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  1. Started off nice and sunny, now clouding over with small patches of light rain, thought today was ment to be dry.
  2. Wow what a day, very convective, just the thunder and lightning missing. Lovely looking skies. I thought we only had light rain forecast.
  3. Getting lots of light showers, where you look up thinking, where are those rain drops coming from, as there's no cloud that looks like producing anything. Just some fluffy almost see through just forming cumulus.
  4. It's all down to the warm sea current that is to our west, but to the east of Greenland. It seems to make a very big difference.
  5. Long range forecasts are never set in stone, I think it's very brave of people to try, normally based on drivers, which on there own, will produce, but other drivers do exist, and can change things. It was never a set in stone forecast, and should never have been read as such. The SSW did happen, and did have it's effects, just not for us. This time we got the high, it's just how the penny dropped.
  6. They have in Ireland which is who named them in the first place. It works, as long as people pay attention to which met agency does the naming, and do not expect the system to have behave the same all over, which they never will.
  7. Highest gust at 60 now, frequency of gusts increasing as well.
  8. Didn't really have much wind yesterday, dover is quite sheltered from north westerlies unless they are very strong like last Sundays storm.
  9. I'm not sure the met it's self has named any of this Years storms, it is a joint system with the Irish met, and so far they have named storms, and rightfully so, that will cause them problems. May be to stop the confusion, two name lists need to be made, that way if our met names a storm, at some point, we can then rightfully, or wrongly criticise them for it.
  10. Now gusting at 50-56 mph, which is so far the highest gust.
  11. Again it's not really that windy down here today, but it has been wet most of the day, light mostly, with some moderate bursts.
  12. We are on the warm air cold air boundary, and the cold air is very cold to our nw, which is causing rapid deepening of the lows. The jet looks like it will move away from us soon.
  13. Its not really that windy here, but sounds like the cold front is windy, let's see what happens when that gets here.
  14. Highest gust today 56 mph, that was earlier this morning. Highest gust yesterday 60 mph. Highest gust Sunday 86, mind you I think the station went off on one on that, although the gust was strong.
  15. It was named by the Irish met, who ate partners in this system, for how it would effect them. Also since then amber has also been issued here.
  16. Wind building here now, some violent gusts in front of the squall here, bang on school pick up time.
  17. Wind is already strengthening here, not sure how far it will go. Strong gusts averaging at around 50 mph now, actual squall bound to have some stronger gusts within it, unless it doesn't squall that is.
  18. May be it's not unrelated. If they think they may be weak for some reason, sick or something. But I don't like the amount of trees we cut down, we need them.
  19. Still windy here, and it's a cold wind to boot, but nothing like yesterday. Lovely and warm if you get sheltered from the wind in a sunny spot though.
  20. Wind still gusting in the 50s here, no showers as yet, but if at 50 without them, could be some more 60+ during those.
  21. Much warmer here, 9.6 currently, an earlier high of 10.3 which is dropping now the winds are northwesterly. We did have a southwesterly for a little while.
  22. think the worst is over now, gusts are at around 50, and the average wind speed has dropped too.
  23. Should have named today's little feature in the south, doing much more than Freya did, and is gusting +60 widely down here.
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