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  1. EC flirting with this, now GFS, hope this stays away, any further West then it could be potentially vile
  2. was decent at times last year too, cracking days into 0ct too, may not look great, but was full sun and around 22 degrees
  3. been monitoring Monday's deluge for a few days now on every run, but could we even (away from the east) get away with a dry day? FAX, stalls the front out to the west, like a typical winter setup, where the front fails to make it this far east, if it was Jan, this would be a snow front, and this usually happens
  4. see rubbish on cricket channel again, thought test review? although is on ch5
  5. chris, you should try moving? you live in a dry area, where as I live in a wet area
  6. way out that I reckon, GFS probably leading the way, storm Dorian likely to batter us next tues
  7. at least better than 1st to 11th wettest, hasn't been too bad here just fairly average summer, rain is expected hot spells are not, away from SE
  8. Yuk, no thanks, GFS improved for Tuesday, but miles in FI with such uncertain setup, EC a bit better for S areas
  9. slightly better EC, no filth, like has been shown, still FI though, yes not exactly great temps but dry
  10. Yes but to not be negative, signs of high pressure coming in on GFS and EC, not great temps but at least dry
  11. only thing I recall about Summer 2000, is the best radio ever, 'non stop rhythm and dance' the New Atlantic 252, tha days
  12. think just delayed? today the usual, rains all day then stops at 5pm ish
  13. this not uncommon either, sun comes out at 7.45pm, usually say hour before sunset
  14. had enough now, another day when it rains all day, then as soon as 5pm comes it dries up, and remains dry all night, then often starts raining again around 9am, not sure if there's any scientific reasons why in my location the fronts are timed for the day, hit the west early hours, then the east early evening? we all have weather preferences, that's what makes forum interesting but cannot understand anyone wanting wind and rain/cold weather early Sept? we have Nov to Mar of this vile stuff
  15. 5 years since ice bucket challenge craze! Jesus flown by
  16. unusual for yours to be later, in fact you don't normally get misty low cloud, mine cleared 11.30
  17. last years summer way better though, I'm not bothered about records
  18. foggy here, wonder when it will lift, but worse tomorrow with rain all day looking at bbc
  19. 13.6C, vile, lot of low pressure leaving NW'lys when clearing, 97mm
  20. As probably expected, EC moved towards GFS now, vile chart, rain here through the Cheshire Gap
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