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  1. 18 minutes ago, Ed Stone said:

    Certainly an odd sort of day: torrential rain, drizzle, heavy sleet and sunshine with mostly light winds from just about every direction...Currently 3.6C...

    Much warmer here, 9.6 currently, an earlier high of 10.3 which is dropping now the winds are northwesterly. We did have a southwesterly for a little while.

  2. 8 minutes ago, damianslaw said:

    March is often a very volatile month, can switch from winter to spring at a flick. The atlantic and arctic are at there coldest now, and an airstream from between NW and SE can pack a cold punch still.

    I always wait until the end of March before I feel the balance shifts to spring proper. March is like September - a transitional month, but often a hangover of the season just gone.

    As for the storms this season, beware of the march winds, comes to mind. Perfectly normal for this month.

  3. 53 minutes ago, Wimbledon88 said:

    So are the Met warnings for wind down here? I don't bother looking at their site since they obviously let a 12 year old redesign it. Rubbish site now. 

    12c here now and sunny. 

    Not  'wet windy wintry' as the headline on this site depicts. Hope this lot aren't going down the sensational route!? 

    Tuesdays ate for northern Ireland only, Wednesday for most of england bar the far north and scotland. It slides south east. Could still move further north or South, but I think unlikely this time. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Nick F said:

    I do think the Met Office missed the boat with their snow warning for far north of England/Borders on Sunday evening which was associated with northern flank of Freya, was far too short notice issuing it at 8.42pm when it was already snowing heavily across Cumbria, as evidenced by someone I know on FB who lives in northern Cumbria posting heavy snow video before the warning was issued.

    Met Office yellow warning for snow issued at 20.42:

    Cars struggling on a major A road in northern Cumbria


    I agree there, however logic also plays a part, people do not use it anymore. If I lived up north, especially if I'm going to be driving on high ground, like in Cumbria, or the north York Moors, I would be prepared for snow to fall, if I new I was on the northern side of a low pressure, at this time of year. People just do not bother with basic old weather lore any more.

  5. 1 hour ago, Blessed Weather said:

    Here's the top gusts around our Region from Storm Freya. So it appears we didn't make 60mph anywhere. It also appears that the worst of the storm had departed our shores by midnight, as the following gusts were all achieved during Sunday. Here's the Meteociel chart at 23.00 showing the area of strong gusts clearing out into the North Sea around the Wash.


    Source: Meteociel Wind Gusts http://www.meteociel.fr/observations-meteo/vent-rafales.php?region=uk

    And the Regional leader board:

    94km/h (58mph) Wittering
    91km/h (56mph) Holbeach
    89km/h (55mph) Langdon Bay, Kent
    87km/h (54mph) Andrewsfield + Weybourne
    82km/h (51mph) Bedford + Wattisham
    76km/h (47mph) Marham + Monks Wood + Shoeburyness + Bedford + Heathrow + Bournemouth

    Source: Meteociel Observations http://www.meteociel.fr/observations-meteo/temps-reel.php?region=uk

    Not during the storm, but during the squally wave I seem to have managed 60 on the nose, and it was defo more blowy than at any time during Freya.

  6. 11 minutes ago, Willsy said:

    Has anyone seen the secondary low forming off Freya. Looks a lot more potent and could be moving on a slightly sw/ne path which would In Term effect the whole south coast. If what’s showing ups true things could get rather bad. Have the models been predicting this secondary feature or has it just came out of no where?

    The wave was to bring the south coast showery rain tonight, not sure if it is stronger than thought or not though.

  7. 1 minute ago, LightningLover said:

    potential for a few flashes of lightning tonight? there are some rather active shower bands around, with a particularly active one near the Channel Islands, kicking out a few s-ferics.

    That's our frontal wave for later. I'd expect the instability to subside before it gets to us though. Just heard a couple of big gusts here.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Ben Lewis said:

    Getting a bit blowy out there past hour but nothing abnormal. 

    50mph max gusts tonight for here / 65mph max further north. 

    I wonder what Asia & America think of our naming of locally 60mph wind gust-  low pressure systems, into a storm name.

    Surely they must be cringing as am I. 


    Gusts are hitting 50 here now.

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