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  1. Are the temps due to drop as the night goes on, Gravesend is currently 4.5c -0.8 dp
  2. First day back at work and they have removed part of the roof to install new steel work today. Something tells me they are going to regret doing that over the next few days.
  3. Just had a huge gust whilst having fag at the back door.just as I shut the door someone's hanging basket went flying past and hit the fence.
  4. Ok I'm trying to read the last 4 pages with the 1 eye closed trick where I'm pretty drunk. But needless to say its not really working. What's happening so I can warn the better half for getting home from work tomorrow.
  5. Evening everyone been at work all day so haven't been on. From what I can gather its going to get a bit rough later, how bad could it be in north kent?
  6. Has it passed over Gravesend yet, Or is the worst still to come? I thought it was going to be a lot worse.
  7. Really not looking forward to a 40min walk to work at 4am. Think its going to be a case of dodge the for sale signs and trees.
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