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  1. ECM at +96 is so close to being good, especially using the NH view !!
  2. NE the place to be on this run, would be a pretty decent snow/cold event up there
  3. Yep, people are writing the GFS off as ECM Op doesn't follow - the NH pattern still has a great chance of producing some v cold weather for us - we've been in much worse situations over the last 3 years that's for sure. A few tweaks and the cold floodgates could well open, and with this set up a prolonged event
  4. Doom and gloom 24 hours ago and now it's all go with positivity again, can't beat a good GFS rollercoaster this time of year. I think the positioning and behaviour of the mid European low at day 7 may well be key to how this pans out, the ECM has this staying to our North as per earlier GFS runs which keeps the E flow to our North. Let's see if the ECM follows - a pretty long chilly/cold spell if the GFS was to be correct, big if obviously!!
  5. Any coldie that isn't v happy with that NH needs their eyes tested - not sure what will happen just yet but the opportunity for something cold/ v cold is surely up for grabs by early Dec or if not before.
  6. Yes, but the best bit is we are not actually at "that" season yet, these charts are just a bonus, an FI one though unfortunately but you never know!!
  7. Some people too quick to right off cold next week, 12z shaping up nicely with WAA linking nicely to a geeny high, now need some kind of easterly to hold back the usually spoilers!!
  8. Don't think it was meant that way knocker...Model wise, things are looking great for coldies, altitude and night time fronts surely a major factor mid Nov for lying snow, if indeed these charts keep going.
  9. I'm living in Cyprus for the next few years so knowing my luck some cold winters will come, just need to time my UK visits with these !! Still, this is a great forum so will be keeping up to date with it daily I'm sure.
  10. So, here we are nearing winter again - and so far it's all looking quite positive for the coldies on here. With the NH PV looking weak let's hope some things fall in place for a late Nov freeze, prob a little early for anything decent over the next 2 weeks but after the last 3 years no one would grumble for a few frosts I'm sure .
  11. Yep, if this was Mid winter and I had faith in long range GFS I'd be quite exited looking at this!! Shame it's not, still, nice to see what "could" be!!
  12. This would be pretty impressive for London in mid Jan, never mind mid March. Cold spell gaining momentum !!
  13. Currently in Cumbria, BBC didn't have precip that far north but radar looks like it might be further North than they said. Not sure it'll be snow below 300m though!!
  14. ECM and GFS are pretty similar at 144 and don't follow the UKMO which is a shame
  15. Yes next week is actually starting to look pretty wintry, it has potential to be one of the best week of the winter for snow showers , but not that cold so not much lying snow away from high ground I doubt.