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  1. WBSH

    Flatters to deceive

    Was walking home in the cold winds and mixed sky… and on my way I could make out big black clouds on the horizon. As I got home at around 6pm I looked out of my window due North West and I noticed these amazing black beauties were heading my way. You could distinguish the precipitation falling from them in the distance as big black lines and everything! I waited intensely as these clouds smothered the suddenly wintry sky above me, the air was sharp and cold… with potential of snow. The grey steel sky remained above… but nothing was falling I waited and I waited, made myself dinner. Looked out of the window again, still very dark. I went into the conservatory. At least by now there was a bit of precipitation. Pittar patter against the roof… and that was about as good as it got, before those dark threatening clouds moved south… leaving me wondering why such heavy steel coloured clouds could only produce a minutes worth of sleety drizzle!
  2. lol, but where is that Glenn W these days?? that was rather embarrasing for his team on Sunday!! up the gunners!!!!!!
  3. Yes, it is a trend I have noticed as well, also the same goes for cold spells with N'ly + E'lys always starting towards the end of the month for the last few years. Such examples include: Feb 06: No lying snow for my location sadly, but very cold with lots of snow showers which lasted untill early March. Dec 05: 2" from an Atlantic front hitting cold air on the 29th/30th. Nov 05: No snow, but some biting N'lys at the end of this month after a warm autumn. Feb 05: A remarkable spell of snow for SE especially that started in Late Feb and carried on towards mid-March and dumped 15cm of snow in Kent during it's peak. Dec 04: Some snow around Xmas, although I don't remember where! My area was cold and very frosty with mins of -5c on boxing day morning. Feb 04: Although my memory is little rusty, I remember western areas getting quite a bit of snow at the end of this month. None for me but cold. Jan 04: Thundersnow on the 28th Jan 03: 30th saw sudden blizzards that night. My memory is not crystal clear so I may be slightly off with some of these "facts" and also most of it is just what I remember for my area.
  4. WBSH

    Daffodils and snowdrops

    The daffodil and snowdrop bulbs are poking through the ground! That does happen in December but still this is quite early and their quite obvious… especially the daffodil bulbs which I planted back in the autumn… and they ARE daffodil bulbs. Some people at college didn’t believe me when I said that daffodil bulbs can start “coming out” in December. Okay I should have said “poking through the ground” but I put their lack of beliefs down to the fact that they have been working in offices all their lives and have never been up close and personal with nature like me, because if they had, they will know that although daffodils don’t flower this early, they do start to come out of the ground, especially if it’s been warm the last few winters. The problem is that people associate daffodils with March and April when they show their beautiful yellow golden flowers off to the world! But the real gritty work starts winter when those green spikes start appearing on that chilly, darkened earth. Although the ground is obviously not chilly right now! I even have weeds growing back...
  5. WBSH

    First frost

    At last the frost came! (Down to 0.1c 32f last night) So what a bummer then that it was Saturday and I only saw it after looking through my steamy window with my half open misty eyes before going back to sleep! This was around 7am. It was a shame the frost didn’t come on a weekday as I would have been able to walk and take pictures before getting the bus! Still a lovely day followed and I managed to pot up three baby Algarve americana that were joined on the big one, which is getting so huge now! I want to cover it up now that it is getting colder but it’s too big for any fleece plus I’m not sure it gets affected by the cold that much anymore!
  6. The clocks go back this Sunday. Yet again we will get the doom mongers going on about how bad this is and how the world will end if this keeps happening etc but the clocks go back for a reason, and I know this more than ever now. For instance, when I was walking through my local park to get the bus last week (16-20th) between 7-7:30am, the sun hadn’t risen and it was still mostly dark and possibly dangerous when I had to cross the roads. The week after the clocks go back (30th Oct-3rd Nov) I will walk the same route at the same time, but the sun will have just risen then and because of this it will be technically day meaning it will be light, the risk of me getting involved in an accident at a very busy time in the morning decreases. People say “oh but it will just get darker again anyway”, in a way they are right BUT just because its still getting darker in the morning after the clocks go back doesn’t mean that the level of morning darkness will “catch up again” with the level of morning darkness in an unchanged clock or all year round BST. If you don’t understand then maybe this will be clearer, the latest the sun rises in my location is 08:05. If the clock didn’t go back, the sun wouldn’t rise till 09:05, and people would no doubt moan about this as well! And it would be extremely dangerous during the morning it if wasn’t totally light by 9am in the morning. The problem is when people think of the clocks going back; they just look out of the window and think of the darker evenings. Maybe these sorts of people don’t get up in the morning early enough to realize what a difference it makes in the morning, or study astronomy enough to realize that the sun rising an hour later in mid-winter is potentially more harmful that the sun setting an hour earlier. You don't lose an hour of lightness when the clocks go back, the days don't become shorter because of it, you just get potentially lighter mornings. No doubt I will get the guns pointed at me for saying this, but I know the facts ...
  7. WBSH

