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  1. I remember Atlantic 252

    Favourite unexpected snowfall?

    Aye, remember missing out on that one, milder later anyway as you say with the NE winds
  2. Funny day here, had everything rain/sleet snow, hail, thunder and lightning, warm enough for convection as so late
  3. I remember Atlantic 252

    Favourite unexpected snowfall?

    was a great track of the low, unlike this year when it was south of M4 this would have brought rain south of the M4
  4. I remember Atlantic 252

    Favourite unexpected snowfall?

    Aye was good that
  5. by then it will be the even modern christmas pudding
  6. Nope, will be half hearted, average in the south, snow for Scotland, would rather have this
  7. And some say winters aren't getting milder
  8. There's too many Dave's! at least in my area anyway

  9. Even the one that lives opposite the Sun
  10. hope so, just get crappy today out the way, looks wet here, then decent Spring like days
  11. definitely, still think more chance of snow in March than Dec and Jan off that setup, colder seas
  12. I remember Atlantic 252

    horse racing

    kids, immature infantile, probably on the sick and uneducated, weekend though, doubt that would happen on a weekday somehow
  13. Fog written all over it? could be miserable and chilly
  14. I remember Atlantic 252

    Did you know.

    griceland???? wth
  15. I like 'em too, the worst weather for me is low after low, rain, gales and flooding with no break, SS would disagree though
  16. Ay, should be hunt for Spring now, Spring has sprung here, last 2 days
  17. I remember Atlantic 252

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Really does feel like Spring has sprung, yesterday and today! feels more like early May, still the 'cold hunt' thread open though, feel like now time for hunt for warmth of course as we all know, it will be colder in May with dominant NE winds
  18. Aye, looks like some sort of cold early March, been looking at last few GFS runs, only for the north though, esp Scotland looks horrid here, prefer it 17 degrees, sunny and light winds, rather than 3 degrees with rain showers and bitter winds
  19. I remember Atlantic 252

    Winter 2018/19

    Sensible forecast, unlike fish 4 likes style posts on here another sensible one was Ian Pennell
  20. Would be cool, but a month later 25 degrees? 2 months later 28 degrees? 3 months later 32 degrees? 4-6 months later 36-40 degrees?
  21. I remember Atlantic 252

    Spring 2019 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    Yes a bit far out, I think next weekend will be a lot cooler with more of a SE breeze, and possible frost, if skies clear, that forecast could look silly
  22. Not again! as we've said before, think of members north of the M4, some of us had one of worst winters in history, 3 temporary dustings here, some not even that
  23. Aye, much warmer than yesterday, due to cloudier night