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  1. Yep, warm is nice but I find little excitement in weather in the other 3 seasons. not overly bothered about thunderstorms, heat etc
  2. Going by the gefs I would favour nw block if there is to be one. There are others. Imo we need something fairly special to produce a spell in March. Could happen but unlikely for me. I will watch for the next few weeks but feel it maybe November before another post. Have a good one.
  3. Definitely getting to the end of the season when this shows up and hardly a page of posts
  4. I agree with the first part. To soon for the second part imo. Let’s see where the high goes on future runs.
  5. Therefore they are very useful. Just expect the opposite.
  6. Well that’s the thing. You look at the output and you read the met extended and you think eh. What is that they are seeing that the output isn’t showing. Ukmo and ecm don’t show cold coming back from the east. Gfs has a chance but gfs against Ukmo and ecm. Interesting to see how this pans out. Here is ecm T192 doesn’t scream of their extended to me.
  7. T144 all 3. The next potential is later down the line. The one that stands out is gfs.
  8. T144 gfs 12 z T150 06z look where the low in the Atlantic is trying to go. Remember this day 6. Small changes and further changes and later charts will look very different. T162 12z T168 06z high not being pushed east.
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