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  1. Plus a lot of uncertaintyComputers can only go so far
  2. but temperatures may recover closer to normal at times from the west. as distinct from Temperatures will recover...... suggests to me there is still a uncertainity about next week. At least we have got the weekend to look foward to
  3. I wouldnt say that is too bad, They are talking about the end of the run??
  4. With this forth coming Cold Snap maybe it will keep all these bugs and virus's flying around at the moment at bay and perhaps kill the ba....ds off. a big Plus of cold weather
  5. Maybe we will be a little clearer with tomorrows' update
  6. I think the Models are all over the place. I dont think the forecasters are 100% what is going to happen next week. I wouldnt be surprised if some places wake up to a White Christmas on Monday
  7. Heavy Snow to the North South and West of where I live, but no snow for me
  8. Maritime Polar = wet snow (if we are lucky)of no use where I live
  9. Because all the Models are all over the place and still to a degree a little uncertain as to how things pan out. My bet is snow Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and St Stephens Day courtesy of a Northerly. It doesnt show yet but hey it will
  10. If we have Snow for Christmas it will probably be a from a Northwesterly component. Any hope of an Easterly at this early stage is gone for the momenT.