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  1. The middle ground of those 2 images would be just about perfect, I expect the mean ENS will be another improvement on the medium to long term temps!!
  2. I was just about to post that, so much for the warm up. The apps show 6c by next weekend, I expect a flip
  3. Look at that high building in a weeks time, after a deep freeze!! Europe is already freezing but look at the 850s in a week. If this falls right then this weeks freeze would just be a taster of what could come!!
  4. It’s coming. Scandy high building 6 hours later, BOOOOOM , game on!!
  5. Look at those temps in Europe, crazy potential if we can tap into those - which looks very probable in this run!!
  6. NH looking primed for re-attack. Hoping for a 06Z GFS follow on!!
  7. In this run 850s and precip aren’t impressive, but I imagine daytime temps are close to freezing and nighttime temps are severe.
  8. The East coast never really has a mild spell with the GEM, surface cold may even prevent any snow melt from this weeks freeze - before this bad boy is inbound!! Infact the warmest day on the GEM run is next Sunday, and the 2m temps are still showing ice day temps !!
  9. Also to note is that this run keeps the lows coming in from the Atlantic on Tuesday slightly further south , 850s staying lower in the SW and possibly a good start to prolonging the cold spell.
  10. Shower activity already ramping up by Sunday, look how much of the country this could effect.
  11. The NH has blocking everywhere at day 9 in the ENS, this weeks Easterly could potentially form into a block to the North, having no warm phase at all!! Expect some crazy FI charts
  12. Yep, good start as this set up won’t be breaking down the cold on Thurs, and probably not Friday too. Im thinking a big shift in longevity of this cold spell, hopefully showing on the 06z!!
  13. Shower activity will surely be epic in this, with many getting right over to the west. It’ll be interesting to see what upgrades to warnings start coming out from the METO. And much better for later in the week for Thurs too!! -15 possible over snow fields and if sky’s clear Wed night maybe.
  14. I think it’s corrupt, it can’t change that much over Greenland in 24 hours!! Computer malfunction maybe
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