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  1. first time I've seen that live, Stuart Bingham loses frame due to 3 foul and a miss on the trot, v Graeme Dott
  2. Absolutely amazing when I heard this today, the plonker gone, biggest shock ever in championships
  3. cannot understand anyone wanting rain, From about Wimbledon time to mid-late Aug, rain gives me a bad chest, fungal spore allergy the warmer and drier the better
  4. Aye, certainly not me, some will be loving the models like Summer Sun etc, with 4 weeks of autumnal crap on the way Think I'm in the minority though disliking unsettled weather, only 3 I think on this forum prefer settled to unsettled, me, Scorcher and you (azazel)
  5. Aye Dave, well definitely August where this setup is exceedingly rare, non stop blue skies virtually un heard of as Aug one of most Atlantic dominated months of year
  6. Aye, nights still long, generally late April/early May much cooler inside than Aug/Sept, still cool inside after the winter
  7. hopes soon dashed though, good day for united in the end, still expect them to make top 4
  8. wow, just looked result up, Everton 4-0 Scum!!!!!!!!
  9. not sure I'd have liked Higgins, seems a bit of an ass, like 0'Sullivan
  10. agree frosty, your post is dead right, but to me Easter means nothing, just a normal weekend, but to many going away, great it's summery
  11. Aye, well the rain can come at night, (here anyway) but never does, fronts always timed for the day, unless thundery plumes
  12. April to mid June, I'd say driest period of year oop norf, closer to the high pressure
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