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  1. I remember Atlantic 252

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    ignore it, will track further south as every run goes on, S of M4 always get snow
  2. noticed this, on GFS too, no doubt it'll do the usual and give Somerset and S of M4 a pasting sigh
  3. Never knew Gavin Partridge was on here? dosen't post though does he, heard of him though on other weather websites
  4. I remember Atlantic 252

    What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    2001, tha coolest!
  5. I remember Atlantic 252


    This is as complicated as bleedin' hell! into darts too, know Anderson is out, 'reserve' for each night what's in it for them? cannot win anything that 1 match then? 7-4 win for Suljović
  6. course it's going to be mild with 70mph gusts!
  7. I would say more like autumn than winter
  8. but what about France where you are? winter ended last year here on 19th March
  9. you should live here if you hate snow, this has been one of worst winters ever, only the odd smattering and odd flurry, bad even for the large teapot still time yet I know, late Feb to mid Apr is more likely to see snow, than Dec to mid Feb
  10. Aye, hopefully rubbish spell will only last a week, near enough full agreement of high pressure arriving around 12th, not cold but at least dry
  11. I remember Atlantic 252

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    I don't mind, the cold spell just gone was probably the crappiest in history, if you can call it a cold spell, no Greenie high, HLB, one of worst winters ever this, even for the christmas pudding
  12. these days though, runners/sliders seem to track further South, mainly S of M4 events, where this was more of a Scotland event
  13. Aye, but one of the best, the great days, not had snow on new years day since, snowed all day, topped up already existing snow from 30th and 31st
  14. Aye not the best, snowy morning on 11th, but soon followed by a thaw around 2pm or so, 2 days later turned mild and sunny from the SE
  15. Aye better again, signs that the unsettled crap, may only last a week, trouble is though FI, many times settled weather is downgraded
  16. boom for summer sun when it shows wet and windy just hope signs there at the end for high pressure, like the 00Z, and last few GFS runs, I will be bored of unsettled weather after a week
  17. I remember Atlantic 252

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    no, SW winds arriving tonight, upto 9 degrees tomorrow, and rest of week
  18. I remember Atlantic 252

    What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    Atlantic 252's last ever song, 2nd Jan '02 at 11.58pm, then yucky teamtalk 252 started 03 Jan at midnight
  19. No, Feb '98 was a dry month, mind you not sure in Darlington, but some places in the south had 18 degrees
  20. Actually I do, hope we get another summer like last year, this time though far as now goes, this was worst cold spell in history, don't mind the mild for now, just hope later in Feb, we get a proper cold shot, say after holidays 25th
  21. Summer Sun likes wind. rain and flooding, wants a repeat of winter 13-14, anyone mentions Feb '98 or Feb '09, he won't 'like' it
  22. I remember Atlantic 252

    Least favourite weather events

    Mine are 6-7 Nov 2000 20-21 July 2007 24-25 Sept 2012 20-21 Sept 2018