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  1. Ryan Maue‏@RyanMaue Currently at 995 mb -- 6-hourly pressure time series: 987, 980, 963, 935, 922, 919 at tau+36. 65mb/24hours is ferocious/extreme deepening 5 hRyan Maue‏@RyanMaue GFS back to 919 mb with explosive cyclone off east coast that will move WNW of Iceland during next 36-48 hours. http://twitter.com/RyanMaue/status/294659035070861314/photo/1 Matthew Hugoâ€@MattHugo81 The low in the W Atlantic goes from 987mb to 938mb in about 18hrs! http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/bracka.gif http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/brack0.gif - A drop of 49mb! #wow
  2. That is some impressive and fast Stratospheric warming http://i50.tinypic.com/1zwgkmd.gif
  3. Matthew Hugoâ€@MattHugo81 Just telling it as it is but the 12z EC ENS are the coldest of the last few days. Pretty much unanimously cold throughout next week now.
  4. http://raleighwx.americanwx.com/models/euro/00zecmwfnao.gif
  5. Ryan Maueâ€@RyanMaue For an ensemble mean, ECMWF 00z EPS was frigid for W. half of USA for 10-15 day extended range, e.g. http://twitter.com/RyanMaue/status/287985564978913280/photo/1
  6. Sunday, January 6, 2013 <a href="http://theweathercentre.blogspot.de/2013/01/what-will-happen-after-polar-vortex.html">What Will Happen After The Polar Vortex Collapse? By Andrew at 9:12 AM http://theweathercentre.blogspot.de/
  7. Ryan Maueâ€@RyanMaue Where is cold going to be for January in N. Hemi? GFS extra-long range fcast dumps 50-60°F below normal on W. Asia http://twitter.com/RyanMaue/status/287252873253879808/photo/1
  8. Matthew Hugoâ€@MattHugo81 Cooling trend evident in the 12Z GFS ENS again but still a huge scatter - http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/MT8_London_ens.pngLot of uncertainty...
  9. Arctic Trifecta Could Lead To Brutal January-February By Andrew at 8:22 AM http://theweathercentre.blogspot.de/2013/01/arctic-trifecta-could-lead-to-brutal.html
  10. Ryan Maueâ€@RyanMaue At 5-days at 30 mb, that blob of warmth cuts across the pole. Process repeats again at Day 8. http://twitter.com/RyanMaue/status/286930352000335874/photo/1 11 minRyan Maueâ€@RyanMaue Up at 30,000 meters, stratospheric temperatures are warm -- almost 10°C on Russian side of North Pole. GFS 10mb: http://twitter.com/RyanMaue/status/286928660567576576/photo/1 2 hRyan Maueâ€@RyanMaue UAH global temps for lower-troposphere, +0.2°C above 30-yr avg for 2012. Reanalysis derived 2-meter temp +0.1°C. Yawn.
  11. 2013Could The Polar Vortex Collapse Like January 1985? By Andrew at 11:55 AM http://theweathercentre.blogspot.de/2013/01/could-polar-vortex-collapse-like.html
  12. Thank you so much for your reply. I'm very worried about all this, because me and everyone in Portugal are not prepared for a big cold. I say that if we get temp of -10c or below for some time, many people will die. Me and my family have to get out of our home and go south for survive... so this is a very bad situation for us. So the only thing i hask you and others is as soon as you can and know, please post what we in the south europe can expect. Thank you so much for this brilliant collective work!
  13. Please can you tell me something about situation for south europe, specialy Portugal and Spain? Thank you so much.
  14. **Below info Updated at 2:30 PM** The new 12z GFS forecast shows the polar vortex greatly displaced. Instead of being in the Arctic, it's all the way down in Japan! It appears another piece of the vortex may be off the coast of Europe. High pressure trapping the vortices south would theoretically deliver yet another crushing blow to the polar vortex, which I don't know will be able to recover fully in Jan-Feb. Andrew http://theweathercentre.blogspot.de/2012/12/polar-vortex-close-to-collapse.html
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