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  1. A fair bit of talk on Twitter that precip is further East than thought, and London will get some heavy snow. talk includes METO Pros too Easy to see that on the radar but some in here dismissing it
  2. Surely the upgrade for an amber warning needs moving East
  3. I think we’ll see a shift of amber warning, that heavy stuff is heading for London, atleast West London. Looks much further East
  4. ln The BBC app bucks has heavy snow showers forecast most of the night - not expected
  5. I’m surprised no last minute weather warning for central London, this could cause havoc just due to the fact it’s going to fall in such a busy city - I’d say even bucks on the other side could get a pasting
  6. I’d expect the amber warning to spread further East on thurs looking at that..
  7. Latest warnings still cover east Anglia ref Fri/Sat snow!!!
  8. I know it’s now very very cold, and many have had a few snow showers and lots more to come etc....but, if Thurs/Frinsnow storms comes in as rain, even snow to rain many in here will be disappointed. At one point this was going to last a few weeks
  9. This looks more in-line with the forecasts from the pros, the whole of the U.K. at rush rather than the SW
  10. Thurs and Fri starting to look more like a SW event rather than a south of England one this morning, the low just stops it’s eastwad progression. Hoping that changes today!!
  11. And add to this the GEFS by mid next week also look better than the Op, many still have that strong flow dragging in some serious amounts of snow.
  12. Some of these charts are that good we may never see this again, this is going to be an historic cold period for the time of year I’m sure. Lots of talk of day max ms and snow cover, however what kind of night minimums could we expect? In snow cover etc???
  13. I spy some -30c uppers to our east this run
  14. You’d think the south of England would do well in this, unless these charts don’t pick up convection