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  1. Snow line will be near the north midlands with another shift south I imagine!! Crazy as it was only north Scotland yesterday
  2. 20-40 miles further south, not making much of a difference to snow or wind issues - Scotland taking the brunt !!
  3. At T54 an early shout, but it’s looking very slightly further south, along with a slight weakening of the jet
  4. Interesting, will know in about 15 mind if GFS moves it south
  5. Very consists ce GFS ref the direction of the Wed storm- was hoping for an adjustment south
  6. I’m still not sure the track of that low is so north, the BBC still have it 500 miles further south at the minute on their forecast, that should be updated sooner see what that says I guess
  7. This country is just bloody annoying for coldies!! The amount of good runs that all of a sudden get watered down nearer the time is crazy....Still, time to turn this around but if not by the 12Zs then I think it’s not looking good - cold with some snow for some to enjoy next week still however .
  8. I still think the middle 3rd of the UK will have a decent blizzard from this, not sure it will track back towards Scotland but can’t see it being modelled further south that this. I think by tomorrow evening we should have a decent idea give or take 50 miles.
  9. Spot on, a forecast now would be as accurate as a standard express headline with all the variables
  10. Surely snow quite widely on these, not just at altitude. Shame that wed event not looks like rain with the warmer uppers , really hoping for an adjustment south to bring that back to snow
  11. That low looks like the best opportunity for snow for many East of the Pennines so I’m sure many will want it to track further south. Those it does effect could get some severe drifting too, at all altitude should it snow.
  12. Warm sector coming in with next weds runner, with a kink in the jet. This bringing in more of a rain event along with it being more North again. Not ideal unless you live in southern Scotland!!
  13. Slider modelled slightly south of the last run, still looking like a midlands event at the min
  14. Will see how it’s modelled on the pub run, can’t see it going further North though.
  15. Looks like it’s taking into account the runner going through on Wed around the midlands area.