    I felt it as last

    Do you remember that quote I made just under two months ago on exactly Wednesday the 30th of August 2006?, that in my opinion conjured up the magic of autumn very well … “I don’t think we can properly class it as autumn, until, we experience those first clear chilly evenings where the sun is merely a faint red glow on your face when once it was a great tower above you, and you can smell the burning and the first real possibility of a frost” Today I felt this, although I’m very doubtful my area will get a frost tonight, it was a fantastic afternoon nonetheless. It was sunny, but not horrible and muggy, just a nice crisp feel to the air. The sun is now obviously much lower in the sky and sure enough by 5pm the sun was that mere faint red glow on our faces! Although I didn’t smell any burning I saw smoke come out of chimney’s on my journey home from college through the Kent countryside. The smoke filtering its way up into that light crystal blue ceiling that was very soon to darken. How wonderful that I decided to keep working and not get the bus till 17:21, it actually came three minutes early to my shock! I was so busy taking pictures I could have missed it! Alas the warm, wet muggy weather will return tomorrow and possibly the next few days, but that won’t take away what a glorious autumn day it was today. Some pictures in my gallery that I took today conjures up how I felt very well in pictures http://www.netweather.tv/forum/index.php?a...um&album=61
  8. WBSH

    Plant ident

    Sedum telephium ‘Roseum’, Kniphofia “bees flame”, Aster x frikartii “monch”, Stipa gigantea, Cyclamen hederifolim, Echinops bannaticus “Taplow blue”, Fuchsia magellanica ‘alba’, Hebe ‘Nicola’s blush’, Fuchsia thalia, Vinca difformis, Abelia grandiflora ‘Francis Mason’ Check these babies out! and they are just some of the plants I have to learn!
  9. It’s yet again another warm day out there! And still all people do is complain that it is cold! C’mon guys we have just had a record breaking warm September and October is looking like going the same way as well, you have not rights to complain that is it cold! After a few chilly mornings it did seem that autumn may be creeping in but alas today and the next few days will tell otherwise. At least there aren’t those stupid rumours of a severely cold winter coming like last autumn. I remember a few weather sites were saying that it “may be slightly chillier than the last few winters” … and of course by the time the media got hold of it, it came out as “coldest winter in a century coming up for definite!” of course people didn’t question what the media were saying and believed every word that came out. I had people at college saying “it’s going to be the coldest winter ever; I read it in the Daily Mail today!!” the very fact that they just took every word the bleedin’ daily mail said just strengthened my point further. You can’t forecast the weather correctly beyond 24 hours and that’s a cold fact, excuse my pun. In the end it was a fairly normal winter with a few mild spells and a few cold spells, but even then I had mother asking me “was this the severe winter they were talking about” when we went through these run of the mill every winter cold spells!
  10. If someone worried about why they couldn’t get the desired destination, and thought of themselves of going nowhere yet were actually half-way, then should they focus on why they had only got half-way or why they can get half-way but not that other half way? And be confident that if they can do one half, then surely the other half is not as far away as they think?
  11. WBSH

    A very wet day!

    Well I said it was bone dry yesterday and a bit breezy, today was the complete opposite. No wind, but extremely wet. 15mm of rain, all from what is now just a bog standard depression, but was once a tropical hurricane! At least it has cooled a bit. Well I say cool, its more average but nowhere near as muggy as yesterday. I say there is no wind but there is a blowing severe gale high in the atmosphere because the few clouds that are left are skidding really fast in the sky. I like those days where it’s wet and grey for two thirds of the day but then by evening the low sun shines on the wet ground and what was once a grey sheet is now just a few white bobbles floating past. The sun is poking through the clouds now and again and will set in just over half an hour, just before 7pm. The day lasted 12 hours and 13 minutes today; I remember when it was over 16 hours! The constant cycle of change always fascinates me!
  12. WBSH

    Plant identification

    Rosa rugosa Pennisetum villosum Nicotiana sylvestris Verbena bonariensis Cortaderia selloana
  13. WBSH

    Aching throat...

    arrrrgh, it’s happened again! I occasionally, maybe once every other week wake up to a bloody sore throat; these feelings are especially prevalent around the sides! I think it’s because I sleep with my mouth open. But I can’t be totally sure of that because I’m asleep so I don’t know if my mouth is open … but however that does seem the most likely cause.
  14. WBSH

    Lunar eclipse

    I watched the moon rise this evening (on the 7th … it’s only six minutes into the 8th!) I wouldn’t usually but there was a lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse is where the earth, moon and the sun are all in line, and the earth “shadows” the moon by blocking out the sun, as it would when they are all in line. Okay not the best explanation but it’s late! I spent 50 minutes looking outside and sure enough the moon popped up over the houses on the eastern horizon! It looked like a monster had eaten the top of the moon off until about 8:30pm when the moon appeared to be back to it's "normal" self!! I took some pictures but they were so bad I will save my dignity by not showing them! I’m so used to tracking the times of sunrise/sunset and watching them, it never really appeared that I should do the same with the moon! Something to keep a closer eye on I think in future! :lol:
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