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  1. Vile day 2 years ago today, storm Doris, the worst weather type, wet and windy, this time last year was the best, getting ready for the beast, this year cool too, as Spring has sprung

  2. I remember Atlantic 252

    Winter 2018/19

    Feb '98 charts look better, more of a SW wind, this year is more se'ly, meaning cold starts
  3. I remember Atlantic 252

    Winter 2018/19

    wouldn't be that warm there in Jul and Aug, Apr to June would be
  4. I remember Atlantic 252

    February 2019 C.E.T. and EWP forecast contests

    winner! this Feb
  5. North sea misty low cloud burnt off very quickly today, never clears like that in May/June, can last all day, or at best 1-2pm clearance
  6. Great to hear it, 230m asl away from the Atlantic and no snow!
  7. I remember Atlantic 252

    North West Regional Discussion 30 Jan 2019 onwards

    not a sunrise as such but 16th Oct 2017, storm 0phelia was cool
  8. I remember Atlantic 252

    Did you know.

    That I don't have, never had and don't want a smartphone!
  9. only person who won't agree is Summer Sun, but let it last! hopefully signs of models prolonging it on todays 12Z's
  10. Aye, dunno who can want horrible PM air and wet weather 5 degrees over this
  11. I remember Atlantic 252

    Spring 2019 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    high cloud movement started NE, seemed to come from SW by the end
  12. I remember Atlantic 252

    Premier League Discussion

    Not very Friendly was it SS!
  13. I remember Atlantic 252

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Aye Dave! thinking though much cooler tomorrow, if skies stay clear and winds light, could be a slight frost, brrrrrrrr
  14. Just hope we don't have to pay for it too much, obvious we'll have to during April, May
  15. Aye agree, certainly prefer this coming weather to the vile 240 charts on EC and GFS