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  1. I remember Atlantic 252

    Spring 2019 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    Sounds good, but both models saying vile for holiday week
  2. I remember Atlantic 252

    Premier League Discussion

    Can imagine, got to be favourites next year, especially if OGS is manager full time
  3. I remember Atlantic 252

    Premier League Discussion

    United maybe better than them though now, certainly since Jose left, if Jose was sacked say in Jun/Jul, United would be challenging for title, like they will be next year
  4. I remember Atlantic 252

    North West Regional Discussion 30 Jan 2019 onwards

    would think Eastern areas favoured, Aberdeen too, GFS underplays them, ignores fohn effect etc
  5. I remember Atlantic 252

    February 2019 C.E.T. and EWP forecast contests

    reckon me the ultimate christmas pudding-ist too low too, went for 5.8 I think bloody 'ell no, 5.1C wth? did say though no wintry weather at all in month, kinda right there (CET zone)
  6. Well we have weather preferences, to me a shocking chart is rain all day, named storms battering us so for me, not a shocking chart
  7. can the 49 rating get lower? or is that minimum now? say if no more frost/snow rest of Feb, and all double figure maximums, still 49
  8. Aye thing is no cold to hunt just now, except for silly cherry picking GEFS ens
  9. Certainly wouldn't say no to Spring warmth though! unsure of temps but this could be decent? probably not in my location mind you, 16 degrees? if we can't have snow/cold, then I'd rather a Feb '98 setup
  10. good next week, but turning vile holiday week on EC and GFS
  11. I remember Atlantic 252

    What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    definitely one of the best
  12. huge amount for marginal snow events
  13. I remember Atlantic 252

    Winter 2018/19

    Aye, UK winters are getting milder, so obvious to folk I know too Tom Martin Williams
  14. I remember Atlantic 252

    4th/5th Feb 2012 - SE England snowfall

    was class! snowed all day on 4th, 8cms ish, very foggy on 5th, but thaw soon after
  15. I remember Atlantic 252

    Winter 2018/19

    I am imby member, wrong I know, but for me this winter one of the worst in history, last winter one of the best in the m/e for you I would say this better than '17-'18?
  16. I remember Atlantic 252

    Winter 2018/19

    some folk are yes, you've already had yours, been best winter in years hasn't it? you said before snow south of M4 is rare,
  17. I remember Atlantic 252

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Aye but windy means mild, meant to be 11 degrees today
  18. Aye, the ones that predict little cold for the UK, the I.R 252 model
  19. Great for members that hate rain!
  20. I remember Atlantic 252

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Sunday will be the worst, today not too bad
  21. I remember Atlantic 252


    Wade 7-4 Barneveld Suljovic 7-3 Dobey Superchin 7-5 Price Van Gerwen 7-4 Smith Cross 7-5 Wright
  22. nah, its too settled, this is SS chart
  23. Summer Sun won't like it, but good chart for me, no rain, not windy, and not average uk in Feb
  24. Aye but for me, as a fan of dry weather, I'd say models looking good from Monday, especially EC
  25. Aye, amazing chart for Aberdeen folk, their snowiest direction SE, convection off the sea