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  1. I know I’m not at an airport but I do feel I need to announce my departure?? see you all next year??
  2. Are referring to GC’s post? He isn’t suggesting anything cold nor a change from predominantly westerly winds. Just a lot less in the way of strong winds and rain for many. Further south the better in terms of rain and wind. The attached precipitation charts should always been taken with a pinch of salt but it is what the gfs 06z is showing. I do agree it’s unlikely we are going to go from where we are now to the freezer but that wasn’t his point imo??
  3. Gfs has it raining from Friday afternoon until the early hours Monday morning down here with winds of up to 50 plus. The winter that keeps giving eh??
  4. Indeed, jet stream reached 260mph, rapid!!!!!
  5. This jet stream bought BA a flight back from NY in 4 hours and 56 mins. Traveling upto 825mph. A new record for subsonic aircraft. ?
  6. No wonder no one has commented on the ecm. Jeez
  7. Quite a big difference between t144 on gfs and ukmo for our part of the world even tho the nh profile is not dissimilar. I’ll take the ukmo please, strong winds and heavy rain is not my bag. Only one type of storm I like, a snow storm? edit and ecm has different take from the other two. At t168 the difference is huge. Might not know what it’s going to be like in a weeks time but at least we know what June’s going to be like??
  8. Panel for that tplus suggest little in terms of cold wrt to temp 2m. Doesn’t suggest 20 degrees either I would suggest but mild not cold going by this.
  9. What does the output look for December? Might be our best chance for notable cold this year???
  10. If it’s not going to be cold then let it be calm and mild please. No, after next week it looks like blowing a gale and hammering down often? in 14 I had to ask the neighbour for my daughters trampoline back? I fear i might need to repeat that request. The only good news? It’s probably time I had another conversation with the neighbours ?
  11. This is how I view your posts. Like an enquisitive dog with my head going from side to side??? I like them tho??
  12. Let’s go back a week and have a look at what gfs was suggesting and compare to what it is suggesting now for around the 4th. People hang on every word from the met in their extended but they change it when the output changes. They, like us will be watching with interest and will change their wording if required as they did today.
  13. One talking about their location and the other entitled to his opinion which is that he sees it flattening out. I don’t. All part of the discussion and all entitled to our opinion. ??
  14. T168 is an improvement. ? I prefer ukmo at t144 tho.
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