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  1. The trouble is I do remember the 80’s I wish I was young enough not to remember
  2. Not sure if this has been posted as I have only just been able to view the output. Loving this from the control
  3. End of feb is 17 days away. It might not end up cold but it’s 17 days away
  4. Don’t give up now. We’ve been looking since November and now we are only two weeks away. Let’s be patient
  5. Basically, I’m going to be sat on a beach, drinking a cold one with a hankie on my head and just to emphasise this fact I’ll over exaggerate the mornings output I will keep looking as there is more than enough to keep me interested have a good holiday, sounds like someone needs one
  6. But the point that is being missed is that charts at day 8/9 are said to be reliable and awful. Yet on the SAME RUN, charts 48 hours later are fi. That makes a nonsense of the post.
  7. T168 ecm. Very nice. Big chances from there. Ukmo is not as good at t144 as ecm and the limited view of the t168 Ukmo is not going to show us the area of interest. Tonight’s output is going to be interesting to view.
  8. Fi as you say but yes a nice looking chart. ‘following on from mucka’s mean chart last night, here is this mornings. A quick run through the gefs and there some beauties as you would imagine with a mean like that.
  9. Yep, having a right go at t174. No means perfect but would like to see this become a trend.
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