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  1. Easterly, advantage in Nov, should be good convection off the warm sea, where as in march and april, see was too cold for decent beefy snow showers
  2. Looks like a polar low on Tues 19th, but isn't, still feel any snow for the south would be over 300m
  3. Gibby is very negative towards cold! even if we had -20 uppers with a raging easterly, (would say rain and sleet at low levels!)
  4. 23rd looking horrid on both models on 12Z's, still FI so no concern yet, but flood risk for England
  5. 07 Dec 2010 here was class! complete whiteout, thick rime with deep blue skies, and the rime never thawed, was snow on the ground as well, and loads of ice after a partial thaw on Sat 04 Dec
  6. Now that is more realistic, instead of James Madden spouting his unrealistic crap
  7. Going to be horrendous for the north west of the region today, worst is to come yet, south of the region though dry
  8. I prefer ECMWF 00Z to GFS, rain written all over it for low levels in the south on GFS, next week, where as ECMWF has high pressure, frost and fog
  9. looks colder next week, at least some of it, ECMWF not too great though -4 uppers will not produce snow here just want tomorrow's north Midlands washout out of the way
  10. He would annoy me then, maybe a bit like Gaz1985? one for the ignore list
  11. I am still expecting Thursday to be an absolute washout for the north, north west, and NE of the region, that pressure chart looks vile
  12. -8 uppers, not bad for 20th Nov, still FI though so all change tomorrow
  13. Maybe wednesday, tomorrow looking wet, maybe just morning, and Thursday is looking an absolute washout
  14. '96 was the best Nov for here, charts don't look great for cold and snow just yet, but is only 10th Nov, hopefully signs of snow for low levels appearing in the models for Dec
  15. Top chart, snow hurricane north of norway , wouldnt mind that! as I normally hate deep lowz
  16. Deep FI of course but the chart on 00Z GFS for Wed 20th Nov, looks virtually same as Wed 20th Nov '96
  17. thats why places like Stockport are very snowy, they can have snow of, SW'ly, WSW'ly, W'ly, WNW'ly, NW'ly and probably even NNW'ly, where as my location can only get snow of a NNW'ly, through cheshire Gap
  18. think Stockport was the southern limit, like the tragic 20th Dec '09, where Stockport saw a foot, and me not a flake, yeah Ian, that chart is class, 17 years I know unreal
  19. well to my north today the cheshire gap activity, would have liked the hail though, monday looking like a washout for west midlands, Hope the trend for higher pressure comes off, for a change a Friday is looking dry
  20. Can see shower clouds to my north, streaming in from cheshire gap, I dont want them anyway, nothing wintry here
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