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  1. heavy shower just developed over me, no thunder/lightning, but Stafford/Stoke area livening up
  2. those 2 days were great here too, but 50cm way out of possible range here
  3. Aye, same here, and another very similar event this day, loads of snow due, but actually turned out less cold with a thaw
  4. Usual day, this location looks to be one of most prone to north sea mist, finally lifted around 2pm, tomorrow looks equally crap
  5. E'lys the pits, thick at times sea mist, didnt clear until 2pm, same tomorrow
  6. Amazing how this is still going! heaviest rain of century now too, it seems anyway
  7. tomorrow risk shifts more to the SE, slightly cooler drier air from the NE for northern parts
  8. louder here, lightning flashes everywhere now, was mainly to the NW, rain eased for now
  9. really going here now, buckets, thunder lightning frequent, strong at times westerly breeze too
  10. big drops now, westerly breeze developed, still constant lightning, mainly to my W/NW
  11. Aye, looked to be too far east, constant thunder/lightning but no rain yet
  12. Aye, can see the lightning from here, thundering too, but no rain as too far East
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