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  1. We had mostly Graupal, snow wise 5/10. Temperatures wise 8/10. Certainly was not or nowhere near the Beast from the East
  2. This cold snap is far from over. today is only Tuesday. My side of the pond, our Met Office are far from convinced that this cold snap will or be over at the weekend, they are still talking about the possibility of the cold holding onto the East with snow until at least Sunday . If this mild weather does break through, it will be the very south west of the UK that will become mild briefly. More twist and turns to come before we see a clearer picture of what’s going to happen just because some models switch overnight doesn’t mean the cold or winter is over
  3. My Tuppence Bet is on that Low stalling off the Southwest of Ireland and not proceeding any further. Met Eireann this evening are unsure as how things will progress after wednesday, Anyway It is almost a week away, anything can happen. There will be a few more wobbles in the mix. no doubt. exciting times ahead
  4. There will be some wind chill at 198 those isobars are being squeezed
  5. I dont believe that low will progress betyond 144b this time next week we wil be still be in the freezer!!
  6. The Storm to hit Southeastern Uk Saturday night and Sunday has been named Storm Darcy by Dutch MO , Met Eireann and UK MO
  7. Tuesday and Thursday Two days to look out for, Early warning for Heavy Snow fall
  8. I agree too I think there will be a few more wobbles to come. My bet is on it continuing into next weekend
  9. Patience is a virtue, Upgrade on yesterday where I see it. Interesting what the ECM will have in store for us this evening and subsequence days
  10. Just another question. Was there a slight warming in the Stratosphere responsible for the present cold snap. Did this warming occur atound December 15th or am I imagining something Thank you
  11. yes you would think its the end of the world and of winter by some of the comments
  12. They know more than we do. I doubt we will have any significant snow before the middle of the month. I think it will the end of January beginning of February Happy New Year to one and all
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