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  1. friday 13th, will most likely wake up and find all models have fallen in line with GFS

  2. metcheck still going for 277mph winds at wimbledon 22nd June, 0mfg

    1. Kain


      Lmao, I love it

    2. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      metcheck is a waste of space, there systems go stupid more times than enough

  3. I'll post in here (dont want to take thread off topic), my mam is linda forster, she used to be a supply teacher (or is still a supply teacher), I hear you are Rob Law from Stonepine,

  4. beginning to think ian brown is a wind up! and anti staffordshire and snow

    1. Backtrack


      He's been winding us NW'eners up too lol.

    2. andy_leics22


      Take it he's left you feeling a bit BROWNed off? ;)

  5. hiya isolated frost, yeah interesting user name, just changed it for winter, used to be mark forster 630, been a member for nearly 4 years now

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