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  1. E'ly winds always poor here, very little sun, cold often too, worst direction
  2. Aye, not into star wars, call him Obi Wan Kenobi, around 6 foot tall and 18 stone
  3. Aye, someone I know, worn shorts and sandals every day since April 12th, likely before that date, but of course didn't see him before that date
  4. you'll certainly be over moon in August if Ruben Neves scores a screamer! especially if in 30 degree heat
  5. Aye, little later than normal, normally this is April and May, by July and Aug, NW often much wetter than SE
  6. this absolute r**tard 38 year old adult that pulls faces at people, makes infantile noises, obsessed with slitting throats, slashing tyres
  7. never due any in W Midlands, just boring heavy rain! SE event the storms
  8. E/W split here, dreading the heavy rain moving over me tomorrow from the east! while tonight and tomorrow night is dry
  9. Check bbc weather for Doha! many might find it boring! came across it, as weird that 2022 world cup is being held at Xmas! ruining premier league
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