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  1. love this setup, deepest FI though, heights strong enough though oop norf?
  2. I remember Atlantic 252

    Things that tick you off?

    was mentioned the other day, also today on model thread page 153
  3. biggest concern is how wet Wednesday will be in the Midlands, could rain all day without a break, surface water, flooding maybe
  4. certainly showing interesting start to Dec Ed, dreading tues/wed rain first though, very wet spell for my location coming up, the vilest setup possible for autumn
  5. Vile run, the rain concerning on Wednesday, could be flooding, timed for the day too, wish we could have this weeks dry weather back
  6. Thats it SS , was looking on meteociel, probably couldn't find it as my French is not good
  7. like EC SS? good news hopefully, less convection off the north sea? meaning drier
  8. I would say a bit later, when Europe fully cooled down, Feb/Mar
  9. I remember Atlantic 252

    North West Regional thread 01/09/18 Onwards......

    how many you got?
  10. I remember Atlantic 252

    North West Regional thread 01/09/18 Onwards......

    2 warning points from ages ago,
  11. GFS precip charts are useless, will be a lot wetter than that through the UK, some places like here could see a lot of rain
  12. As I said, my disappointment is getting this setup in Nov, and the cold is being shown in deep FI, 28th, no guarantee of it coming off, setup post 384 is the best, snowy system to SW, but 384, pfft
  13. obvious that, next week looking pants, always has done, it's week after I'm interested in, GFS showing legendary charts last few runs
  14. Ay, deepest FI though, cold from 28th, hope for a repeat of ya username
  15. hope so! was dreading getting wet next week, the closer to the UK the high is, the better
  16. especially in November, I'm more a fan of late cold, more effective, like 27 Feb-02 Mar beast
  17. Nothing worse than that! chasing the dry windows, hoping they're timed for the day
  18. I remember Atlantic 252

    Things that tick you off?

    silly words like Sceuro and griceland
  19. complaint from me is, why perfect setup now, and not in 6-8 weeks, are we unlucky or not? yes amazing FI recently, but no guarantee of cold from 26th? if there was, then no complaints about perfect setup 6 weeks too soon
  20. exactly, awful EC tonight, wet, windy and feeling slightly chilly but hopefully the cold will arrive the week of 26th, as shown on many GFS runs, EC not quite that far ahead yet