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  1. heat's a waste without mega thunderstorms, surely that's what we want heat for?

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    2. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      that's the way it looks karyo, reminds me of a cold spell with flabby lows and it shows just dry

    3. DiagonalRedLine


      Would be disappointing (personally) if somehow the likely heat wave next week broke down to no proper torrential downpours, flashes of light and rumbles of thunder. Just have to see how next week continues to keep unfolding really.

    4. Gordon Webb

      Gordon Webb

      yep going to Skegness Wednesday and had vowed not to look at the model forum for possible storms either while traveling there and back or while so not to get too distressed so what did i do this morning had a quick peek something I hadn't do for 2 days and has set me back all the progress I thought I had made feel like a real prat now and I'm considering cancelling my day out

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