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  1. Hi guys any updates on this storm weds night on the gusts South east? Thanks
  2. Well my wedding will be in Kent really Wilmington so busy at the moment but I've got a lot of people travelling back and forth so that's why I'm really worried especially for my elderly family members! Now I'm a member I shall be using this site often just been told the strongest winds will be further north any truth in that? Many thanks x
  3. Hi does anyone have any updates for gusts inthe southeast with weds thurs storm ?
  4. Was hoping strongest of winds would clear by thurs morning as I'm travelling
  5. Hi just wondering if there's any updates for the 14/15 storm hoping its not too bad for my wedding
  6. Worse case scenario what would those wind gusts bring to london?
  7. Hi does anyone here know wether there is a storm for the 14-15th in the south many thanks
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