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  1. The strength of the cold on the mean grows the deeper you go into run.
  2. Pv pictorially showing what the weather can make of us all
  3. I’m guessing that when snowmaggedon strikes you have a dance
  4. With what is showing in the output past t120 is not reliant on small wedges that are susceptible to being flattened or moved to the “wrong” place. What is being shown is a lot more robust. Gfs in fi throws a number of small lows east but they go over the block to the northwest and as such have little effect on our area. I get people’s scepticism, once twice three times burnt etc but that should not mean you expect it to happen every time. I for one are liking how this could shape up. we know nothing is nailed until t72 but that does not mean we should not pontificate about latter frame output. If that were the case then this thread would be irrelevant.
  5. good Consistent output genuinely think this is a strong signal
  6. http://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/gfse_3d.php?icon=1&mode=0&lat=47.25&lon=2160.56&ech=108&zoom=6 i could watch this for hours, a bit like a lava lamp whilst the jet is showing this as opposed to its normal route I will remain very interested
  7. I love your posts Been on here for years, post snow charts t -plus ages and call fi f1. Don’t change, it makes me smile every time
  8. Ecm cool/cold then blip as energy goes over the top followed by a north/ north easterly. Horrendous I know
  9. But in this set up ships will be like buses, another will be along soon
  10. We’ve gone from this to this in 6 hours. Volatility is an understatement
  11. T120 to far out to call when such small differences make big differences.