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  1. could be flight disruption on thursday as winds look to come from the Iceland area just in time for Whit holiday week,
  2. I'll post in here (dont want to take thread off topic), my mam is linda forster, she used to be a supply teacher (or is still a supply teacher), I hear you are Rob Law from Stonepine,

  3. beginning to think ian brown is a wind up! and anti staffordshire and snow

    1. Backtrack


      He's been winding us NW'eners up too lol.

    2. andy_leics22


      Take it he's left you feeling a bit BROWNed off? ;)

  4. hiya isolated frost, yeah interesting user name, just changed it for winter, used to be mark forster 630, been a member for nearly 4 years now

  5. was a horrid autumn, on 7th Nov 2000 my tenpin league was rained off, tenpin indoor game
  6. 19th November 2005 (saturday) was a max of -0.5°C here with freezing fog, minimum was -5.5°C, cold spell lasted right to the end, I had snow nearly all day on monday 28th, none though on 25th, but was a great cold spell, mild air arrived on 1st december, 96 of course legendary 6 inches on the 19th, perfectly tracking low with arctic air in place on the 18th, not seen that much since (damn this christmas pudding!) snow remained still quite deep out of sun until mild air arrived on 25th, after transient snow on 24th
  7. Think I remember having snow on wednesday 24th nov 1993, looked on archive charts looks like from west with cold continental air in place
  8. How do you make links (websites) clickable? i went to insert link, typed website in both boxes but isnt clickable
  9. I usually access the forum through the home page, bottom right clicking on threads, there seems to be loads of non weather related threads there, eg sports zone, swine flu etc, never used to be, any way of getting just weather related threads bottom right of homepage? like before
  10. 21st july 07 one of the worst shocking weather days, my max 13.0oC that day, got to be the worst summer day here, also 20th the day before was bad
  11. Walton on the Hill, you mean by me? or is there another walton on the hill, only around half a mile away from me lol, might have known it was 1911, dont get any now
  12. i was a little boy in the good old winters my birthday chart, was a warm day like summer, my birthday is the 1st day of autumn
  13. not too promising for me that, looks like a xmas easterly for me, unbelievable for week ahead theyve got dates wrong lol
  14. lol they have got dates wrong on weather discriptions
  15. good old winters, struggle to even get a 5 minute dusting these days here
  16. My white new year i remember it, lots of snow on new years eve eve and new years eve, and light snow all day on wednesday 1st january, the only white new year ive seen, new years day holiday thurs 2nd jan also early morning light snow proper easterly on 30th-31st dec unlike this crappy easterly
  17. wrong thread but weatheronline love the mild they are mild rampers and nild biased
  18. they have got the dates wrong pmsl, but at least they are saying colder for xmas? these are usually mild biased but they love rain they say patchy rain on boxing day 25th dec, damn hope the forecast bit is wrong as well
  19. they have dates wrong again, but i hope theyve got weather wrong
  20. 6th April 2008 everything white, great for even larger teapot, even lasted 2 hours, amazing 2 hours
  21. promising for wintry stuff, but before 12z, again they have got days/dates wrong for week ahead
  22. biggest disappointment of my weather memories, exactly same here just with tiniest of flakes, the main snow stayed out to the west, bbc weather were saying a few inches even low levels, then countryfile on sunday 12th at midday had it completely fizzled out
  23. these seem to always get dates wrong, they are all wrong for week ahead
  24. certainly remember WEDNESDAY 16th April 03, i think it was 25oC, sort of stuff i want in April really i think
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