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  1. Thanks just want the day to run as smoothly as possible that's all I'm worried about the people that are travelling that day not to mention the registra the caterers ect
  2. Has anyone got any charts for the 14th please regarding this storm? Thanks
  3. This storm might not even happen right? Only one model showing it. ?
  4. So roughly 70mph gusts for london then? things are not gonna go well- that's a cheek!would b great advice if things weren't booked and paid for
  5. I'm really worried now what kind of wind speeds for London would that be?
  6. I don't mind any weather to be honest yes I wud prefer snow but that's not very likely just as long as it's not too dangerous to travel in and everyone will b safe Any updates at all anyone please
  7. Are you sure I can't sleep now could someone have another look to see if it's still on there?
  8. Is this going to happen? What are the wind speeds for London going to be then?
  9. Getting married next week so would really appreciate it the 14th
  10. Anyone got any thought on this stormy weather next week? I'm wondering if it will affect us so much just a northerly event ?
  11. What does everyone think of the upcoming wet and windy spell will the southeast escape the worst?
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