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  1. like this one, big difference though, we're warmer 21 years on, 0.2 degrees warmer can make all the difference between 6cms and nothing especially at low levels
  2. Aye but these fronts always end up further South, wouldn't surprise me if it ended up S of M4 event
  3. Jan is the month that seems have changed the most in TMW, used to be guaranteed snow, but nowadays it's probably the most westerly month of the year, only places to see snow off the WSW'lys is high ground oop norf, between systems
  4. well as @weirpig posted, as I was about to, higher areas to wake up to a white Sunday morning, potential there still on 12Z for snow
  5. high parts of this region laughing Saturday night, they will see snow, peaks/Staffs hills, parts of W Midlands, have a white wake up Sun AM, but here just normal and soggy
  6. warm and wet, or cold and dry, now until March, here no such thing as cold and wet between Dec and March
  7. Manchester United will make the top 4, p!ss easy, but just be thankful they won't win the title! this year that is, next year 2021, hmmm who knows
  8. SS, picked West Ham to win this, sure it'll be more than 1-0
  9. Now express etc should be all over this, kinda like 'warmest Xmas on record' uk to fry ay Xmas' or something like that, but no, they only do it to say cold wtf?
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