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  1. 0'Sullivan out! great, cannot stand him, weirdo

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    2. Mapantz


      As a fan of Snooker, it is a shame to say that the entertainment will disappear when Ronnie hangs up his cue. There's no denying that he's a genius, and his character will be missed. It's not being derogatory to the other players, but, they simply lack his charisma.

    3. Winter Cold

      Winter Cold

      Judd is shaping up nicely now though mapantz, hes got a lot of fun in him, hel be entertaining us for years i hope! I admire Ronnie and hes be best player there has ever been but I stand by what I said, its well documented that he has problems, im not making that up, so not sure what your getting at anvil?

    4. censored ?

      censored ?

      The word weirdo is a bit strong given this is a public forum.

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