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  1. not sure I'd have liked Higgins, seems a bit of an ass, like 0'Sullivan
  2. agree frosty, your post is dead right, but to me Easter means nothing, just a normal weekend, but to many going away, great it's summery
  3. Aye, well the rain can come at night, (here anyway) but never does, fronts always timed for the day, unless thundery plumes
  4. April to mid June, I'd say driest period of year oop norf, closer to the high pressure
  5. also today, thick sea fret, easterly breezes no use to anyone in the east
  6. cannot find any of these on telly, goal being reviewed
  7. Don't mind who wins, as long as United are out, over the moon that Barca were a class above them
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