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  1. Energy- block miss-resolve Here.... Here.. And here... Its stark too.. The ecm can do this as large scale blocks evolve... An b4 i get kicked in the b###ocks!!! I'll try 2 post the papers on such scenarios shortly !!!!
  2. Ecm getting its link or load.. I feel the ecm is having one of its nightmares..where it usually notes-and fold blocking/energy systems... But then collapses on its own bias...and cannot decipher the route!!!
  3. Ecm getting the jist!!.. Want to seperate and expel the AT feature...why not..makes sense given pressure formats..and is a distructional sequence!!!! A notable sync for clearer block formation.. And an expel of energy in the region..
  4. Scatter has 'of late ' been prominent!!. Although a tad more eyeballing ...and you can note members are on the slide!!! *screenshot and saved*..for 24hr compare!!!
  5. Just throwing this in there also.. @prospects #looking @great #all round 10hpa strat thermo !!!
  6. Wallop !!!. The shunt is firmly on... Pac-side punch..with sting-jet aid ramps it up.. And the atlantic begins complete non -progression..and greenland formats are given permission!!! Some exactions in the euro quater..and its push the button-get the money!!!!
  7. Major development !!!. The At LP- begins to expand and squeeze..under the massive influence of surrounding blocking... What ya wanna see imo...an intresting develop...and likely run 12z !!!
  8. Phenonminal run in genral... Its a classic blocked...all roads lead to cold show!!!!
  9. Gfs 12z... hot on the heels of icon..mirrored placements/exactions...the icon quickly becoming the leading note raw !!!!
  10. Yep -icon stringing it out!.. And take note of the power jet..(pacific quadrant)... A key that all is not well in the northern hem!!.. Noting our own regional southbound filing!!! Take note on northern hem synops- through raw data/output.. With a big probable punch into the polar [email protected] seaboard....as we gain.. Shunting an-already diss-organised polar vortex..eastwards!
  11. Depends on ones interp-of course!.. The mean divvers and waines...and causes mass scatter...late on. With members-in a state of confuse!.. The overall bigger picture and balance is clearing the woods though.... And has clear and concise action for a more pronounced cooling into early december...and flags the cold pooling into large scale europe...and has aim @uk shores!!!! Ps- i hope this was easy 4 some to decipher and understand...iv'e made it a basic-simple analysis !!!!! Over 2 todays 12z-suites!
  12. Can/have we opened- a technical thread??!. As i feel some the need to chuck-sake the knowledge of some. And offer some exactions/understandings! ??!! I'd like 2 indulge with some tbh!!??
  13. .. Crack on bud.. Im sure i can answer your- devolutions!. May 'it be molescular/thermodymanical.. Intent-atmospheric infer... Or /other.. Im open for debatable discuss.pal!!
  14. Obervation needs to by observed here!. Its angular momentum,..at it best (crucial).. The flow an-ebb are in good sequence!!.. With the now aligned seaboard/PAC-forcucing 'noted'! Understanding'the 4 major part upper forcing..will be of major factor!.. As we enjoy the chase...so does the atmospheric-weiging of science!!. Its hold ,n' fold folks.. With upper organise mid level peaking joining in.. Crack your walnut shells...and as the crave unfolds...you'll enjoy the meat/opening as an-acheive!.. All- phasing is a blocky...non-mobility script.. And forcing and slanting..is pointing to a desired winter...4 those whom crave'that. Deciphering- supporting synops-and deliberations!!!.. My conclusion..begins to lay-firmly with fmo /french met-o... With other LRF- MODS. Slowly of align. Gfs/ecmwf/ukmo/cmc(support) para..to name the most.. Are RAW A-DATA with chucking support via ens' scupple!!.. To what is a fantastic 'public analysis'... But meteorologicaly speaking.. Decipher dictates a tad more... A NOTABKE WINTER BEKONS-IMO.. WITH MASSIVE JUMPS..FROM DAWN 2 DARK IN BETWEEN!!! @ memorable!!
  15. AT-az-ridging..was after the miss dynamics..going to be order of the day. as mass circular (raw) strat bullying became the order!!. chucking such large scale complexities(waving) and the chuck of outed polar vortex-modeling,notes the swing and decipher ops-ens and paywall outs- and the like the swing and sway-from eye 2 eye.. and lets be reasonable..even myself was sucked in!!. 'however'-..seriously the nor-hem situ is of alarm by the way of non-usual!!! and gain has left*shirt term" only 2 be replaced by LARGE-synoptics given gain.. 1-point missed...4 points 2 gain. angular momentum has drafted and been spiteful.. but only on this occasion!.. wave act-and the initial momentum thats teased..has in fact 'further ramped up' the point -and destruct... its classical wave activity that goes as clockwork- with gain...and sypher! and this creates model 'divergence'.. aligned 4 way structures and-or destruction..along with concise raw model viewing... divergence is as massive as it has ever been.... Ozz suites..i think take these as-a pin-pointer.. Eps!! Block/squeeze refer!! Edit;. A switch in the 18z suite is a likely sceanario/scenarios.. For pre-block..height- annoms!!