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  1. A good summary of the theme? This looks not unlike the extended from meto
  2. Agreed, not for us this time imo and strangely I wouldn't be disappointed which shows how good it's been this year. G&T's in the garden is what I'm craving
  3. Snowman still going but snow Bunny is 2 sticks and 2 socks
  4. Snowman and snow Bunny are still going strong
  5. This green blob is stuck between me and the iow. It's the "Mudeford streamer"
  6. squeezing what we can out of a brilliant weekend.
  7. Snowing in Mudeford. Well when I say snowing I mean a few bits floating around but hey I'll take it and with the kids back at school the mrs and I should be able to get some good sledging in without kids in the way
  8. Moderate snow in Mudeford. What a season this has been. Wonderful for all us snow nutters.
  9. Not long. Look at the 2 small red blobs just east of the iow
  10. 1 hour apart. To give some idea of the speed of the heavier band. Definitely moving west and slightly north.
  11. Looking at the radar, the heavy stuff is heading west and slightly north. Be interesting to see where that hits. I'm thinking somewhere like Bridport?
  12. After sledging and building snowmen I had a cunning plan and watched saints, got a good 90 mins of kip
  13. More snow during the night? Nooooo, I need sleep