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  1. just switched on, we 113 all out? what's with the inconsistency, amazing one match, trash the next
  2. yes as we all know by now, this day last year I had my fix, legendary day, 15cms of snow and some amazing drifts
  3. Watched some of this SS, England won it, got tight at the end, but Gayle big wicket really, WI fell short by about 29 runs/ran out of wickets
  4. feel as though snow is much easier to get in March and more especially April, at least here, feels as though nothing has to be as cold
  5. how's the index coming on? been frosty suppose might have gone less mild in ratings?
  6. You beat Summer Sun there! normally first with breaking news!
  7. Aye, we'll have to pay for this, vile March coming up likely, 3 months likely before we see this weather again after tomorrow hopefully though paid for it by the summer
  8. should be warmer as less cold night, this in Summer July, would be close to 40 degrees tomorrow somewhere in the east
  9. Monday was cooler than Sunday here Dave! always seems cooler when it's frosty
  10. certainly different here, was still frost on the ground at 10am, proper winters morning
  11. definitely a connection in my location between frost and lower temps, if we'd have had a humid/moist SSW'ly, would drop no lower than 13 degrees likely, any breaks if sun comes out, then should feel very warm, maybe 22 degrees, and a huge CET
  12. somehow never feels as warm if there's been a frost, today cooler than last few, here it looks cold again tomorrow in my location due to a frost, warming up later in the week, when minimums could be 8C, rather than -3
  13. Vile day 2 years ago today, storm Doris, the worst weather type, wet and windy, this time last year was the best, getting ready for the beast, this year cool too, as Spring has sprung

    1. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      Yeah I hate Atlantic storms too!

  14. Feb '98 charts look better, more of a SW wind, this year is more se'ly, meaning cold starts
  15. wouldn't be that warm there in Jul and Aug, Apr to June would be
  16. North sea misty low cloud burnt off very quickly today, never clears like that in May/June, can last all day, or at best 1-2pm clearance
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