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  1. no surprise sea fret to start, sunny from the word go seems not possible if it's an E'ly wind
  2. not sure if it will make it here, but what looks worrying, looks like a fire?
  3. Tomas Shafernaker still looks a sight, not had a haircut since pre lockdown!

    1. lassie23


      he looks a bit like a girl with a beard which is strange

    2. snefnug


      I think he looks more natural and a bit gorgeous, but then I am 50 something het female Which probs counts for pas de tout 


  4. unreal, not a hint of thunder/lightning, completely missed here, unlike 13-17 June period, 5 more days of chances though
  5. can't be more wrong! annoyance of the forecasts on tv, which says, N Sea coasts misty mornings
  6. Problem is, there is no high ground to our east, here is like a magnet for the north sea mist, bbc tv weather showed thick mist again tomorrow, burning off around midday
  7. Aye, horrid upto 1pm, felt more like April, was thinking what hot spell? E'ly winds the pits here
  8. best setup thunder/lightning wise for me recently was 13-17 June, not the hottest but big storms
  9. Capital of north sea fret, eventually started to lift around 1pm, near enough fully lifted now, expect same tomorrow
  10. Awful start, Easterly winds not good here, complete slate grey of sea mist
  11. Always meant to be cloudyish but feeling summery, never was meant to be 35 degrees in the NW Midlands, can see trough on chart
  12. better up here, perfect summer temps, potentially 10 degrees lower than parts of S/SE, few days of 25 degrees is best
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