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  1. 32 minutes ago, matt111 said:

    I should actually record a completely dry day tomorrow.

    Today has been dry but a few overnight showers mean it doesn't actually go down as a dry day. 

    Aye, rain lovers had their fun, time for settled weather fans now, our turn is rare and short, so no moaning please rain fans about the drier spell

  2. 1 hour ago, Philipsfd said:

    I'm just trying to pinpoint the dates of two extreme weather events from the mid-90s, having vague memories of both. On both occasions I was in the Stafford/Market Drayton area. I can vaguely recall the first event being a severe rain and thunderstorm and I have a feeling it was either Sunday 6th or Monday 7th June 1993 - can anyone remember or confirm an event like this happening around this time in the Midlands? The second event is more clear in my mind, it was a flash flood one October evening in 1995 and I seem to remember it was quite a wild rainstorm and it being early in the evening. The thing I remember most was the flooding! I have a feeling it was the evening of Tuesday 24th October 1995, but can't be sure. Again can anyone confirm this please? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

    cannot remember, but heavy rain and Stafford go together so often, rain gets boring here and not memorable

  3. On 15/10/2019 at 17:01, Summer Sun said:

    UEFA have charged The Bulgarian FA with the following

    • Racist behaviour
    • Throwing of objects
    • Disruption of national anthem

    Jesus, seems as childish as wibble! only way to stop this is to forfeit teams from events

  4. 1 hour ago, Jake March-Jones said:

    Every single year I am desperate for at least a cold christmas... A complete white out would be heaven.... here we go again awishing this year.... I want a proper brutal code spell for the entire festive period.


    Here's hoping! 


    What does everyone else think will happen this christmas?

    Aye, my guess is mild and wet, with a record being broken somewhere, either for mildness, wetness or wind gusts

  5. 9 hours ago, Summer Sun said:

    Today's rain is moving slower than expected the met office were expecting it to be north of Newcastle by 9am it's currently around north Yorkshire on its northern edge

    was thinking other way actually, thankfully started to clear around 10.30 here, expected it to clear around 4

  6. 7 hours ago, Azazel said:

    One of the worst periods of weather in a long time here. Endless rain - like normally there’s often a lull of a few hours where it doesn’t rain and it’s just grey but it’s been raining heavily solidly here for around 48 hours. Estate is flooded, garden is flooded. Several car accidents . Park is a marshland.

    Oh well, at least some people are no longer melting in the oppressive 18 degrees summer heat so that’s good.

    tomorrow looks a washout too, hopefully more settled signs starting to appear on EC

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