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  1. Both Detling Hill and Bluebell Hill impassable. Most of Medway have heavy lying snow apparently. A mile down the road and we have a lovely coating of ice and sleet.
  2. I’m Swale too (Newington). If both the BBC and Met Offuce apps are to be believed we have hours and hours of snow tonight (from about 6pm). Unfortunately it turns to rain at about 5am ?
  3. So we have 2 warnings (snow and ice) but the forecast for the North Kent coast is rain. Cold rain. Delightful ?
  4. Any ideas how much longer we're due in this storm (Sittingbourne) please. We've been over an hour and it's just started again. The power's been flashing on and off like an 80s disco.
  5. Little bits of freezing rain a while ago against the window (sounded like tiny shards of ice hitting). The MetO has us under snow from 8am-11pm. Surely not right? (Sittingbourne)
  6. Was just going to put how we had pretty much the same until I saw that you’re in the same place as me lol
  7. Still thick lying snow here. The main roads (A2) are open, the side roads are horrendous. It’ll be freezing soon with more snow hopefully (another 10 hours if the MetO are right). Sittingbourne
  8. Lovely decent covering just outside Sittingbourne, and coming down hard now in big flakes. All Sittingbourne secondary schools are closed. Pic shows the A2 through Sittingbourne this mornibg.
  9. Decent amount lying in Sittingbourne and still coming down. Fingers crossed for a snow day ?
  10. Proper stuff falling now with a decent covering over the roof, garden and cars. (Sittingbourne)
  11. Kids have just come in from school and said they’ve been told school MAY be closed on Tuesday, weather permitting!
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