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  1. Aye, summers I think on average getting cooler, yes we had hottest day ever, but really a one off, and high pressure plumes becoming rarer
  2. Awful! could just be the thing that gives United the title, yes only 2 games gone, but man city drop 2 points
  3. Aye, notice the nip now at this time of year, cooler when it's sunny/clear mornings/evenings
  4. north west of you, but S of Matt, I don't think this summer has been bad, normal summer really especially August with the dominant W'lys, a lot of days around or even above 20 degrees max
  5. definitely looking like summer is finished for this area, next week looking fairly pants, I'd guess broad westerly, windy, rain/showers at times 17 degrees max, then the week starting 24th washout, could be on for record breaking totals
  6. Aye Jon, this time tomorrow, 384 chart will be my b'day!, but todays is last day of Aug, at least looks dry to end Aug
  7. ATP are useless, lenient, worst organisation in sport
  8. Good to see Kyrgios losing last night, complete bell end as always, ATP are really crap not ever banning him
  9. yuk, no thanks, days on end of 10 degrees, rain and wind, dark nights
  10. SS certainly does, and won't like Jon Snow's latest post in MOD.
  11. Aye same here, Cheshire Gap streamer just missing me, north of Stoke, can see anvils from here
  12. Aye you're probably right, it's the dry SE, washout is between Birmingham and Manchester
  13. can see the storm just north of Stoke, any members under it? cannot see lightning though
  14. I'm in minority for my weather preference I know, most describe warm and sunny as 'benign/boring' but signs on EC of improvement too?
  15. Yes but what you won't mention is again on GFS signs of improvement later in August, and decent days before then too, easy just to bypass the weather you don't like
  16. no, but winters are big style, not a believer in warmer summers, don't seem any different to 80's/90's, in fact if anything August is less summery SS would love tomorrow's weather
  17. 2-1 now to Spurs! already thinking about United, already 2 good results with Man City and Liverpool
  18. normal runs though for August, Atlantic air every day from 0 to 384, Wed looking wettest here
  19. ? after just half a game? not sure united fans would agree with that
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