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  1. yes, some places reached 20 degrees, was sunny too, perhaps not oop norf though
  2. these last few days here anyway, very much like late Feb, cold mornings, warm sunny days
  3. next week should even less so, could be 12 degrees higher at say 7am, than last few days
  4. certainly looks better/milder SS, hopefully an end to these annoyingly cold starts, from Sunday looks a lot warmer minimums perhaps around 12C, rather than 3C
  5. classic flashback Superbowl (now Tenpin) song though! played at least twice an hour around 95-96
  6. not really my music type, but reminds me now of Tenpin, played at least twice an hour
  7. thankfully that's at 384 on GFS, don't want that coming off living here
  8. Aye, Matt, at least it will be mild, thankfully winds from the SW, best direction for late Sept/early oct
  9. like this SS, kind of thing more suitable for the playground under 10's
  10. Just tomorrow looking pants? was meant to be super, this chart looks like a lot of drizzle, away from S and N UK
  11. certainly good day for United, dread them winning the league, yes early but can't say they're too far behind
  12. Aye agree, crappy location really, tends to be too far east, Telford/Shrewsbury is well placed, as we saw on 8th Dec 2017
  13. very last chart and now an old run, thankfully 12Z looks better!
  14. Sadly those 2 players will win very few matches, and never make it anywhere near the top again
  15. is it my imagination or has Dave done very little? surprised Aussies picked him, a player I have heard of and think is good is Aaron Finch, no sign of him
  16. Anyway, whatever, certainly a damn sight better than this time last year, yuckier than yucky, sure damage was caused
  17. looks good, but could fog be an issue? if so potentially yucky starts cold feel too, not sure that chart is as good as it looks
  18. that's why I class Sept as Summer, my model preferences just like in June/July, cold weather can stay away
  19. Yes, only winter records we'll be seeing are for warmth, date temp records etc but would like another Feb 2019! but fear the winters like 2013-2014 will become more common, and Dec 2015 style months
  20. maybe right after all about Kosovo
  21. perhaps can tell I only follow international football in the finals, but don't think I've seen them in world cup or euro finals
  22. Aye, I mean Kosovo?????? what the hell! should win this 10-0
  23. Aye, EC keeps the filth away, still not out of the woods though with a potential vile N'ly
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