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  1. may increase mine to 9.4°, dismal April I still expect, mostly north and east winds, especially horrid around 14th, perfect winter setup with rain
  2. much better for April 4, dry main thing, but not very warm 11° for many
  3. wary of this though, April 4, GFS models it at night, too good to be true maybe? if GFS right, then I agree with Frosty, fine decent week
  4. Still wary of April 4 potential soaker, would be great if it moved in overnight, but can we be that lucky? at least it will be mild though, as it is April!
  5. last few days, change words to 'I wish it was a little bit warmer'
  6. Still got eye though on April 3, GFS being unkind many runs on this day, I live in worst area (best if you like rain)
  7. Still got my eye on a potentially wet April 3, modeled to move through at night, but I wonder
  8. Horrid out there, feels colder than a wet/wild day in Dec/Jan
  9. could do without charts like this, this April, horrid, as I don't live at 300m asl, I mean who at low levels south, would want this late April, when warm sunny weather possible?
  10. could end soon, will be back in Nov of course, unless averages are revised for 2000-2017
  11. Time difference with clocks? was hour later on mine
  12. started watching again cool!
  13. ECM good too, need high ideally further NW, but potentially warm here
  14. GEM great Frosty! FI shame as well rubbish model
  15. on same CD Ed, CD called, golden age of rock n roll, 1960, readers digest