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  1. P2 looks nice, with the HP hanging around the UK and the ECM toying with it moving North it would be great to get this. I’d say about 1000-1 but there’s a chance
  2. I wonder what area will have the most at the end, the Swindon / bath / Newbury triangle seems to have done v well. Many areas well over 6 inches.
  3. https://www.swindon.gov.uk/info/20015/bins_rubbish_and_recycling/519/check_the_queues_on_the_tip_webcam Started in Swindon looking at the tip cam.
  4. Look at the intensity picking up towards the M4 corridor - some heavy stuff in that.
  5. Radar has just kicked into life towards Wilts, expect to see the pivot help intensify towards this area and towards Bristol now.
  6. It looks way too complicated over Greenland to know what’s coming, trends though, but an early FI to boot!!! This is very close to something pretty epic though, still well in winter so non of this March sunshine to warm things up just yet.
  7. This could be a great run, strong scandy high that just needs another little nudge North and we’re in beast territory. Or will it be shunted East
  8. Looks to be turning now, which is pretty early so I imagine some surprises this evening for many
  9. Manchester about to get some light/mod snow , more showers building in the Irish Sea look like heading that way too.
  10. Shower activity just left of Southport is pepping up, looks manc bound
  11. Manchester now looking very good for snow later on, 1 hour maybe
  12. Just about to say that, I think anywhere could get something tonight. The gap towards Manchester could fill in with showers soon.
  13. If Liverpool and Manchester TAFs say heavy snow showers later that’s quite likely I’d say
  14. An improved ECM with plenty of PM shots which could easily turn into Easterlies, and a very good set of GEFS from the overnight run with loads of blocking later on. Still got time to make this winter a memorable one , it just needs to hurry up and happen.
  15. I normally stay pretty positive but this I didn’t expect, this isn’t a downgrade (which would have been ok) , this is a collapse. Not sure how it can turn on its head so much with positive background signals!! If the ECM flips cold now
  16. Tue snow event looks better again , could see some early METO warnings for some places - not necessarily the North. Going to be a good run, big freeze IS ON!!
  17. GFS brings back a snow event on Tue morning for many. -6/7 uppers so borderline though.
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