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  1. Don't expect it to last, but Bournemouth 1-0 Scum!!!!!! 40 mins to go or so
  2. should have been named? to WH's answer in status? not affected here, but bad in S/SW
  3. Great winter! childhood winters ruled, 90's winters ruled, but hey up, 80's apparently were even better
  4. Aye, no interest for me, but some members will see snow off slider 7th Nov 2019, FI of course but what is definite, low lying S areas won't see snow this soon, 4 weeks or so too soon for a 10 Dec 2017 snow fest
  5. If wind is NNE'ly, then those areas will be wet, ignore forecasts
  6. models/forecasts underestimate that setup, lt's knowing the location, like if we have a NW'ly with highish pressure, the forecast will be dry for E Cheshire/Staffs/Shrops, when actually it will be wet
  7. WH, that's how your location can see masses of snow, off that setup at right time of year
  8. Aye, but back to normal from now Thursday. settled weather always downgrades, yesterday Thurs was looking dry
  9. but as we all know, childhood weather is over, winters not just getting warmer, but all year round becoming more low pressure dominated, flooding/washout days used to be 1 in 5 year event up to say 2000, but now it's frequent, rain all day the norm
  10. just hope we get repeat of Dec 28th-31st, but 19 years on looking increasingly unlikely every year
  11. don't mind living here, Early Nov is too early for cold/snaw really away from hills, hope in a month things looking better, of course by then whole country will be under water
  12. Parts of town flooded for first time since 6-7 Nov 2000, Sandon Road homes, water is waist deep, this from Silkmore Lane area, 1 mile W of me
  13. much better from EC! 168 Atlantic and rain staying away!
  14. Settled spells nearly always downgrade in some way, same as cold spells for winter really
  15. snow seems unthinkable, I'm still in summer mode, hopefully it can be as warm as possible until Dec, then I'll start looking for cold, but we all know it will be mild then
  16. what I was thinking, why are some named and others are not, weird system
  17. Early predictions from me for the wettest November on record, last few GFS runs suggesting no dry weather at all from 1st
  18. Leicester 2nd in league! but game extra over Man City
  19. Aye but imagine United against these, could be 10-0
  20. Know one thing, that FAX chart way too progressive, no way will the front be that far east at midday tomorrow, will be wet all day tomorrow, not just the morning
  21. Don't want a Murr Sausage, not quite one as not long enough but 29th Oct, no thanks
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