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  1. just a dusting up in north east and Meto showing dry until w/end, however I would have thought some red warnings would have come into effect for the low temps across various areas in uk not just snow? amazes me how anyone could survive sleeping rough in these temperatures?
  2. well least we have had more snow this winter than the last few. lots of winter left yet , a few years ago we had the heaviest snow that had fell an settled in the month of March. looks fun in Scotland surely though those HGV vehicles travelling through Scotland this time of year should be kitted out with winter tyres??.. madness.
  3. all white over now nothing major. nice normal winter weather.
  4. Scotland getting loads on radar just looked on the braemar snow gate web cam . hopefully same here soon... met app keeps changing every hour http://braemarscotland.co.uk/snowgate-webcam
  5. as optimistic as I am and hope I'm wrong as I do like a snow event I can't see this happening. haven't seen any snow warnings for Wales as yet just rain/sleet. always expect the unexpected though...
  6. Just had a few flashes of lightning during heavy downpours nothing on radar though?
  7. Not been the worst winter I can remember 2nd week of December was 1st notable snow 17 cm so 1yr old is of to a good start, 1st notable amounts for our 4 yr old also. Looking ahead did anyone read this lol. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/scientists-predict-mini-ice-age-could-hit-uk-by-2030-11186098
  8. Yeah very close strike, knocked all our power out on that one for a couple of mins
  9. Yep will defo snow and heavy as I am moving house Friday morning.....
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