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  1. Are we talking about a strong Positive NAO is there is such a thing for December
  2. While iStorm Lorenzo was a bit of a damp Squib better safe than sorry
  3. It has been a non event so far Cold drizzle and a tad bit windy except if you live on a mountain top?
  4. Temperatures fell to -6 last night When I woke up early this morning It was white. Befoer I left for work we had a light shower of rain and it froze creating black ice everywhere. I live on the Southside of Dublin and work on the Northside. When I crossed to the Northside there was nothing no ice no frost?
  5. Why mention this Easterly when it clearly is not going to happen. Waste of print
  6. I think we can call on this Easterly. It has been pushes back so much" Now its a small chance!! There is al ot of uncertainty
  7. Probably go all pear shaped again tomorrow. Enjoyed the anticipatiion and excitement of the models this evening. Not evem going to think about going beyond t144 Good night everybody
  8. The present 6z output reminds me of the outsputs prior to last years freeze. Bitter cold was coming from all directions
  9. What an impressive GFS para 6z. Bitter cold till the end of the run.
  10. All should be revealed this time next week where we are going with the Beast from the East,
  11. My Punt is on that very large high to our East being Shunted Westwards just before the big day
  12. Met Eireann have launched their Be Winter Ready Campaign. Evelyn Cusack who is head forecaster in Met Eireann has said that this forth coming winter will see a lot of Snow, She went into Climate Science part ie Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere etc. Met Eireamm dont usually come out with a winter forecst like this, Normally They are reserved as in " Usual Irish Winters, Frost Storms and Snow on top of the mountain top"s. Since they started this campaign in 2011 I have never heard of them forecasring plenty of snow this early, There is great co-opertaion with the Britisn Met Office and Met Eireann. I really think there is something in what there are forecasting. time will only tell
  13. Hopefully he is right. Well onwards and upwards
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