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  1. west is best again tomorrow! for me in the east though looks bad here, so many times this has happened now, where west been dry, here wet, or west sunny and here north sea mist
  2. GFS feel is wrong, but a few disappointed bods if it is correct! I won't be one of them, benign/settled rules!!!!!!!!
  3. My guess is GFS 12Z is for the bin! EC probably has this one, as unsettled is more common than settled
  4. meant to move NW not NE, lucky you then in Oadby, cos here meant to be washout until around 5pm
  5. Raducanu only 2 months younger than Fernandez, unreal 2 young girls in final, but wish this was Wimbledon! but excitement builds for Wimbledon '22, for ladies singles
  6. horrid here today, Telford must be same, no high ground to the east, prone to north sea mist, will lift around 6pm likely
  7. Jarvo from Trollstation on pitch again! security is crap though
  8. Anyone can have a guess! Dec, Atlantic to dominate the whole month, 2-4 'named' storms thrown in, much wetter then average, also warmer than average! little to no snow at all away from northern hills/Scotland Jan, Atlantic to dominate the whole 31 days, wetter than average, also milder and windier, flooding a problem by Mid Jan Feb, Atlantic to dominate, low after low, wetter, windier and milder than average! by 20th or so, upto J or K in 'named' storms (assuming starts from A on 01 Nov), flooding obvios problem too
  9. no surprise north sea filth again lifting now after day of grey/drizzle, assume same tomorrow
  10. Usual E'ly, useless the north sea mist clearing after 5pm, be horrid in morning with drizzle, then sunny after 5pm
  11. usual E'ly again, north sea mist clearing after 5pm, expect same tomorrow
  12. Not unusual to see a partial/full clearance after 7pm, like now, be full mist/drizzle though in the morning
  13. Damn world cup though at Xmas! dosen't feel right at all, always to me a summer event
  14. feel EC still wrong! they will all flip I think to unsettled! not sure what model netweather use, but on homepage 'rain to end the weekend' do forecasters on here know something?
  15. Another GFS 12Z shocker for the bin! all change on 00Z, low centered over us, rain and 10 degrees less
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