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  1. With FI being around 120-144 you can’t take much from deep FIs charts, although obviously it’s nice to see some good ones. If the op flips cold expect a sudden flip on the ENS, that flip may not happen of course. I’m still thinking nothing notable till after Crimbo, but hope I’m wrong!!
  2. What a mental run that is, even ends well 4 days later. This would go on to be a prolonged historic big freeze if in reality!!
  3. Very interesting, nice hp forecast on latest EC monthly for New year. Looking closely at the colours that’s a strong signal between Scandy and Svalbard which would be awesome for Western Europe. Just to note, this period isn’t even showing in deep FI on the GFS, so if we start seeing that signal on the GFS or GEFS charts (which we have done a little) then this could be a good sign and lead us to this - IF ONLY IT WERE THAT SIMPLE!!
  4. Im off skiing 04 Jan so have been monitoring that area closely too, defo improving over the last few days and the higher temps previously forecast are moderating run by run. The ECM at 240 dives the jet and LPs into the MED, and it looks like a HP is developing again near north Scandy. Interesting model watching, and I feel like they’ll be a big jump in the next few days that will bring festive cheer for coldies. Anyone that wants to see lots of snow, the Alps are getting absolutely plastered today!! Resort Centre webcam, Les 2 Alpes | 2Alpesnet.com WWW.2ALPESNET.COM Live updates every 15 minutes 50 cm due today and only 1600 ASL.
  5. Ends up poor but I think I’ll wait till the ECM comes out before I draw much from that.
  6. Might not have the Scandy high developing as much but forget that, look at the Arctic high compared to earlier. This is only day 6 too, big change.
  7. That is crazy cold in N Scandinavia, wouldn’t take much of a change change to tap into that!!
  8. Where is that WAA going near Scandy can it link with Arctic heights
  9. In time for Xmas you’d hope, but I imagine IF it does happen it’ll prob be nearer New Year.
  10. Definitely of interest, especially coming from one of the chief forecasters at the METO
  11. It’s the direction of travel and an increase in colder ENS that’s more important in FI, nothing may come of it but the key word often used in here is - trend - for the next few hours anyway!!
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