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  1. So, to be sure if i understand you correctly, the warming of the stratosferical Canadian vortex at 10 hpa creates the un-coupling of the troposferical one?It still leaves me with the question why the movements of the stratosferical vortex and the troposferical movements seem to be happening simultaneously.
  2. Dear Chio, thanks for all your interesting and exciting posts. I think that you contributed a lot to the knowledge about stratosferical processes and the the prediction and effects of SSW's! My compliments for your work here. I am still struggling, though, with the developments of next week. You state that the stratosferical canadian vortex (30 hpa chart) is moving to the atlantic and is trying to move to/merge with the siberian vortex. Why is that movement so strong with a heavily weakened vortex? Troposferically (500 hpa) i see the same movement: a lot off LP-energie comes across the atlan
  3. I think GFS is supprting your theory. On the 500 Hpa today the (both 12Z and 18Z) western circulation will be, due to the Greenland HP, squeezed and somewhat forced a lower path. What puzzles me is the Skandinavien High: will it stay or will it go: is there any indication from the stratosferic movements?
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