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  1. not posted for a bit, see nothing has changed, many waiting for winter that may never arrive, although E'lys to dominate April and May
  2. think we're looking at snowless January, (south) last few GFS runs suggest none, upto end Jan, really would not surprise me if we are here 2 months today, and most southern areas not seen a flake of snow, and hardly a frost do uk winters exist anymore, they're certainly warm, TMW, Tom Martin Williams
  3. agree Azazel, cool thing when you think, summer getting closer as every day goes on, right side of new year now
  4. bleedin' 'ell it's warm, shirt sticking to my back after 40 min walk, I remember when January was a cold month, anyone on here born post '99 won't
  5. Sigh. another snowless so called winter month gone by, we all know these will become guaranteed as years go on for low levels, TMW

    1. lassie23


      euro will be a  regular feature more so than now, at least man u are average lol

    2. karyo


      Snowless winters are already the new norm.

  6. optimistic? snow on average getting less as the years go on
  7. bloody 'ell, December, that's optimistic in Thomas Mitchell Willis
  8. not that bad now, looks dry, very unusual really for Early Jan
  9. bloody 'ell chris, thats optimistic, hope it comes off, the precip that is
  10. Aye even in 2003, 17 years ago not as warm as now, into TMW, but as we all know winters warmed even more since around 2012
  11. Agree Spring will start late, but doubtful of cold and snow in Feb/Mar
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