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  1. Fax for Sat, looks still hot, north and east of main front, trough over the UK though could be big storms
  2. Yes, and exactly a month ago, the NW Midlands saw snow! what a turn around
  3. cool! on Studio 66, (sky 912) I's all about, surviiiiiiiiiiiiiival, tryna find the waaaaaaaaaaay home, listen on arriiiiiiiiiiiiiiival,
  4. You have started 47 pointless topics
  5. You like me in winter! I understand and agree, all good weather spells get downgraded, West does look average on Saturday, but only May!
  6. hope to get google chrome back, Microsoft Edge is crap! doesn't seem to let me post, done it today! latest upto date one
  7. out of date Fax chart, is updating now on meteociel
  8. Yes, Friday looks like last hot sunny day, of this spell anyway, Sat much cooler and cloudier away from the SE, brought forward by 24 hours
  9. better name! still feel though it's too early in year for 30°, 25° will do though, decent warm temps, Thurs/Fri look warmest here 24°, Sat at 23°
  10. 24° for my location, bbc suggest, GFS 22° max, wed to Sun
  11. Tenpin Stafford, every Tuesday 7.30pm ish
  12. not sure about that! looks t'other way if anything, heat holding on through Sunday
  13. @frogesque , must have applied to my mam and dad too
  14. huge on Atlantic 252 in '01
  15. No he is Knockers! cool models Frosty/Knockers! summer coming