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  1. Gutted. Where's my snow gone steve murr? Was about to start papering as-well although,have to say,the wife wasn't keen.
  2. This post i will blow up,print out and wall paper my lounge with,cheer's steve.
  3. I'd be happy to record 9 mins.Count yourself lucky.
  4. Can i just ask,who exactly is this Judah Cohen? His name seems to crop up all the time. Take it he's some sort of weather god/cult hero sort of fella.
  5. Been Easterly here for the last few days,yesterday was quite fresh and felt cold with it .
  6. Actually,i'm not sure. Trying to think of the last time i was down there.While ago i think. Pretty sure my wife was there recently,she works in Mullion.I'll ask her later. Sure you will still be able to Watch the Cornish Chough's going about their business, I live in porthallow near the Helford river,only really go down Lizard way to play Darts on friday night's
  7. I here there's to be a squirrel cull in Tehidy woods,someone is feeding them to much apparently. Tell Sidney to be afraid,very afraid.
  8. What's all this talk about snow flurries down our way on sunday? Can't be right,can it? My overwintering Leonotis Leonurus wouldn't like it
  9. All i have to do is look out the window,Easterly here today
  10. You obviously don't work outside. Lack of cold (snowy) weather aside,i've loved this winter. Been able to get out and work in it most days.I'll need a holiday come spring lol
  11. Still steady rain here,temp has dropped to 5c Main thing is the wind,blowing a N/NW gale outside.
  12. Rain setting in now, here in the Tropics. Hope some of you guys up the line see some of the white stuff
  13. Cornwall looks like getting plastered then,lol I've got a plan B anyway,son's at Bournemouth uni. Might have to take him his xmas laundry he so kindly left us.
  14. Thank's for reminding me. Remember that day well,saw a few bits of dust for about 5 mins and then nothing,such a waste Here's hoping this time, thing's might be different although i ain't telling anyone, anything yet.
  15. O.M.G The Met Office has issued a Yellow Snow warning for Cornwall for thur/fri
  16. One good thing about getting old,the years go by quicker,be winter again soon
  17. At last i'm learning something. Didn't tell the kids this time,least they won't be disappointed
  18. Probably Knocker in the war time coat. He's a cold'y at heart
  19. Could be worse,could be a building-block full of POTENTIAL
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