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  1. Bigger spectrum.. Ponder over the notions.. THERE IS NO RETURN TO MOBILITY/ZONAL 'as we know' ..4 consid-time. Zonals-are @ try and pressure to return and revert..(usual syncs).. Its still game board on..for a decent soell...even a very notable 1....that could take some taking away...once locked!! Ens 4 lower drive-compare!!
  2. Trully BRILLIANT POST.. in bits tbh...
  3. Anyway...a tri lobe situ remains a distinctive notion.. And would with the given-plots aid our part.. As a direct split...has crucial placement issues.. Moreso in regards to deep tap into accumulated polewards cold... Still on a comfy seat on the....rollercoaster!!
  4. A nearly vertical pv.. And with that a pressure punch from the-pacific ridge. Its getting ready for pop and drop.. Like as -a tottenham fan this arvo!!.. Alls well. In both the weather world..and the football 1.. @gunners..
  5. Keep a keen eye on the iberian feature.. As shes drops down into the med- .. And quantify the atlantic ridge..embedded.. And calculate the ramifications at the seabord USA!.. its design-and structure..looks ripe for advection of cold into the NW' euro sector...US INCLUSIVE. And is a mouth watering evo-for a tri/split lobe vortex..with trough dropping and cold pulling!!!
  6. Still a lot of wiggle room there nick. S-e/ quadrant... Could have some decent (ish) back edge.. As the front falls into the continent!!
  7. Running through various other supports...the colder options are readily growing.. Although as some have already flagged up..a 'Breif' -milder incursion looks form. But its after that the real chances both grow...and gain !!!
  8. If overheads are favourable...ie-dews/bulbs etc..that screams..a possible pep up of precip.. And could leave some good surprises-in certain locations.
  9. A very encouraging set via 6z.. (London ones) We are certainly getting a tightning of cluster and belly drop.. Still looks to be going cold...into very cold
  10. There is some SERIOUS- carbon copy of what others have posted in here. Not 2 mention.. Some very over the top...handbag like gfuqhgfpjhing!!.. Its non worthy.. We are in the game-and its nailed down 2 some minor adjustments!!! Daft.. And we are on the cliff edge of falling into some news making weather. Some want the anchor note..on the bbc 10-0 clock news... Keep watching...
  11. .. No worries john. I type very quickly, and don't @ times keep my sentence stacks in order. Thats just me. Apologies-for your non decipher. 'Perhaps i'll go slow mo'.
  12. You should perhaps get a leason on/in thermodynamics..b4 jumping onto things!? The upper courses and force gages..are still of firm note.. And the means/supports although given a reasonable overview on ASSUMSTIONS-WILL DEVIATE and not correctly pick on the prop/downwelling responces...even @range-noted. I think its safe ....AND reasonable 2 say... Some will be rather shocked an absorbed..by middle nxt week.. Both a pattern match in model world (by then)..and indeed the occur @ living ground level... A definitive major wobble just now... But cross agree..for ..something akin to the mouth opening raws of late... Gaining.. And to reiterate... Its been laying on our laps.... Time to strike the kitten!!!!