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  1. I agree with what you say Knocker and certainly accept there are plenty of people out there peddling there own agendas, perhaps dangerously so within the climate change debate. Not sure this thread is for that kind of debate, though I am not sure it's possible to separate the subjects completely after all this is about teleconnections science and ultimately this will overlap onto the climate change/global warming debate at some point . As you say though caution should be applied to anybody stating facts that have no scientific research to underpin them. To achieve answers one has to ask the q
  2. Many thanks ghoneym and gael_force for the response and links there is some interesting information there. It would seem that this type of research is still in its infancy and as yet connections to the general weather patterns are suggestive rather than conclusive. It would also seem that the effects of the magnetic field are more influential in the upper layers of the atmosphere and the interaction with greenhouse gasses such as CO2, how that manifests itself is perhaps a different debate altogether. Some research has been done by the British Antarctic Survey in 2014 with results published in
  3. So I hope as a first question this doesn't sound irrelevant to where you want the thread to be heading, what part if any does the strength of the earth's magnetic field play within weather patterns? I am assuming that there must be some sort of influence on the stratosphere and ionosphere with charged particles drawn in towards the poles, but are there any more direct effects lower down in the atmosphere? If so, does then the position of the poles at any given time offer any tangible variance? Thanks in advance
  4. First of all can I thank you for all the effort you put in to constructing your posts BB62_63 they are informative and easy to follow, even the less knowledgeable such as myself can and do learn from them, a view echoed by many on these forums. From reading the mod thread this year it would seem that subject of teleconnections has taken quite a lot of stick this winter possibly more than previous years I hope this thread will offer some of those with more of an understanding of such matters a chance to explain the science behind them in a much less hectic place than a mod thread in full
  5. First comment on the models, though deep in FI 2/3rd march on the GFS looks to have cool uppers with a slack northerly flow. I was wondering if with the jetstream flowing through southern europe,the low pressure to the sw would be taken through the med potentially dragging much colder temps down from the ne? However unlikely more of an exercise in learning please feel free to shoot down in flames:-)
  6. to be fair you are both right, in fact all extremes of weather can be disruptive,too dry,too hot too cold/snowy yet we all crave them at given times of the year. Murphy's law dictates that the only extreme we don't crave is the one type of weather we get the most,wet and windy!
  7. Just to add to that WH, Samuel Pepys describes frost fairs and ice skating on the Thames during the winter 1662/63. Not wanting to link these together but one can always hope that next winter Boris Johnson can swap his bike for a pair of ice skates!!
  8. Although this winter will be remembered for its record rainfall totals and temperatures above average, I would say that the temps have not been overly mild considering the general zonality of the weather this season. Its perhaps the absence of low minimus that has distorted the average temp figures. The lack of frosts certainly here in Norfolk have been notable.
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome I think I'm way off commenting on the models just yet, I'm still trying to work out how to reply to post!!!!
  10. While it is quiet in here I will chance my first post. I would just like to thank all the posters in here for their contributions to this thread during what has been a fascinating winter weatherwise albeit poor for cold/snow, the instructive commentary of the models by yourselves has been excellent,informative,useful and humourous. For the professionals amongst you a special thanks as that extra insight from the products not available to most is invaluable plus my scrabble scores have increased no end(snowballz). I do still hope that the weather is not as severe as progged for those areas al
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