all about micro dynamics..
  10. !!!! Yeah' certainly consistancy there -regards the means-gfs/ecm. A world apart from the two ops! Sadly expect a backtrack from the gfs 6z this morning. However' also expect the un-expected.. In current modeling. Gfs ooz london ens. 850's
  11. Ecm 00z still has legs. Just goes on an' alternative route. And evolves a tad tougher in format.
  12. contingancey planners at the ready!!! 18z gfs hard to think of better synoptics. tongue in check of course atm.
  13. Going for the wrap around greeny-to scandi.. Phenomenal run 18z...