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  1. Couldn't agree more, Saw enough snow to last me till next winter Roll on Spring!!!!!
  2. 10/10 - Blizzard was very intense 1 ft -3ft of snow depending on which part of the East Coast of Ireland you lived
  3. Just been out for a walk my exacts thoughts. Hopefulyy there will be no fatalities
  4. Parts of the East Coast could get a Metre of Snow!!
  5. You will get heavy falls of snow, Enjoy!!
  6. National Forecast 01 March 2018 14:48Today Staying bitterly cold and very windy with heavy snow showers and sub zero temperatures in most places with strong easterly winds adding a significant wind chill. Blizzard conditions with heavier and more continuous snow will move into southern areas this evening. TonightBlizzards will extend through Munster and Leinster tonight with heavy snow accumulating widely and extremely hazardous conditions. Scattered thunderstorm also. Snowfall will be more showery over Ulster and Connacht, but there will still be heavy falls here also. Icy with temperatures as low as minus 4 degrees Celsius and strong to gale force northeast winds. TomorrowTomorrow Friday will stay bitterly cold and windy with further snow accumulating, but drier periods at times in northern and northwestern counties. Snow may turn to rain for a time near southern coasts as the day goes on. Strong northeast winds with severe gusts. Highest temperatures -1 to +3 degrees. Risk of some coastal flooding along some southern and eastern coasts through today and tomorrow Still Heavy Snowfall in Northern Areas although Showery - No downgrade in that
  7. Most Shops business etc are closing at 1pm. all DART LUAS and are finished at around Lunchtime. We have no Bus Services People over here have been advised not venture out after 4pm
  8. If you look at the radar snow has started to spread across to the western seaboard
  9. Why isnt it right? they have freezing teperatures and some parts of the western seaboard had heavy snow fall over night plus Storm Emma will be more widespresad Look at the Met Eireann Radar
  10. Been Snowing in Dublin on and off waiting for the big one to ARRIVE with anticipation. All Southern Ireland under a Red Alert
  11. Dublin -4, Windchill -11 Dew point -8 Wind ENE 27km/h 77/% humidity Snow Showers
  12. Starting to snow again here in Dublin after having a 4 hour break
  13. Met Eireann have a Red Alert in Operation along the Eastern Seaboard of Ireland. 25cm of Snow are expected to fall by this time tomorrow!! Most Places have had between 6- 10cm of Snow so far