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  1. I recently got the Aercus WS2085, and I'm pretty impressed with it, so I suspect the WS3085 is even better (I think it also includes a UV and Light Meter). It didn't come with a mounting pole so you will need to purchase one, I bought a TV aerial mount (you can get them fairly cheap on amazon) and have attached it to my outbuilding. I then use a piece of software called WeatherCat which gives you graphical information using the data from the station, and also uploads my readings to wunderground. You can see the data from my station here https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/IB
  2. Graupel / Rain here now despite temps being -0.2 and dewpoints -2.7c - upper temperatures must be too warm now. Snow melting away rapidly
  3. Temp -1.0 and dewpoint -3.1C, dewpoints are definitely on the rise here. Probably have close to 1cm in places, still snowing
  4. Coming down a bit heavier now, bigger flakes. Car and driveway has a good dusting now
  5. Light flakes here, despite the radar showing we should be under a slightly heavier band. Hopefully it gets better later! Temp -1.2C Dewpoint -4.7C
  6. UKV 18Z looking like this for tomorrow, little bit better than the 15Z
  7. Slight improvement on the latest UKV compared to previously, but it's flip flopping up and down more than a yo-yo! Tomorrow will be a nowcast event
  8. Arperge shows this for tomorrow Harmonie has the front dying out before it reaches most of us and 12Z UKV also keeps us dry tomorrow. Who knows what will happen but I'm not confident we will see much tomorrow, still time for a backtrack though. It's currently ECM, ICON and Arperge vs all the other models
  9. Unfortunately that's in line with the latest UKV which keeps South Wales dry again tomorrow
  10. Yeah a little bit underwhelming. But they did the same thing a couple of weeks ago only to change their mind and put a warning out on the day itself, so let's hope for a repeat performance!
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