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  1. my scrabble friend with loads of snow, and loves it and hope it stays, I reckon no thaw until April, Fairbanks, Alaska
  2. problem is these awful E/NE winds, in 3 weeks or so we may see more sun as westerlies arrive, rainbands yes but traditional zonal can bring sunshine too
  3. Jon, much prefer that type weather to what we've had last 4 weeks or so, to me, that looks mainly dry and 14 degrees or so here
  4. yes, will affect Stoke more, you've fared a bit better today, but I fared much better on Dec 10th '17
  5. been lucky here too, moderate showers at times, but also not raining all the time, Stoke will be better though as it seems to be protected by Peaks, so should have even less rain
  6. SE does near enough, better summers, less rain and on average more sunshine
  7. EC as well, perhaps just a sign of a bit more settled, like last few GFS runs, mainly on GFS after 240, so not getting hopes up one bit
  8. depends on location, the chart Ed posted for here, I much rather have that, than what I have had for last 3 weeks, and for the next week, limited dry spells, not a flake of snow that chart looks dry, so did the 18Z, 00Z and 06Z, members oop norf though, would agree an unwanted chart for the snow season
  9. Isn't that the 3rd GFS run on the trot to show a decent deepest FI? but as we all know, settled weather downgrades as it gets closer
  10. Was just going to post this, as I saw his name in 'favourite weather chart' thread
  11. you're not in the best location for wet, wanna swap locations
  12. I'd prefer the SW'lys, to the charts that are showing for next 2 weeks or so, no snow, no warmth, little dry weather SW'lys returning in 5 weeks is my guess
  13. Yes, warning to be issued for the Midlands for Tuesday and Thursday for flooding
  14. Tuesday is the worst, looks heavy all day here, and maybe the north
  15. could Leicester win the league? possible but need to rely on Man City and Liverpool dropping points, well tomorrow one of them or both will
  16. depends on location, that chart looks wet here due to persistent showers coming off the north Sea, same setup this Sunday, some areas around NE Midlands could be quite wet, GFS especially could be a vile day for some areas away from the SW/W/NW
  17. this location just about been okay today, only light showers, Saturday though a washout, and again timed for the day, then drying out at night
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