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  1. Aye, but where I live, miles more snowy spells too, compared to post 2000, would settle for another 91-92, and also days like today, out of wind it feels like Spring has sprung while it's sunnyish
  2. Zonality all the way on models, normal for the modern winta, just hope we can have as many dry days as possible and even sunny at times, as all runs tonight show virtually no snow for low levels south
  3. Aye still FI but that chart would bring the showers through Stockport into Derbyshire, so dumpings for high levels, we need winds NW'ly
  4. not for me living here, if I lived at 300m plus especially north then yes, but I'd much rather have as most call it 'boring' weather
  5. unlikely, but never know, thought for 4 weeks or so that Leicester could win the league
  6. better than most of Nov, at least it's zonal with strong jet, rainbands whizzing through, rather than fronts lingering for ages giving non stop rain
  7. for northern members great Tim, but for here useless, might as well be 11 degrees, I mean it'll look the same, just slightly cooler rain, I prefer Bartlett to cold zonality living here
  8. but so are united, mind you they should win at home
  9. Aye SS, wasn't on last night, now it's Scum 1-1 Spurs
  10. Aye, certainly not as rare as a northerly or Easterly between 1 Dec and late Feb
  11. well yes because PV and jet etc get miles weaker, meaning more chance of northerlies and easterlies, a westerly between late March and say Whit is rare
  12. No way, Ian is a snow fan, like us all on here, he just knows and accepts the change
  13. is that even bigger signs of the modern winterr, I mean look at last Feb, 20 degrees reached in sunshine
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