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  1. The slightest tweaks in gradients (given current plots) would easily take us at the very least into record matching=or beyond territories.
  2. A gradual yet continuous prolongment of the heat ...August certainly playing out as expected... I’m confident of a few records going under the bus next 5/8 days !!!
  3. Possibly??! But after Monday there’s much to be resolved on this particular plume atm !!!
  4. The heat reset button looks like being pushed again ..and again throughout August.. some stunning/interesting stuff atm !!!.. see where we go......
  5. Tbh..I think that's the [email protected] of continental source based heat after a 3\4 day cool off. And tbh...next weekend could surpass what we have now..and indeed tomorrow..imo of course but I'll descript things better later today....
  6. Going via gaining supports one has t to begin to wonder that August is setting up for the wow-summer month...slowly slowly catchy monkey !!!......
  7. Couldn't have put it any better... the lump low...is being pumped and jumped like a ball atm...and nxt weekend could be hit...or-heat!!!! A good scan through after all 12z and supporting have done and relaxed!!!
  8. 32.1...here at [email protected] Still into the high [email protected] It's been positively ???... Tonight will be torrid!!!!
  9. Indeed...and as this is a continental sourced wave...the heat could be a stubborn plot to shift... that being in between=after any charged atmospheric drop in...(storms) As the 5=7day crosses....a huge majority are beginning to quickly re=install HP to the UK....
  10. Ecm ties in almost perfect with temp plots.... @southern up flow into continental feed...where warmth can be gained as much as the former....
  11. Yeah..and the relative members cfsv2 index reflective of other bystanding outs..of a quick return to HP domination (of sorts) thereafter...GO so a blip....and even that has *somewhat* resolve for complete fruition atm...?
  12. One of the most outrageous outliers of recent times...and doesn't fit in *nearly* with a whole range of outs!!!.. that I shall drop in later.... @summed continues....
  13. A huge potential turn...been watching this *potential* evo for a few days..scope for a conversion and more direct iberian sourced draw... Then the thermo goes into overdrive!!!
  14. The eye increasingly drawn to the flow=source of the bounce back of pressure rises next week... sutle atm..but increasingly switching to an iberian upflow!! plume synoptics just a hares breath away....and as AGAIN...my punt for yet the hottest inflow so far!!!
  15. Indeed..although some data has it on a vertical drop..and with decreasing [email protected] Almost absorbed in to high pressure!
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