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  1. Made-redundant!!.. The snow gets expelled ..and the rain gains. Non-descript However, our margins could be less distintive..come febuary!!
  2. Whiteout!!heaviest snow iv'e seen in a while....
  3. V-heavy snow.. !!! Dps..are gonna be the devil..😈 Feb has interest...
  4. Well.... Heavy compact flakes...wasnt expecting tbh... Settling on sub-surfaces...
  5. Covergance taking place!!.. Soon all back to rain...all areas below 200 asl...
  6. Dp's.. well on the increase...its gonna be east of the pennines..northwards.. -snow-zone-!! Atlantinc; warm sector air raising the overheads to high for anything of note. Isn't it always the way nowdays !!??
  7. As expected...its clear to note d-ps on the increase as feature moved/moves eastwards...warm sector air well into the mix..with all but east/north east...and substantial elevation in the snow zone. Sunday will likely fare the same.. .preety drab all-in -all!!!
  8. Agree.. Although as steve murr alludes- ^^.. An ajustment of veer-south/south easterly could see a quite different outcome.... One to eyeball!??
  9. Yep-as again this is high res-icon...for sunday!!.. Tonight early tomoz-potential fading by the hour.. Although sunday was a regional best chance from the off. And the icon is of reasonable reliance.. Although again; looks very quick/transitional below 100 asl!!!
  10. Current d-p's.. Again standing steady north m4.. London southwards very marginal.. And given front warming highly unlikely for any snow away from highest elevations-our region. And that looks a transiant affair.. Sunday may offer better prospects!???
  11. Re-edit;..this being sunday(arpege)..possible snow. Could'nt edit original post.
  12. Yep-6z arpege, has heavy accumulating snow preety much regional wide!.. With sunday also of note. Back to nowcast scenario. Interested to see what 12z sets suggest... Edit; This mod-done quite well with decembers snow.....
  13. Thats my gist!!.. The corrections and overhaeds are fraught; due to model implements..ie- focus @short time incursion!.. Sector air masses are overiden, via the american(gfs).. 24+suites will elaborate!!
  14. And the point in fact is..that migration of the HP CELL is with momentum more-than feasible for north/north east placement..and synoptics may evolve into this format. The evolutionary process is imo- on!.. And we are in good shape for a noted tap- into now fridged airmass . Russian warming is imo to vast/eastwards modeled. And the situ @nw-most..(polar vortex) is waiting to fall of the shelf. Again speculative atm...but honestly possible.. Then transfer from north-east/east is the only option... Nice thought!!!!