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  1. Woke up to a light dusting, I'm at Kirkheaton, Huddersfield. It's pretty but won't be a school snow day. Hoping higher up will have had slightly more.
  2. We are away at Pickering North York’s where snow was forecast. Non stop rain overnight but no snow. Back home roads are covered. (Huddersfield) daughter has rung to let us know Ainley Top is closed at the moment due to snow. We have seen falling snow Sat and Sun though, high up on the moors road as we travelled over to Whitby. Enjoy the snow everyone.
  3. Absolutely covered here. Hadn’t seen any forecasts yesterday so to wake up to this was a delightful surprise.
  4. Hope it doesn’t freeze overnight or it could be tricky on the roads in the morning.
  5. I remember it snowing in May. It was on my daughters birthday. Think it was a one day wonder here.
  6. You beat me to it. Just looked outside and wow!! Really didn’t expect this.
  7. Mystery solve, apparently the HTFC stadium lights are on. So no UFO :))
  8. Could be HTFC glowing with pride at being in the premiership No smelting works anymore. I will go with street lights reflecting off the clouds.Thankyou.
  9. Please can anyone explain what is causing this orange in the sky. Clouds all around look perfectly normal and the moon is behind me. It looks to be too high in the sky to be light pollution.
  10. Snowing in Huddersfield. Really big flakes. Looks pretty, not sure if it will be prolonged or if any will still be on the ground in the morning.
  11. Snowing steadily here for a while, roofs covered and sky looks full. Fingers crossed it keeps up so we can have a snow day tomorrow.
  12. That was short lived. Just as it was starting to stick, it stopped snowing.
  13. Snowing again here. Coming down nice and steady. Quite large flakes as well.
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